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26 / Male / Single
A thousand years I've roamed the plains and waved the hand of doom. I've seen the tears that fall like rain from the waste and all the ruin. A shadow's cast that falls from me on you. A time to claim all that's mine. My wrath is blind! The balance is where you hang.

The cries of sadness never heard, fall deaf upon my ears. The stench of madness, raging wars, I've seen a million years. The smell of sorrow fills the fields and lingers in the sky. The littered ground will swallow down the souls that fill my eyes.

I'm the Widowmaker.

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Latest Status

I popped in to let everyone know I have been and will be extremely busy due to work and exams but will also try my best to get back to you within the next few days. Thank you for understanding.
10  Jan 28th 2023 05:53

Latest Comments

You are my most recent writing partner but I already love our RP! I really enjoy the fact that the scenes aren't rushed through and we are setting up a really good base for our characters future interactions. You will most definitely become a long term writing partner of mine <3
Sep 27th 2022 15:56

Congrats!! You have graduated to being my favorite Roleplayer! But- I just wanted to stay, thanks for staying along with me in this amazing story! I’m absolutely loving it and I hope you enjoy it as well.
Sep 1st 2022 19:09