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Ziro my main OC ( work in progress )

Ziro is a very special character to me because he is based on my experiences in early life with Autism. Every case of Autism is unique so he is based on my own. Despite this, he is not a self insert by any means. Ziro and I are two VERY different people.

Full name: Ziro Ironclaw

Pronunciation: Ziro Iron Claw

Nickname(s) or Alias: Mouse or whatever nickname he gets in the roleplay

Gender: Male

Species: Human but can change depending on roleplay

Age: depends on roleplay

Birthday: April 16th

Sexuality: Bisexual

Nationality: American

Religion: N/A

Currently lives: Depends on roleplay

Languages spoken: English and others depending on roleplay

Native language: English

Relationship Status: single


Height: depends on roleplay but shorter than average because of coffee addiction

Weight: Depends on roleplay but lighter than average

Figure/build: Very skinny and lanky

Hair color: black

Hairstyle: Wild and spikey with large bald spot patches

Facial Hairstyle: Depends on roleplay but if old enough a 9-5 shadow

Eye color: Glossy blue

Skin/fur/etc colour: Pale

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Scars/distinguishing marks: 3 claw marks across the face

Preferred style of clothing: loose clothing so he does not feel constricted

Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: Depends on roleplay but usually has an oversized canteen full of coffee


Smoker? No, but van get addicted very easily

Drinker? No, but can get addicted very easily

Recreational Drug User?

Addictions: Coffee

Allergies: Dogs

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Autism and PTSD

Any medication regularly taken: He takes several prescription medications for his Autism


Personality: He is a very overly anxious and cautious person but is very kind and wants to help people to the best of his ability. He gets scared very easily and breaks under pressure but his intellect his vast and he has a strong morality and moral compass.

Likes: Technology, reading, coffee, the quiet, classic American food, cooking, the paranormal

Dislikes: Loud noises, pressure, Time limits, His father, too many smells, pressure( To be continued later )

Fears/phobias: A LOT OF THINGS

Favorite color: Purple

Hobbies: Reading, Cooking, building machines, watching security cameras ( its his weirder hobby )

Taste in music: Very calming zen music


Talents/skills: Cooking, Reading, building machinery, IQ level, remembering things that he is interested in, hacking machinery, repairing machinery

Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Yes he can but is to scared and anxious to ever do it


Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore (Vegetarian): Omnivore but likes meat dishes more

Favorite food(s): Pizza, CHeese burgers, cheesesteak, Cheese fries, Grilled cheese...he likes cheese a lot.

Favorite drink(s): Vanilla milkshake

Disliked food(s): Vegan food

Disliked drink(s): Cranberry Juice


Describe the character's house/home: Depends on roleplay

Do they share their home with anyone? Who? Depends on roleplay

Significant/special belongings: Depends on roleplay


Level of education: Genious level intellect in the things that he is interested in

Qualifications: Depends on roleplay

Current job title and description: Depends on roleplay

Name of employer: Depends on roleplay


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Peaceful

Fighting skills/techniques: Running, screaming for help, breaking down

Special skills/magical powers/etc: Depends on roleplay

Weapon of choice (if any): Depends on roleplay

Weaknesses in combat: Not good at fighting to begin with and will break down in pressure

Strengths in combat: Has a really cute face that is hard to punch


Parents names: Pearl Ironclaw and Raven Ironclaw

Are parents alive or dead? Mother is dead Father is alive

Is the character still in contact with their parents? Mother is dead because she gave her life to save Ziro, and his father is a serial killer bent on killing him. His father is mentally insane and wants to " perfect the human race " by destroying the " weak " and deficient " humans and only leaving the powerful in his eyes too pass on their genes to the next generation.

Siblings? Relationship with siblings? No

Other Important Relatives: Depends on roleplay

Partner/Spouse: No

Children: No

Best Friend: Depends on roleplay

Other Important Friends: Depends on roleplay

Acquaintances: Depends on roleplay

Pets: Vlad his pet bat.

Enemies? Why are they, enemies? Depends on roleplay


Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): From an early age, he was diagnosed with Autism. His mother was supportive but his father was from a long line of serial killers called the metal skull slashers. They murder people with physical and mental disabilities to " cleanse " the human race. When Raven found out about his son he took up the mantle of the metal skull slasher like generations have before him and attempted to kill his son. In the process, Pearl was killed and Ziro survived the house fire. He was only 2 at the time and lived in an orphanage ever since.

