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hey everyone, im slowly getting back into roleplaying, but im moving back to discord again. if you wish to rp with me on there, just dm me
3  Dec 5th 2021 18:34

Latest Comments

Excuse me, can we RP? I’ve been waiting 2 months for you.
May 20th 2021 08:45

You’re the best!
Mar 10th 2021 21:04

Please my friend, take your time to enjoy yourself! I will always be here for you and to role-play anything you wish!I miss you bunchies!!
Dec 23rd 2020 01:03

Hi there, Jack_Hades! Wanna continue our roleplay discussion from 3 months ago?
Mar 8th 2020 22:47

Yo, I am down for the mafia role play! Let me in on that please.
Jan 21st 2020 05:38

Hey!! You wanna continue the rp?
Dec 22nd 2019 00:42