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26 / Female / Single
Florida - United States
"Why can death be feared and then
craved not moments later?"


Death...death doesn't need to be feared,

For some, it should even be expected and craved.

Those people might worry that their lives were lived poorly; they might regret the things they've done.

Those people might be upset to learn that there isn't much mercy to be handed out in the afterlife.

You've lived a sinful, ugly life.

But worry not, because even after you're dead and
lifeless, I'll take what you've left and turn it into something to be admired.

Something beautiful.

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My, my~ aren't you the luckiest around to be encountering the most richest, handsomest, and most skilled man in Albion! Oh that’s just wonderful, stupendous even. Now, why won't you join me and my lovely guests during tonight's party? Today is the anniversary of when I started hosting these little delightful gatherings, it'd be such a shame for such a beautiful face like yours not to be present, wouldn't it, dear? Now, I do believe I’ve talked enough. Although I do know you just adore hearing my voice. Tatty bye ~ ♡
Apr 15th 2019 10:28