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Started by Lieutenant_Rira , Jun 1st 2017 05:34

Lieutenant_Rira - Jun 1st 2017 05:34

(this rp will have a plot and villian etc)

the multiverse is a bigplace the unknown parts of each universe bind them all together creating the multiverse first there is our world than the billions of others out there, there are small bubble like spheres surrounding cities built by residents of the multiverse that left there world for the time being, but there is secret long forgotten force dealt with once before that has a far greater goal coming from a dimension beyond vision and comprehension known as the 8th dimension our heros must band together to stop this force or the multiverse will be brought to its knees

rules perfect characters

2.op characters chuck norris

4. there is a 4 character limit killing another persons character without permission

6. use at least everything here on your sigh up sheet

from:(not required for OCs)
role(antagonist protagonist etc(don't chose villian))

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Lieutenant_Rira - Jun 1st 2017 05:42

(my characters

name:john bigboote(yes that is his actual name and no i did not create him)




from:the adventures of buckaroo bonzai


personality:is very short tempered and is willing to do anything to get the job done

gear/powers:a laser gun and he can take the form of a human

bio:he wants to rule multiverse he also wants to seek revenge on the man who foiled his plans for multiversial domination at almost all costs


name:buckaroo bonzai




from:the adventures of buckaroo bonzai

role:main protagonist

personality:is a fun guy he also likes to cheer people up and make them happy, he is very inclusive for the most part and can be serious when he needs too

abilities/gear:a pistol, a van that can travel through the 8th dimension and the van can fly as well, he also has the ability to see through the villan's and his minion's disquises and only he can grant people this same power

bio:after showing great promise in school he used his many talents to make a good living becoming a brain surgeon, rock and roll star, and goverment scientist untill they day where our villian put all his friend and the world in danger and he had to save them

appearance:(anyone who rps with me knows all my characters have photos in my album with there name underneath the photo)

another character

name:morrigan aensland

age:over 100(despite looking like a woman in her 20s)




role:protagonist (sort of)

powers/gear: fly and turn her wings into tentacles blades and shields when fighting, she also can fight using mixed martial arts, she can also poof most anywhere any living person to her location instantaneously

personality:morrigan is way too over confidant and has way to much selfasteem, she also is very short tempered

bio:after bieng born she was so over powered her father split her soul into 3 parts so she wouldn't destroy everything in existence, after awhile she left the aensland kingdom and castle to morrigan

appearance:(my profile picture)

name:tron bonne

age:in her 20s





powers/gear:she has a stun gun and thousands of sets of mech legs with arms that have flamethrowers guns scoops giant hands plasma shooters etc she can also summon tanks and servbots on the fly using a glove she has projecting a holo screen when she wants to, she also has ray that can increase the size of her servebots and there weapons

personality:is short temperd won't stop prodlaiming herself as ruler, is scared of white dogs she ia also way overconfident and arrogant

bio:after her brother became a quadrillionare she decided to help him carry out his bidding and rule the multiverse for him while heading all of his advice

appearance:(look in my photo albums for her appearance)

Edited Jun 1st 2017 22:17

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Lieutenant_Rira - Jun 1st 2017 16:41

(you can use cannon or OCs it doesn't matter witch one you pick)

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Lieutenant_Rira - Jun 2nd 2017 00:29

john looked at his many moniters at his base speaking his wierd language(he has his own language) "i will soon have controll over the multiverse and with the disquieses no one can see through they won't even know the invasion is happening, its like that one movie "they live" but that cursed buckaroo bonzai knows, i wan't him and every single threat to me eleminated, gaurds prepare my ship i need to find my next target and deploy" he set off and started scanning many worlds "i want a challange" he said untill he finds some more places "send 6 dozens of men to each and set a course back to our home dimension" he says after the men have been sent he leaves and returns to the 8th dimension

buckaroo's ship was floating in space untill he got a reading on a moniter inside "great looks like john has sent more minions to more worlds... thats quite a lot of baddies a better choose a world to visit" he said rolling a die to make his decision(how i picked witch place he should visit first in real life too) he landed his van (i did not make any of this characters gear up) on the surface and was in the world of my hero academia, he was trying to remain out of everyones site just so the minions that had donned disquises wouldn't alert there boss, he had is hand in his pocket with his pistol at the ready

Edited Jun 2nd 2017 02:26

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Lieutenant_Rira - Jun 2nd 2017 02:33

(ok i included the starter for buckaroo with the post containing the villans starter so i guess the rp as a whole just started)

Edited Jun 2nd 2017 03:07

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Lieutenant_Rira - Jun 2nd 2017 03:25

(ok so everyone can post there starters now)

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Lieutenant_Rira - Jun 2nd 2017 14:35

(yes but they donned disquises that look like humans but only buckaroo and the people he gave the formula to can see them)

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Lieutenant_Rira - Jun 2nd 2017 17:10

(sure just,my plan for meeting everyone is buckaroo insect each world that everyone elses character is from and he takes them with him on his quest too stop our villan with a crappy name)

buckaroo was looking around "it seems like everyone here is a comic book super hero" he said untill he bumped into a deku falling over

(tron's starter)

tron was leaving her world to conquer the rest of the multiverse with 3 of her serve bots "servebots into the ship we got work to do" she said climbing into a pod that as much space s the inside of a car

Edited Jun 2nd 2017 21:30

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Lieutenant_Rira - Jun 2nd 2017 23:00

just than as buckaroo was getting up a bullet flew right past his head "GET DOWN!" he yelled knocking over a trash can and ducking for cover behind it pullling deku with him as one of the minions wearing a disquise was there calling more men to him trying to hit buckaroo

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Lieutenant_Rira - Jun 2nd 2017 23:27

"one of johns minnions" said buckaroo as most of the nearby people drew guns at the startd shooting the trashcan

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