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23 / Female / Single
Illinois - United States
❀ Very Selective ❀ Surprisingly Friendly ❀ Literate Writer ❀

Hello, I'm Rose ~ I am a 23-year-old college student working on her Social Work Bachelor's degree, and hopefully, my Master's next if I can handle more school and the crushing weight of my debts. I am currently on summer break, so if I am not here, I am most likely playing Stardew or Genshin Impact.

❀ 8 Active RPs ❀ 0 Inactive RPs ❀ 3 Replies Due ❀

Due to the amount of RPs I already have going i'm only adding accounts that really catch my attention

❀Adults only ❀ Disturbing Themes ❀ Proceed with Caution❀

What I like to write:
✏ Long Term
✏ Psychological
✏ Romance
✏ Dark / Triggering themes
✏ Adult Themes
✏ Medieval
✏ Fantasy
✏ Mental Health

❀ Open-Minded ❀ Active ❀ Creative

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Latest Status

Got rid of some characters, and added a couple of new ones! I also have a new plot listed on my page if people I'm not writing with yet want to check it out
Mood: giddy
1  Jun 22nd 2022 23:11

Latest Comments

Oh goodie now I can be terrorized by you
Jun 5th 2022 00:04

asdfgh Called tf out (as I should be tbh) I feel flattered to know I am a Very Special Case(TM).
Jan 28th 2022 01:22

Hey dearest, yeeting into your inbox to remind you that you're amazing and I love you very much and that replying to our rp is still something I plan on doing asdfergh. Kick my ass if I don't reply by next week <3
Jan 28th 2022 00:20

Just passing by to tell you that you're pretty damn amazing as a writer and person and I adore you very much! <3
Jun 16th 2021 13:50