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I have a ♥ on those I like to RP as more than the rest, but I love them all.

OC • Raspberry • Male • Human • Open •

OC • Guava • Male • Vampire • Gay •

OC • Mango • Male • Werewolf • Pan •

OC ♥ Yam • Male • Metahuman/Mutant • Gay •

OC ♥ Durian • Male • Demon • Bi •

OC • Grape • Male • Warlock • Bi •

OC • Pineberry • Male • Shifter • Bi •

OC • Cranberry • Female • Human • Bi •

OC • Cacao • Genderfluid • Human • Demi •

OC ♥ ??? • Male • Umibōzu • ??? •

Note: I have more OCs on the side, just have not posted them.

• • •

(I need to reorganize, this was kinda thrown together.)

There are a few things I usually go for in a roleplay, but I am fairly open.

~ I do not appreciate text language as replies. I rarely do one liners since I enjoy small details, but if it doesn't ruin the mood, it is fine.

~By default, I use 3rd person POV.

~ My ready to RP original characters are in my blog, as well as linked above. I would be more than happy to create new ones for our specific roleplay(s) though. I tend to make new OCs for specific plots. Additionally, I usually have animated face claims, though I’ll be willing to use real life or none, just ask.
* Yes, they are all named/titled as fruits, nuts (hah), veggies, or other food as the link. They have other names, I just like naming them after food haha.
** I am willing to RP as cannon characters, but I am very picky about that haha.
*** Romance isn't a must.
**** My characters are all potential switches, if we take it there... now you know.

~ I am a college student who has a hands-on-time-consuming major and I am going to also be working as an intern soon. So, I will do my best to respond ASAP. If I haven’t replied, check my status update before messaging.
* Send a message if I happen to leave you hanging... I don't mean it.
** If you can’t handle being patient, don’t bother with me, for both our sakes.

~ If you get bored or don’t care for the roleplay, let’s do a new one! If you absolutely do not want to roleplay with me, unfriend me.
* Usually, if you leave me hanging for a couple months or more then I will likely unfriend you (if you have been online the whole time and ignore me).
** And if you really want to RP the you can try and friend me again... but eh.

~ I have a discord I'll give if you wanna chat on the side, it is in my 'about me'.

~ Have fun~

• • •


The following lists are shows, movies, games, anime and such that I will be willing to roleplay as cannon (really depends) or more likely in the universe as an OC. Again. It really depends.

Anime: BNHA/MHA, The Devil is a Part-Timer, AOT, One Piece, Citrus, Naruto, Food Wars, Yarichin B*tch Club (don't ask), DBZ, Clean Freak Aoyama-kun, Tanaka-kun is always listless, Given, Your Lie In April, Seven Deadly Sins, The Promised Neverland, Parasyte, Future Diary, Danganronpa, Etc.

Shows: Shameless, Grey's Anatomy, The Flash (not all), etc.

Games: Legend of Zelda, Danganronpa (all games), UNDERTALE, DELTA RUNE, Dragon Age Inquisition, Soul Knight, Don’t Starve, Life is Strange, Life is Strange 2, Detroit: Become Human, The Walking Dead (Telltale Games), Resident Evil 2, Dandelion - Wishes brought to you, Dream Daddy, Mystic Messenger, Genshin Impact, Fire Emblem, Rune Factory (4 and frontier), etc.

Movies: Lion King, MCU (X-Men, Spider-Man, Deadpool), DC, Narnia, Harry Potter, A Silent Voice, Howl's Moving Castle, etc.

Other: Avatar the Last Airbender, Webtoon; Days Of Hana, Unordinary, Lookism, True Beauty, I Love Yoo, etc. Manhwa; Hyperventilation, etc.

• • •

*Note: This changes since I don't always want to have set plots, or if they get taken, or if I loose interest.

1. A pandemic (haha totally not inspired by covid-19) has changed the world known to humankind. The pandemic has lasted decades, technological advancement making it so people can walk around freely with the correct equipment. Though based on how “well off” you are, it hinders one financially. The vaccine to cure the virus has been in operation, once finally sent out it was a global celebration. But instead of saving everyone, it caused more destruction. The vaccine mutated the virus, making the death toll skyrocket but also causing people to… change. Eventually, the world was sectioned off into ‘sectors’ and some even went into space, or Mars.
a. The Scientist and Patient X. So, basically one of the people who made the vaccine and cleared it meets a patient who endured the changes of it. They have the option of cooperation or revenge.

2. [Alien/Sci-Fi] For decades, or maybe even centuries, humankind has known the existence of Aliens. Although this was true, they decided to keep it secret to it’s mass population. Unfortunately, due to this, the aliens were recently able to infiltrate Earth… appearing completely human and actually coming in peace. However, they must come out of hiding at some point.
a. [Inspired by Parasyte] In this plotline, the aliens only recently entered earth. This type of alien (we can have many types) need a host, so they take over a human’s brain and live as them. So X would be affected, who may have either been a friend or family of Y, once the personality change has been noticed, things take a turn and the world slowly comes to realize they are being taken over. Despite that, the aliens may or may not have sinister motives. [or we can make a diff scenario]. The alien’s powers can be anything we come up with, or nothing at all.
b. These types of aliens are able to take the form of any human they’d want to be, however they cannot shift to a child without gaining child intelligence. They are here in peace but have powers that can cause destruction.
i. Aliens can be brought in as patients, but eventually are let go or escape. So basically aliens and the facility, characters can be patients or staff.
ii. An alien grew up not realizing they were one and causes trouble/is found out by someone close or stanger to them.
iii. A human meets an ‘evil’ alien and is forced into keeping the secret.
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