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Hiya, I’m Natasha. I’m twenty-three, European, and bisexual. Please read my rules — they are listed on my blog post titled ‘GO TO HEAVEN’. I can play a wide range of characters but prefer my characters to be on the ‘dominant’ side. If you are planning on only playing ‘spice’, I am not interested in roleplaying with you. The highest plot : ‘spice’ ratio I will play is 60:40. Roleplays that are only ‘spice’ get boring, fast.

I would love to build up characters with each other outside of roleplay. This includes all sorts of OOC discussions. However, this is not a neccesity.

The way I type is usually quite deadpan. Don’t let this scare you off. I can change my typing style if it would make you more comfortable.

NOTE : My profile may be cutesy, but the themes I wish to explore in roleplays are much less so. This is your formal warning. I am willing to roleplay less ‘dark’ topics but I may be picky.

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Going on a brief hiatus. Please expect minimal responses. Thankyou very kindly in advance.
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