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(Adam Dowgos)
19 / Male / Single
Massachusetts - United States
Hello I'm Adam a RP'er who loves video game RP's and many other types of RP's. I'm a friendly dude looking to have fun and release my creativeness. Give me a chance and I may impress you. Please read the roleplay rules before adding me or after me adding you. It just makes me feel better knowing my list was read so there no surprises. Thank you ahead of time.

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Rules For RP:
↑↑↑↑Must Read↑↑↑↑
Discord Tag: TheRogueMarksman#9143

Latest Status

I love how I can give decent relationship advice. Even though I am dying inside from loneliness.
Mood: indescribable
2  Mar 31st 2020 00:05

Latest Questions

Q. Hehe, you're welcome.
A. :)
 Nov 8th 2019 19:18

Q. Nothing really. You just didn't reply back.
A. Oh my bad I completely forget to reply thanks for reminding me.
 Nov 8th 2019 19:15

Latest Comments

Thank you for contacting the NTGA, we look forward to hearing from you
Mar 10th 2020 15:37

I'm Jenna. What do you want to talk about?
Feb 13th 2020 18:15

I never got onto those assassin’s creed games. I tried but I never really went back to it.
Jan 23rd 2020 16:54

Hey man, I wanted to apologise again for disappearing, like I said in my last update work and other things have had me beat. But I'm happy to say I have a lot of free time now so I'll be on more often than not.
Jan 4th 2020 19:46

Not that I can think of...
Oct 4th 2019 16:09

I want to do fantasy! :)
Oct 4th 2019 15:41

I'm Elora. How can I help you?
Oct 4th 2019 15:37

Jun 9th 2019 06:40

Yeah don't worry.
Since this rp was really good, when it will be finished, would you like to do another one with me?
Jun 9th 2019 06:36

Ofc thanks
May 31st 2019 16:06