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(Nikki Wesker)
30 / Female / Single and Looking
New York - United States
- Rules and muses are in blogs.

- Appearances/Differences of the Nikki’s -

-Separate accounts of the muses: -
Freddy Fazbear - @Glamrock_Freddy
Nikki Wesker/Nikki Warren, a Resident Evil oc - @Raccoon_City
Nikki Amato - @Nikki_Amato
Nikki Olsen, a Five Nights at Freddy’s oc - @Nix_Olsen
Bonnie/Glamrock Bonnie @GlamrockBonnie

> About the admin <

- Chill and friendly.
- Sometimes quiet or shy.
- Gamer/streamer.
- Feel free to add and you might get accepted.
- Request me to add you on one of the social medias mentioned below or on Facebook.
- Tell me why I should add or accept you via Discord or Facebook messages.
- Top friends are the accounts the admin has or shared with a close friend.
- Taro Yamada acc is on top friends.

Social media:
PSN; Nicole_Wesker28
Discord; Nikki.Nix#8984
Discord server 2:
YouTube channel:


1. I’ll bring all of the muses here but they’re be in the blog.
2. Rules will be updated and more be added soon.
3. List of official muses and the single muses list will be updated.
4. I will be debating on making a werewolf oc soon.
5. Shipping rules will be added to the rules soon.