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One of Elliot's Starter

Elliot Alderson, does it ring a bell? I thought it wouldn't. Who would remember a regular cyber security employee? No one, until their identity was exposed, stripped of all the lies they have told. To be broadcasted to the world, with only one click of my mouse.

His thoughts roamed throughout his skull bumping into one another, they seemed to have gotten off the train of thought tracks once more. Another wreck, and another, he could mentally hear the crashes. He was like a superhero. The thought gave him a reason for his lips to curl up in smirk and a chuckle to rise from his chest. A regular cybersecurity employee by day and a vigilante hacker by night. He looked over to his clock and seen the time. Another snort...? He rubbed his pale hand over his face before taking the short strides to his coffee table,bending down slightly as he snorted the crushed pills into his system. His shoulders rolling, relaxing, in a way. He walked back to his computer and turned it off before removing the blank cd and writing "Prince - Purple Rain" around it. No one had to know that this wasn't an actual Prince cd, but thousands of encrypted files off of Lema Ducha. The Governor, in all truth. He put on a godly persona yet his emails and personal messages were rotten as hell, as if he was the devil himself.

He checked the time once more, the pills working into his system to jitter down his anxiety, as he texted his boss back "I will be there" he looked around and packed his things away, taking the last snort as his pale clammy hands rubbed against his face. A new hacker has breached his works firewalls. It was ironic, he knew for him to be a hacker himself; he worked as a security employee, otherwise some would say it was crazy. He rolled his shoulders releasing his tension, his fingers slowly pulled his black hoodie up onto his head as he arms lifted the light black book bag slinging it on his back. It was four in the morning. Why he was still up? It still boggled his mind. Why his work office was still open? The fùcker wasn't, and that's where the issue sat in. He walked out of his apartment briskly as he made it into the cold November air in New York. He gave out a soft growl before pulling out his cigarette and lighting it up. The nicotine floated into his mouth, down his lungs stairway and back out into the air. Another inhale and exhale, by the time he reached his office building he was already on his third. He crushed the butt and kicked it out of sight walking into the large ten story building and onto the elevator that took up half the way on the right side.

I waited and waited and waited. All this waiting had me becoming anxious. How could someone breach the security? It wasn't like hackers now a days were military trained and if they were, my office had nothing incriminating on it, unless my computer was the one they hacked. I shook my head and sighed. Here I go becoming paranoid again .. Or was I?

He looked up as the ding of the elevator caught his attention. He walked off of it seeing his boss, a fellow co-worker named Lee who was hard at work with his glasses pushed against bis pudgy face, typing at his keyboard and a female with ( insert color here) hair. He finally registered who she was. She was the same ( insert color here) haired female who came in a few days ago with a job application. The same female who John, his boss, told him who had gotten the position. It still didn't settle well that she got it so fast. But, then again, nothing ever did sit well with him. Elliot thought about how he had to wait a good three months in a half before he was finally able to walk into the dámn building again, after filing in his application.He raised an eyebrow in her direction. "Why is she here?" His voice cascaded from his pursed lips falling into gently patterns of humanly wind into the ears of the three people around him. He laid his backpack down and pulled off his hoodie. Unzipping it slightly before he bent down and pulled out his black laptop. He awaited a reply from someone. Anyone would do, the way they both stood there saying nothing, the way Lee kept ramming his thick fingers at his keyboard was messing with his drugs. He ran his long fingers into his hair and cleared his throat. "Where did the breach occur?" He looked up to his boss, only to hear his words. "Well, that seems out of the norm, did you run the firewalls on the other computers and devices hooked up to the main source?" He knew the answer was no. He looked up to to the ( insert color here) haired female, he wasn't much of a talker. But her beauty did strike him to speechless. She wasn't model type, nor was she the type he'd find on the corner in his neighborhood. She was in the middle of alluring and deadly. He figured if he stared too long, his soul would float up to the never lands. Like he said, he wasn't much of a talker, even if it did involved work. It was just a quick conversation before he had to retreat. "You, reboot all the computers and tvs around here, if one is acting weird to you, leave it alone and contuine." He walked over to Lee and looked over his shoulder. "your typing the wrong encrypted message." He stated softly. He knew it was wrong. He hacked the office plenty of times, it just wasn't this big of a hack. If they didn't stop this now, the company would go underway.
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1 | 0 Comments | by MariaDaiz | Aug 31st 2015 03:08

The son of Tarble

Name: Gavin

Race: saiyan

Gender: male

Age: 21

Looks like: I have a photo in profile pics album

Personality: usually cool headed, a lot like Goku, cocky at times, intelligent, and has a very bad temper

Bio: After being born his father (tarble) sent him to his uncle (vegeta). Hoping that his uncle would train him to be a excellent fighter. He did. Vegeta made sure he wasn't going to be weak by training him more than trunks. He achieved super saiyan at a young age of 4, super saiyan 2 at 6, and super saiyan 3 at 13. Goku also helped train him. He thinks of vegeta as a father and most of the z fighters thought he was Vegeta's son. He hasn't dies except for buu saga( of course everyone died :P) . He looks at trunks as a little brother, because he is 2 years older.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Malothesonofzalgo | Aug 30th 2015 21:45

A funny post idea

( Ok, so...this is completely out of any story or logic XD I want us to write comments on how our RP characters would react to our other RP characters!
This is how it shall go:
We ask a question what would X character do to X character!
Like for would Dorian kill Johnathan? Or what would Edward do to Dexter...etc etc etc XD
If you are up for it, let's say...I'll make the first question:

What would Johnathan do to Dorian and if he could, how would he kill him?
Also...let's ask an interview question: "What is Robert's favourite color?"

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1 | 56 Comments | by Sigurorn | Aug 30th 2015 19:09

m- O;.;O- m

Cameron è un mercenario..... ma non lo è sempre stato, prima vendeva armi......di contrabbando...... Ma dopo una consegna finita cui lui è stato l'unico a salvarsi...ha deciso...di cambiare è unito a Lars e Vik, e ora va a caccia di taglie con loro
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1 | 14 Comments | by Ho_Nii | Aug 30th 2015 11:52


People call her Corey, it's short for her Hydra given code name Petrichor. She doesn't remember her real name as she's been with Hydra since a very young age- that is, until she'd escaped when she was an early teen. They had her because of her unique mutant status. She's a vampire (ooc if you don't like that then whatever). She was turned by one of Hydra's agents then brought in, as her abilities that developed from the change could be of use. She's a hydrokinetic, meaning she can control water and rain, and create isolated storms, earning her the code name. She's a bit in the smaller side, 5'4" and thin. Corey has gray eyes, pale skin, freckles, and ashy blonde hair. She's not one for showing emotions, per her training with Hydra, but that doesn't mean she doesn't feel them. She's usually hard headed and stubborn with authority figures, but if she likes you, well... She's still stubborn just easier to be around.
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1 | 1 Comment | by TheMeridianSea | Aug 29th 2015 20:45