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NeverDying's Blog

Cat (aliases: Copycat)

Cat is a shapeshifter able to take the form of anyone she touches or has touched and she can stay in the form as long as she likes, so she will look like you and sound like you but she does have your memories but that aside she's the best Spy money can buy.
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"He doesn't love you. Face the reality of the situation, every poem you write is either an obvious love letter to him or about your problem, it's starting to get uncomfortable and the way you leave your blazer open, to show off what? He won't reciprocate your feelings and if he did it would be out of pity. Stop being selfish, you'll be better of not thinking about him anymore.
His heat belongs to someone else"
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Alipheese Fateburn XVI

Alipheese Fateburn XVI more commonly known as Alice is both the 16th Monster Lord and the last daughter of the Fateburn family after her mother, Alipheese XV died, Alice is a unique monster, having traits of many different monster types, though her main body is that of a lamia.
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(ok bare with me cause if you've not seen Steven Universe then this is hard to follow)

Sapphika is a Gem which are an extra-terrestrial species of "magical", roughly humanoid beings. Gems tend to appear human-like in appearance (some more so than others) and come in a wide array of colours, appearances, sizes, and structures based on their gemstone type. Sapphika is a Sapphire which are the only gems that can see into the the future with a 90% correct rate. Gems are characterized by the gemstone embedded somewhere on their body, which is analogous to a brain. However, the gem is the only true part of a Gem’s body, the only part that is unchanging and, indeed, the only part of a Gem that can be permanently damaged or killed. Gems' humanoid shapes are projections from their gemstone which can be changed at will, described as being "like a hologram, but with mass," with their only constant feature being their gemstone and color scheme (shapeshifting is generally not permanent, and Gems will return to their "default" form eventually, unless the shapeshifting was done during regeneration). As such, Gems cannot change the size or shape of their gem, which is the limiter of how small a given Gem can be.
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Lady Alcina Dimitrescu

Prior to 1958, at the age of 44, Dimitrescu was lured by the cult leader, Mother Miranda, to a crypt beneath the village cemetery, where she was surgically implanted with a Cadou parasite. The purpose of this experiment was to determine her viability as a candidate who could become host to a parasitic intelligence at a later date. This experiment mutated Alcina's body considerably, granting her regenerative capabilities, retractable claw-like nails, and the ability to transform into a dragon-like monster and back again. However, the parasite halted her aging process, maintaining her appearance perpetually. In spite of these impressive biological changes, the resulting mutation did not nullify her blood disease. As a result, Dimitrescu needed a ready supply of fresh human blood to maintain her health.

Age: Died a human at 44
Height: 9'6"
Weight: 600 lbs

Superhuman durability
Superhuman strength
Regenerative abilities
Biological immortality
Retractable claws
Can turn into a massive mutant Dragon-like monster and back, in this form she also has flight, very sharp teeth and Insectoid manipulation
She can also call upon her daughters to aid her, Daniela, Bela and Cassandra

She needs to drink blood to stay alive so if she goes a long time with out it then she will be weaker
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