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Lieutenant_Rira replied to Lieutenant_Rira's topic

now the only people here seem to be horny people determined to misuse the website to get their rocks off, or people who want to do generally boring and/or generic RPs. I stopped full time roleplaying here once people's poorly disguised ERP requests started leaking out of the romance section and into almost all the other genre sections. In all my years of the site, I have literally reported hundreds of users who look ERPs or are here for ERPs, and I can only recall two of them who actually got punished for it. It makes me sad to see the site's administration not even enforcing their own rules.

Oct 19th 2020 01:04 website veterans

Lieutenant_Rira replied to Lieutenant_Rira's topic

I am here looking for people who have been on the site multiple years. a mellow discussion of what things were like when the site was still fun.

Oct 17th 2020 08:56

Looking to do crossover roleplays with some partne

Lieutenant_Rira replied to Lieutenant_Rira's topic

I'm looking for some partners for some long term or short term roleplays. my only requirements are no liners, and be respectful. the series I roleplay are as follows: Gundam, Darkstalkers/Vampire (Vampire is the Japanese name of Darkstalkers) Street Fighter, Star Wars, Fatal Fury/King of Fighters, Highlander, Dead or Alive and I do some OC based RPs as well.

Feb 4th 2020 12:41

I require decent long term RP partners

Lieutenant_Rira replied to mega-goth247's topic

I have also been in search of RP partners, so I would be open to role-playing with you.

Oct 15th 2019 03:08


Lieutenant_Rira replied to Lieutenant_Rira's topic

Name:Connor McCloud



Immortal or human:Immortal

Personality:Connor is kind and caring using his immortal powers to help people rather than terroize them. Conner shares a comradeship with many of the other immortals and often times will not instigate a fight with them. Connor does have a sarcastic side to him and he often times sees his immortality as a curse.

Background:Conner became the leader of clan McCloud in the Scottish Highlands. However he was killed by the Kurgan in 1536 and came back as an immortal. People of his clan believed him to be possessed by a demon using his corpse so they exiled him. Connor found love with a woman named Heather who he spent a happy life with until she died of old age. Sometime during his relationship with Heather another Immortal named Remírez took Connor under his wing, Remírez trained Conner to be the most powerful immortal so he could defeat the Kurgan. During the Kurgan's search for Connor the Kurgan killed Remírez. After Remírez died Connor wandered the world; eventually stumbling into a village on the midst of a Nazi invasion, and while has there he saved a little girl and raised her like a daughter. However he left her to lead her own life when he killed the Kurgan somewhere between 41 and 46 years later.

Weapons:Connor uses a special sword made using secret techniques making it unique and extra durable.


Sep 12th 2019 21:16