Describe their teenage years (11 - 19): Depends on roleplay

Describe their adult years (20plus): Depends on roleplay
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Space crew roleplay character ideas and stuff like

The Ship
Name: Ace Wild
Its a large ship with over 10 bedrooms in it. The ship is a modified cargo space ship that travels from planet to planet...except this one has been outfitted with several new rooms and lots and LOTS of weapons. Rooms such as a bar , a trophy / collection room , a prisoner cell block , a armory , a safe , a security room with access to security cameras and access to all the turrets on the ship. There is even a docking bay where up too 5 smaller 1 to 2 man ships can be docked inside. The main weapons are on the front and back of the ship. There are 4 person manned turrets on the ship. One on the top , bottom , left and right of the ship. There are 12 smaller turrets on the outside of the ship that are controlled by someone in the security room. The Ace Wild also has a insanely advanced shield generator. Most ships have a small shield generator for their ship that can fit inside the palm of someones hand and fits inside of the main ship computer, The Ace Wilds shield generator is 10ft by 10ft. The defensive capabilities of the Ace Wild are unmatched but in turn the ship is not as fast as others.

Name: Veresto Black
Age: 45

Ht: 6:2

Wt: 210

Race: Human

Eye color: Blue

Race: Italian / Central American

Mental state: PTSD and addiction

Physical state: Moderately fit and muscular. Has a lot of health problems from smoking and drinking. Has bad back pain.

Weapons: 2 dual laser pistols and old rusty brass knuckles

Skills: Great aim with pistols , Great Gambler , Amazing pilot , good at cheating and tricking people , can drink a LOT of alcohol before passing out

Hobbies: Drinking , smoking , gambling , flying his ship , drinking to forget the past , bad jokes , being lazy and the occasional tense gun fight

Dislikes: Thinking about the past , Children , being thrust into new situations , expressing his feelings , admitting he's wrong , admitting that he actually cares about other people and taking up his old habits from his past

Flaws: Greedy , jealous , rude , gross , bad at organizing , bad at expressing or admitting his feelings

Crew member role: Pilot and owner of the ship

Appearance: His skin is more on the browner side but its still easy to tell he is white. He has a every bushy mustache and a unshaven prickly beard. His black hair greasy and unkept going in all directions. Most of this clothes are dirty , damaged and unkept. He has several belts and hidden pockets on his suit for easily smuggling and hiding small objects and weapons inside of.

Backstory: I cant go to far with his backstory because that's a surprise for the roleplay. I can say that he used to be a very happy man with lots of company until he was taken of everything. Now all he cares about is his ship and when he will be getting his next round of alcohol. He is hard to win over but when he is won over his loyalty is unbreakable.

Name: Lucy

Age: 5

Ht: 3ft

Wt: 40 lbs

Race: Human

Eye color: green

Hair: Blonde

Race: White

Mental state: Scared , confused and terrified of her recent experiences

Physical state: skinny , malnourished and filthy

Weapons: none

Skills: Being adorable , cheering others up and bringing up morale

Hobbies: Playing , exploring , and collecting things

Likes: Her new family ( The crew ) , exploration ,

Dislikes: Aliens ( Because of a trauma things not a racist thing ) and being left alone

Flaws: can get cranky , loud , sometimes annoying , very narrow and simplistic view of things and has a short attention span

Crew member role: Adorable smol child

Appearance: Very pale and soft skin and gorgeous long golden silk hair, She is very tiny and adorable. Her eyes are like emeralds and her soul is pure. Unless given clothes her clothes are very old , worn and damaged mining clothes.

Backstory: She was a happy young child on a mining planet until her planet were invaded by a alien pirate gang. Her mom and dad were killed and she barley escaped with her life. She grew a irrational fear for aliens since the alien pirates were of all alien species and she is still to young to differentiate the difference with All aliens aren't bad after her encounter. Once she meets the crew of the Ace Wild she will cling to them and love them like a family over time.


Eye color:
Mental state:
Physical state:
Crew member role:
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Harry Potter oc

Name: Ziro IronClaw
Age: changes by year
Ht: changes by year but he’s very short for his age(s)
Wt: changes by year but is always slightly under weight

Hair: very messy and wild black hair with some patches missing from his head

Eyes: chocolate brown and very big. His eyes are very dull and almost doll like. They dont seem very real and push many people away.
Skin/Race: Caucasian with a very pale skin color

Sexual Orientation: Bi ( attracted to both men and women ) but is very confused about his emotions and romantic feelings.

