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119 / Male / Single
Nun Ya Biz Choom, North Carolina - United States
“When someone tells you you can’t do it..don’t listen to them, you get right back up and you keep moving forward on your path to your future..don’t be like me and make the same mistake on hurting and causing pain to others..because it’s just gonna hurt you in the long run..”

Hello there, came to stalk my profile did you? Well.. I’m am glad I was able to catch your attention. Since you’re here grab a seat and get comfy, drink some Tea or perhaps simple Water.

- I have a 5-6 years experience into roleplay, for that matter I do believe that am more decent than how I was before, you get to decide that.
- I am Not a number. If you add me, Text first I will do the same. I’ve always gone by this and I will continue to do so, if you do not comply within the past few hours or so after you add me, you will be unfriended.
- My characters are from different fanbases of course, but I will play my OC (not yet posted in the blog) if none of the characters catches your interest.
- I am not mostly active here like I used to be, if wanted I will gladly give my Discord to one’s who would like to keep contact with me.
- if anything is making you uncomfortable, please tell me before strictly deciding to Unfriend/Block me. Communication is KEY I am not able to read minds and tell that something is bothering you. If anything is bothering you, speak up and we will discuss the matter and fix it.
Well then… I think that is it for now, I may add more in the near future. Who knows I may not be here anymore one day. I hope to get along and Roleplay with you all soon.

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will you be responding?
Feb 27th 2018 21:37

Not a problem
Sep 9th 2017 16:17

That's okay I understand
Sep 9th 2017 15:55

Are you going to reply soon? Sorry it's my last day off this week
Sep 9th 2017 12:43

Yeah it is haha. Trust me she's a lot friendlier when she starts to warm up to them.
Sep 3rd 2017 19:07

Even though we just started I love out rp. I think it's the characters that's gonna make it interesting.
Sep 3rd 2017 19:03