Name: Noah

Gender: Male

Age: 32 (appears around 19-20)

Species: Vampire

Occupation: Artist

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Gay


Hair: Dark Brown (appears black), a little wavy

Eyes: Grey

Skin: Pale

Build: Fit

Tattoos: He has quite a few, one of the most visible is the one on his left middle finger, a small rose on the side.

Piercings: None.

Scars: None.

Style: Simple, usually consists of light colored shirts and button ups with sweats and such.

Other: He wears bracelets often, his usual is a black beaded bracelet with colored ones representing chakras, it has natural scents he puts on it once in a while.

Vampire Traits: Thirst, Sun Curse (does not burn but it makes him ‘weaker’), Does not show in pictures or mirrors, Enhanced Strength, and Enhanced Senses.

Brief Info

Personality Traits: Compulsive, Goofy, Self-Sacrificing, Open (to an extent), Flirty, can easily loose heart but will put a foot forward when needing to, cautious when he is famished, rarely seen 'down' or 'stressed', (more to figure out).

Likes: Fruit, parks, baking, art, tattoos, working out, etc.

Dislikes: The damn sun, druggies, shopping, stupid vampire stories, dance studio, etc.

Hobbies: Researching, Painting

Other: He has been a vampire for around twelve years and it’s not that long or short while ago, but it’s still as if he turned yesterday. He used to want to be a dancer.
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