Disorder: Autism and PTSD

House: Slytherin

Wand: Ziros wand is Chestnut with a dragon hearth stone as the core

Familiar: crowned flying fox bat

Animagis form: If he learns to be a Animagis in the roleplay his form is a King Cobra

Patronis: If he learns expecto patronis in our roleplay his patronis is a small black bird

Likes: books , the quiet , animals , being warm , tea , big comfy blankets and sweaters , having friends , learning new spells , achieving his dream of inventing necromancy and baking

Dislikes: loud noises , crowded areas , being made fun of , people noticing his twitch , people talking about his family . Potions class , people talking about how short he is , being called cute and sharp things

Story: Ziro was born into a pure blood wizard family in NJ. His family lived isolated in a very remote and calm part of the state away from places like Newark. Ziro was always a very quiet and shy child. He was happy until the war came. His family has a history of being the family of the Skull mask slasher. A family that takes the mantle of the Skull mask slasher serial killer persona by generation. First it was his great grandfather , the his grandpa , then his father. When Ziros mother found out who she married she was killed by Ziros father in front his eyes. Before the Skull mask slasher could take out Ziro the ministry of magic intervened and sent his father to Azkaban. During the battle of hogwarts Ziro was broken out of Azkaban and became a Death Eater in Voldemort’s army. After Voldemort lost Ziros father ran away never to be caught. Ever since the events with his mother Ziro has been known to be very nervous , paranoid and constantly twitches. He is always avoided or mad fun of so he became a even more quiet and reserved person. Ziro was put into foster care by the ministry and is still waiting to be adopted. Non the less He got his letter from Hogwarts to attend his first year. Ziro wants to invent the power to raise the dead so he can see his mother again.

Personality: very shy and paranoid. He is a constant worry wort and Is very quiet. He doesn’t like to talk much and always trying to avoid contact with others. Once befriended he is very loyal and kind. Because of his Autism he can be very blunt and straight forward in conversations and not very good at picking up social ques. He will be a true friend. When he is happy he can be described as adorable but he hates it when people point it out. He was put into slytherin because he has undying ambition to invent necromancy. He won’t let anything get in the way of his dream...anything.
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Death ( my fav oc of mine I worked hard on ) and h

Name: death
Age: since the beginning of time to now
Ht: 7ft tall ( default)
Wt: 210 lbs ( default )
Eye color : glowing red eye sockets
Hair color: none

Death is one of the legendary four horsemen and one of the most powerful angels to ever exist. He is a courageous warrior who sacrificed everything to protect the humans of earth from the army’s of hell thousands of years ago. He had shiney silver armor And long flowing blond hair. Eyes as blue as the ocean and a kind heart that loved all. After a tragedy ( that will be revealed later) death changed. His beautiful fluffy angel wings were ripped off of his body. His skin peeled off and went threw ceacless agony for hours nonstop. All that was left is a skeleton by the end of that night. Being such a powerful angel he did not die despite him losing everything except his skeleton. From that day foward something snapped in death. He became feared by mortals and became much more sinister yet he still protected the humans. That night choas ensued with death destroying and killing without reason. God then intervened and stopped the carnage. Death was still good...yet his mind and his heart are broken ( as a metaphor because he’s only bones now ). God knew that he would never be the same again and allowed him to embrace his new ways forced open him with some support to keep him sane. He received his giant black hooded cloak and his iconic giant scythe that was even bigger then he was.

Although death was still incredibly powerful he was no where as strong as he used to be. Loseing his wings and ...well everything weakend him considerably. Yet he kept fighting on. Millions of years pass with death getting weaker and older never resting and stopping, he is now commanded by god to retire. God told him that he has a relative living on earth. Now this depressed, all powerful, old war vet , pile of bones must learn to let go of his rage and fit in with the human society.

His cloak is large and intimidating. His hood completely hides his face so the only thing you can see from his hood is his 2 glowing red eyes. His horses name is Whisper. It is a skeleton horse with a tail , mane , hooves and eyes made from flaring purple flames. Whisper is very intelligent, quiet and similar to his rider .

Name: War
Ht 9ft / human form 6ft 4 in
Wt 950 lbs ( from armor he wears 24/7 ) / human form 220 lbs
Eye color ( glowing orange no pupils ) / human form blue
Hair none / human form grey
Age 500 trillion years younger then death / human form looks like he is in his late 50s.

War is the second oldest brother of the 4 horsemen. He is the largest of his 4 brothers. He constantly wears his giant set of armor coverd in hulking piles of flaming metal , spikes , and hellish carvings. His has a large and long red cape that flows behind him whenever he moves. His main weapon is a large 10 foot axe called Spine breaker and his other weapon is a magically enchanted minigun that shoots blasts of fire instead of bullets.

War is like the over exaggerating fun uncle you always wanted. He tells bad jokes and always tell the same lame story’s. Of course he is also the horsemen or war. He loves fighting and destroying his enemies! War has a demonic Russian accent and tends to yell a lot without even noticing. He loves drinking vodka. Deaths wings are made out of pure fire that is protected by a mechanical shell. His horse is named clanker and is a robotic horse possessed by the spirit of his old horse. The robot is equipped with lots of modern weaponry.

War is not the smartest but he is very loyal and experienced in all kinds of combat.

