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It is Thanksgiving for me everyone! So responses will be delayed til later tonight. So in the mean time in the comments why don't you tell me what you're thankful for this year?
Mood: cultured
3  Nov 25th 2021 08:49

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Maybe I think I found my new star! My new perfect roleplay partner.
I am so happy that I met you.
Oct 29th 2021 10:41

there will be a little delay in the responses, from today till sunday will be a busy one! see yah around! i will be everywhere on the place :P
Oct 29th 2021 09:01

Highly recommend to anyone thinking of adding him. Very great roleplay, is super fun and is very nice!
Aug 10th 2021 17:11

I accidentally saved one of your replies. I thought I deleted it at first, but that wasn't the case. So... that's a major oof moment.
Feb 16th 2021 00:29

I really enjoy it too! It’s fun
Nov 18th 2020 23:05

My bad for taking a f*** ton of time works been busy but im b b b back
Sep 26th 2020 15:00

Hey man, I wanted to apologise again for disappearing, like I said in my last update work and other things have had me beat. But I'm happy to say I have a lot of free time now so I'll be on more often than not.
Jan 4th 2020 19:46

Jun 9th 2019 06:40

Yeah don't worry.
Since this rp was really good, when it will be finished, would you like to do another one with me?
Jun 9th 2019 06:36