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Q. Friendly reminder:

You're a cool dude and an amazing roleplayer!

Would you mind me adding you to my bio?
A. Sure thing!
 Sep 15th 2019 10:14

Lovelace asked the question
Q. Ok
A. What?
 May 30th 2017 22:10

Latest Comments

Oh sh*t. Sorry, when I came back I had lots of people to get back to. Sorry I didn’t say anything to you.
Jul 4th 2021 19:43

Hey, sorry I haven’t gotten back to you yet. Today I’m trying to get back to everybody I have not, so you will be getting something today ^^.
May 1st 2021 08:44

Still kinda getting thing started settled in my house. Things have calmed down a little though.
Mar 28th 2021 15:25

Yeah, I could totally draw Zion! I'll get on it when I can~!
Feb 21st 2021 11:52

Hey, sorry for leaving, like I said in my update a few of my family members passed away and I went to go visit some of my other family to give them support and all that, I'll get to your reply today though
Feb 21st 2021 09:46

Both my laptop chargers are broken.
Jan 21st 2021 20:08

Yeah, I'm hear, sorry I haven't replied T-T
Jun 28th 2020 20:55

Yup~ The how people make them sound is kinda mean xc
Apr 29th 2020 23:08

Apr 29th 2020 09:10

Nope, I haven't, im all good here XP
Apr 15th 2020 15:53