Name Pestilence
Ht 6ft 8 in / human form 6 ft
Wt 325 lbs / human form 175lbs
Age 750 trillion years younger then Death / human form looks like mid 40s
Hair strands of white / human strands of black
Eyes green / human green

Pestilence is a rotting corpse. Rotting skin and organs constantly drop out of his body. Bugs crawl around and live inside of him. Green slimey thick acid drips from all parts of his body melting away anything he touches. One of his green eyeballs fell out of his rotting face. His lower jaw bone has rotted off thousands of years ago so he can no longer talk. He smells horrible and looks worse then he smells. His wings are large slimy insect wings. His weapons are two long chains wrapped around his arms with deadly hooks at the end of them. The chains have melted into his arms and can’t be removed. He uses these chains to be deadly in combat.

Pestilence is super kind and and sweat. Despite his nature of making everything around wither away and disgusting he loves animals and nature. He is very kind and shy trying his best to make others happy. Pestilence can get really sad because he can never truly interact with anything he loves without giving them a slow painful death accidentally.

His horses name is rot. A rotting corpse of a horse that moves and acts as if he was any other horse. The horse is almost like him. Rotting and disgusting but gentle and kind.

Name Strife
Ht 6ft 7in / human form 3ft 5 in
Wt 0lbs / human form 65lbs
Age 50 quadrillion years younger then death / human form looks like 5
Hair none / human form black
Eye red / human form red

Strife is a being made of black smoke who can silently creep up to his enemy’s and kill hem silently or burst out of the darkness and destroy all around him, his upper torso resembles that off a charcoal black rib cage coverd in smoke. His face is coverd by a menacing mask that only shows his 2 red eyes. His lower torso is just smoke that floats off of the ground. His weapons are 2 jagged blade swords and a pistol that shoots a gigantic blast of magical energy.

In his human form strife is only 5 and acts like it too. Angels age much much MUCH slower then humans. In human form strife is absolutely adorable and he hates it. He is a squishiest and cutest little munchkin imaginable. He has two large cute red eye and fluffy black hair. His mouth is filled with razor sharp teeth , one of them sticking out of his mouth when it’s closed. He wears a puffy fluffy black sweater and black sweat paints.

Strife is a trouble maker. He loves violence and constantly insults , curses , and lashed out at others because he doesn’t know how to express his emotions and has never been taken serious because he is the youngest and weakest of the 4 horsemen. Although strife always acts mean and harsh he still is a child and it’s possible to find and comfort the scared and confused child underneath.

Strifes horse is named stalker. The back half of the horse is just smoke. The front half is a all
Black horse with glowing red eyes and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. The horse is violent and aggressive like it’s owner.
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New not cringe oc list ( wip)


Eagle eye. He was a human prince adopted by a woven kingdom right when he was only days old. From then he was lied to by his family that he was the only human left when in reality they were either killed by the elves or forced to move because of violence in horrific ways. As eagle grew up not only did he become one of the greatest trained warriors in the elven kingdom but also a intellectual and charismatic general and leader. When he learned the truth he was filled with pain and hatred gathering what little humans were left and creating a rebellion against the elves for one last hurrah before they died. He includeing 39 others were known as the 40 battalion. A group of warriors so powerful that on their final battle the 40 of them killed 500,000 elf soilder a 2,000,000 elf army. Out of honor and love the adopted elf parents ( king and queen of elves ) burried their son the prince in the elf graveyard. Thousands of years later he was risen from the dead by necromancers as a powerful undead black knight. Escaping the elven city he now wanders the world trying to find a way to get his revenge. The magic from the necromancers filled his heart with rage and bloodlust leaving the loyal , loving , gold hearted hero a shell of himself.

His armor is very very strong and can protect from many attacks even ones that would mostly end in death. The armor is very strong and almost unbreakable. Almost. His undead abilities had given him immense super human strength. His armors gauntlets now have claws. On his adventures he has collected 3 weapons. His first is a huge 2 handed greatsword that is not only bigger then him but he can wield with one hand. He uses the blade as a one handed weapon and can use it quickly as if it was one. The sword has a powerful ability to reflect magic attacks shot at him and deflect them back at the attacker as a projectile. The next is a large shield that can cover most of his body. His final weapon is the overlords gauntlet. A glove with long 6 inch claws and has the power to store the souls from his slain enemy’s and then use them as a energy source to cast magic that he would not be able to cast without. He does not have a body under his army. After thousands of years his entire body decomposed so his is only a ghost possessing the armor.

Although his sword fighting skills are great and his strength is far above super human he is very slow. He’s like a tank. Also he can’t use the overlords gauntlet and his shield at the same time. Finnaly the magic that he casts front he gauntlet is very untrained. Kinda like giving a sword fighter and bow and arrow

He is filled with rage and hate now but he used to be a hero...maybe some of that is still left in him?
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