Name: Lex

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Species: Metahuman/Mutant

Occupation: Illegal Dealings, under his boss

S/R Orientation: Gay

Ethnic Background: Hispanic and Caucasian

Family: Unknown. Considers his boss his father.


Hair: Dark Brown, shaved on the left side with three lines as design. The rest is straight and rather long. It is almost always partially tied up.

Eyes: Brown/Black, he has thick eyelashes and eyebrows.

Skin: Tan, Medium Light

Build: Toned

Tattoo(s): Right Arm; sleeve from his fingers to his shoulder.

Piercing(s): Left Eyebrow; Vertical. Lower Lip; Snake Bite. Ears; Both Lobes, Industrial (left) and Helix (left). Navel; curved barbell.

Scar(s): Several, many on his chest and torso, lighter ones by his feet. He has three on his face, left side, near his eye.

Style: Covered, tight but active clothing, tends to wear a metal mask that covers his mouth and goggles.

Brief Info

Some Personality Traits: Distant, Sarcastic, Emotionally Driven, Ambitious, Short Tempered, Innovative, Kind Hearted. He sometimes uses odd phrasing or insensitive comments to distance himself from anyone. He is most comfortable with showing anger than any other emotion. Despite all that, he does have good intentions outside of work. He may indirectly try to help those he feels empathy for and has respect for any living being. If he does care for someone, he will nag about his worries for them.

Some Likes: Relaxing, When he isn’t dealing, Reassurance, Sweets, etc.

Some Dislikes: His fears, Being controlled (despite clearly being controlled), Criticism, etc.


Other: He has CIPA; Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis has two characteristic features: the inability to feel pain and distinguish low temperature, and decreased or absent sweating (anhidrosis).

- Gas Manifestation & Manipulation
- Miasma Emission
- Enhanced Smell

Backstory: TBD.
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