Space crew roleplay character ideas and stuff like

The Ship
Name: Ace Wild
Its a large ship with over 10 bedrooms in it. The ship is a modified cargo space ship that travels from planet to planet...except this one has been outfitted with several new rooms and lots and LOTS of weapons. Rooms such as a bar , a trophy / collection room , a prisoner cell block , a armory , a safe , a security room with access to security cameras and access to all the turrets on the ship. There is even a docking bay where up too 5 smaller 1 to 2 man ships can be docked inside. The main weapons are on the front and back of the ship. There are 4 person manned turrets on the ship. One on the top , bottom , left and right of the ship. There are 12 smaller turrets on the outside of the ship that are controlled by someone in the security room. The Ace Wild also has a insanely advanced shield generator. Most ships have a small shield generator for their ship that can fit inside the palm of someones hand and fits inside of the main ship computer, The Ace Wilds shield generator is 10ft by 10ft. The defensive capabilities of the Ace Wild are unmatched but in turn the ship is not as fast as others.

Name: Veresto Black
Age: 45

Ht: 6:2

Wt: 210

Race: Human

Eye color: Blue

Race: Italian / Central American

Mental state: PTSD and addiction

Physical state: Moderately fit and muscular. Has a lot of health problems from smoking and drinking. Has bad back pain.

Weapons: 2 dual laser pistols and old rusty brass knuckles

Skills: Great aim with pistols , Great Gambler , Amazing pilot , good at cheating and tricking people , can drink a LOT of alcohol before passing out

Hobbies: Drinking , smoking , gambling , flying his ship , drinking to forget the past , bad jokes , being lazy and the occasional tense gun fight

Dislikes: Thinking about the past , Children , being thrust into new situations , expressing his feelings , admitting he's wrong , admitting that he actually cares about other people and taking up his old habits from his past

Flaws: Greedy , jealous , rude , gross , bad at organizing , bad at expressing or admitting his feelings

Crew member role: Pilot and owner of the ship

Appearance: His skin is more on the browner side but its still easy to tell he is white. He has a every bushy mustache and a unshaven prickly beard. His black hair greasy and unkept going in all directions. Most of this clothes are dirty , damaged and unkept. He has several belts and hidden pockets on his suit for easily smuggling and hiding small objects and weapons inside of.

Backstory: I cant go to far with his backstory because that's a surprise for the roleplay. I can say that he used to be a very happy man with lots of company until he was taken of everything. Now all he cares about is his ship and when he will be getting his next round of alcohol. He is hard to win over but when he is won over his loyalty is unbreakable.

Name: Lucy

Age: 5

Ht: 3ft

Wt: 40 lbs

Race: Human

Eye color: green

Hair: Blonde

Race: White

Mental state: Scared , confused and terrified of her recent experiences

Physical state: skinny , malnourished and filthy

Weapons: none

Skills: Being adorable , cheering others up and bringing up morale

Hobbies: Playing , exploring , and collecting things

Likes: Her new family ( The crew ) , exploration ,

Dislikes: Aliens ( Because of a trauma things not a racist thing ) and being left alone

Flaws: can get cranky , loud , sometimes annoying , very narrow and simplistic view of things and has a short attention span

Crew member role: Adorable smol child

Appearance: Very pale and soft skin and gorgeous long golden silk hair, She is very tiny and adorable. Her eyes are like emeralds and her soul is pure. Unless given clothes her clothes are very old , worn and damaged mining clothes.

Backstory: She was a happy young child on a mining planet until her planet were invaded by a alien pirate gang. Her mom and dad were killed and she barley escaped with her life. She grew a irrational fear for aliens since the alien pirates were of all alien species and she is still to young to differentiate the difference with All aliens aren't bad after her encounter. Once she meets the crew of the Ace Wild she will cling to them and love them like a family over time.


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