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Name: Neo

Nickname(s): N

Gender: Male

Age: Appears 18-20

Actual Age: (Depends)

Species: Demon of Hatred

Occupation: Student, Part-Timer.

S/R Orientation: Bi

Family: Way too big. He often avoids them if he is able to.


Hair: Jet Black, wild/messy, medium long

Eyes: Sickening Gold

Skin: Warm Ivory

Build: Athletic

Tattoo(s): None

Marking(s): Hell Mark; symbolizes his road towards becoming a demon lord.

Piercing(s): None

Scar(s): None

Style: Spontaneous with a preference for the monochrome and 'badass' aesthetic. All based on the mood.

Other: His teeth are sharp and there are more than a human would usually have, not that it matters since he isn’t one, he just stays in this form for the preference and his work. Many describe them to be ‘shark teeth’.

Brief Info

Some Personality Traits: Grumpy Temperament, Valiant, Snarky, Irritable, Observant, Aggressive (more verbally than physically), Secretive, Generally Honest, Lonely, Childish, Surprisingly Thoughtful, etc. Even though these may make him seem like an ass, he really isn’t one unless he needs to be.

Likes: Very little.

Dislikes: A lot.

Hobbies: Boxing, Working, going to cat cafes, etc.

~ Hatred Embodiment and Detection (includes other abilities)
~ Demon Physiology
~ Adept Fighter (close combat)
~ Shapeshifting (to his true demonic form or in parts)

Backstory: TBA

~ There is a lot of stigma around demons, especially demons of hatred.
~ He is meant for mainly action with supernatural and/or crime, modern fantasy + adventure. Can be adjusted if we discuss it. He can be summoned, but it’s a complicated process.

More Images:
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Name: Lex

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Species: Metahuman/Mutant

Occupation: Illegal Dealings, under his boss

S/R Orientation: Gay

Ethnic Background: Hispanic and Caucasian

Family: Unknown. Considers his boss his father.


Hair: Dark Brown, shaved on the left side with three lines as design. The rest is straight and rather long. It is almost always partially tied up.

Eyes: Brown/Black, he has thick eyelashes and eyebrows.

Skin: Tan, Medium Light

Build: Toned

Tattoo(s): Right Arm; sleeve from his fingers to his shoulder.

Piercing(s): Left Eyebrow; Vertical. Lower Lip; Snake Bite. Ears; Both Lobes, Industrial (left) and Helix (left). Navel; curved barbell.

Scar(s): Several, many on his chest and torso, lighter ones by his feet. He has three on his face, left side, near his eye.

Style: Covered, tight but active clothing, tends to wear a metal mask that covers his mouth and goggles.

Brief Info

Some Personality Traits: Distant, Sarcastic, Emotionally Driven, Ambitious, Short Tempered, Innovative, Kind Hearted. He sometimes uses odd phrasing or insensitive comments to distance himself from anyone. He is most comfortable with showing anger than any other emotion. Despite all that, he does have good intentions outside of work. He may indirectly try to help those he feels empathy for and has respect for any living being. If he does care for someone, he will nag about his worries for them.

Some Likes: Relaxing, When he isn’t dealing, Reassurance, Sweets, etc.

Some Dislikes: His fears, Being controlled (despite clearly being controlled), Criticism, etc.


Other: He has CIPA; Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis has two characteristic features: the inability to feel pain and distinguish low temperature, and decreased or absent sweating (anhidrosis).

- Gas Manifestation & Manipulation
- Miasma Emission
- Enhanced Smell

Backstory: TBD.
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Full Name: Sven Lundberg

Gender: Male

Age: 21-24

Zodiac: Leo

Species: Werewolf (Human upon request)

Ethnic Background: Swedish

Occupation: Freelancer, Photographer

S/R Orientation: Pan

Family: Not in contact with most, plus, they are in another country.


Hair: Messy, Blonde, Bangs are the longest part as it is very much over his eyes. Yes, he can still see (he believes so).

Eyes: No one besides his family really knows, sometimes he forgets himself, their shape and color.

Skin: Medium Light

Build: Slim, he is fit but doesn't really have defining muscle

Tattoo(s): None

Piercing(s): Left Earlobe

Scar(s): Scar on his left ear, it is more of a gash, starts from the end of the helix to a bit below the antitragus.

Style: He likes trying weird stuff, but he is mostly seen in long sleeves and pale colors, enjoys his piercing to the fullest.

