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24 / Female / Single
Illinois - United States
∘₊✧─────I Forgot I Was A Bad Bitch, Tragic─────✧₊∘
✧・゚: *✧On Hiatus✧・゚: *✧.


∘₊✧─── 8 Active Plots • 2 Inactive Plots • 4 Replies Due ───✧₊∘

What I write:

☽☾ Disturbing topics that are not for the faint of the heart, something that leaves a pit in your stomach

☽☾ Toxic, heart-wrenching romance that leaves you in tears.

☽☾ Interesting, long-term plots that captive

☽☾ Adult themes that would make your elders blush from reading

☽☾ Fantasy, Unrealistic, Vampires, Medieval

∘₊✧────23 • She/They • 7+ Years Writing • Multi Para────✧₊∘

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You are an exceptional writer, and it is always a pleasure to write with you. Not only that, but you are also an extraordinary person. Needless to say, I am heavily impressed.
Nov 23rd 2022 08:02

This lovely person right here has been one of the most pleasant surprises for me during my time on his site for the sheer fact that she is not afraid to try out topics most people wouldn’t ever dare touch, while also going about it in the only way I can think of as ‘the right way.’ To sum up, I’m positively impressed. Miss, you’re one of the few people I can see myself starting another story with after our current one is done. Well done <3
Sep 27th 2022 15:48