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Forum > Lieutenant_Rira

People active?

Lieutenant_Rira replied to Bolt's topic

Most people leave the sidlye because of the huge stream of ero RPers and how dead the forum RPs are, and if you want to roleplay something that isn't main stream or popular than there isn't really any people here to roleplay it.

Oct 17th 2019 03:02

Weeb Rant

Lieutenant_Rira replied to TotallyNotPsycho's topic

To be honest I don't really care about any of the shows mentioned above. Well played, you said what I didn't have the guts to admit.

Oct 17th 2019 02:56

I require decent long term RP partners

Lieutenant_Rira replied to mega-goth247's topic

I have also been in search of RP partners, so I would be open to role-playing with you.

Oct 15th 2019 03:08

Epic Nintendo crossover

Lieutenant_Rira replied to AshySlashy's topic

This forum is dead but I know both users original involved personally and I could probably get them to show interest in this again

Oct 3rd 2019 00:58

Skyrim Crossover RP - Multiple Fandoms & Time

Lieutenant_Rira replied to Kansas's topic

You can look it up

Sep 13th 2019 19:05