Brief Info

Some Personality Traits: Quiet in new environments or with new people, but he is quite quirky and eccentric. He is kind, empathetic, loyal (depends on who you are to him) and so on. He does take things a bit too serious sometimes. There are little habits he does that come off as him being restless and having to move, but it is no more than idle movements and actions. He also may speak differently than most, having odd phrasing, he may offend some people without intending to.

Some Likes: Food, Movies, Capturing moments in pictures, Animals, Comics, Music, etc.

Some Dislikes: His fears, distress, PITY, people who are irritating (to him), occasional ringing in his ears out of nowhere, people defining him by one trait (which is stated in ‘other’), etc.

Hobbies: Photography, Reading, practicing ASL (sign language)

Abilities/Skills: Adept Photographer, but still can learn. He used to play the piano, if he goes back to it, he is quite skilled.

Other: He is deaf and has gotten cochlear implants in his ears, though he does go days at a time without them. The implants are small and can not be seen, but it does have an external part that goes behind the ear. The surgery for the implant resorted his hearing to about 85% when he uses it, which is great but still not the best. His hearing was lost throughout his life and was not born deaf. In a way, his hair distracts people from knowing he is deaf at first impression, as they do not notice the implants. Plus, his hair does cover it somewhat. There are other reasons why he also has long bangs.
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Name: Noah

Gender: Male

Age: 32 (appears around 19-20)

Species: Vampire

Occupation: Artist

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Gay


Hair: Dark Brown (appears black), a little wavy

Eyes: Grey

Skin: Pale

Build: Fit

Tattoos: He has quite a few, one of the most visible is the one on his left middle finger, a small rose on the side.

Piercings: None.

Scars: None.

Style: Simple, usually consists of light colored shirts and button ups with sweats and such.

Other: He wears bracelets often, his usual is a black beaded bracelet with colored ones representing chakras, it has natural scents he puts on it once in a while.

Vampire Traits: Thirst, Sun Curse (does not burn but it makes him ‘weaker’), Does not show in pictures or mirrors, Enhanced Strength, and Enhanced Senses.

Brief Info

Personality Traits: Compulsive, Goofy, Self-Sacrificing, Open (to an extent), Flirty, can easily loose heart but will put a foot forward when needing to, cautious when he is famished, rarely seen 'down' or 'stressed', (more to figure out).

Likes: Fruit, parks, baking, art, tattoos, working out, etc.

Dislikes: The damn sun, druggies, shopping, stupid vampire stories, dance studio, etc.

Hobbies: Researching, Painting

Other: He has been a vampire for around twelve years and it’s not that long or short while ago, but it’s still as if he turned yesterday. He used to want to be a dancer.
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Name: CMSgt. Marco Tanaito

Nickname(s): Marc, Mar, Chief

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Species: Human piece of garbage

Occupation: Agent for the Space Force (yes I used the term Space Force)

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Has not bothered at all, but is open.

Family: Has a brother out there but he doesn’t know who or how to contact him, nor does he even try to anymore.


Hair: Charcoal Black; meaning jet black with a few layers and dyed streaks of dark grey, undercut, falls by his eyes.

Eyes: Milk Chocolate - Brown

Skin: Light but not pale, healthy

Build: Slim, lean, he has more strength in his legs than anywhere else on his body.

Tattoos: None, but he gets his right arm done often with henna or some semi-perm tattoo. He doesn’t like to have the same thing on him forever.

Piercings: None.

Scars: Light ones under his feet, some on his arms, he has a dark one on his left shoulder that reaches his collarbone.

Style: Anything, usually wears suits or anything that makes him look older.

Other: He has tired eyes, never really fully opens them by habit, he can still see. Also, his dark circles and bags usually being his most iconic trait other than the fact that he has a so called ‘young face and figure’ and more worse, called ‘pretty boi’ by his colleagues. At least he has a jawline.

Brief Info

Some Personality Traits: Pleasant - but does not take BS, short-tempered, often comes off as tired, thoughtful, he struggles from being an emotionally driven guy and making those logical decisions he has to make as an agent sometimes; basically a softy at heart but hardened in the head.

Some Likes: Dance, Alcohol, Books/Novels, Naps, Space, Stars, Astrology, Music, etc.

Some Dislikes: The system he lives in and works for, being the weak one, not being able to have free time and relax, etc.

Hobbies: Dancing, whenever he gets a break. Otherwise, he is working out or training himself.

Other: In a normal environment, he would complain a lot about not having a break, but he likes going out on missions in space. He just wished in a different occupation and such.
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