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Name: Acharnel

Age: 126, but looks about 18

Personality: Acharnel is a very sweet girl only when you get to know her, though she was raised by dwarves. She worked in the mines with the dwarves, and found gold and silver, making her greedy when it comes to things like that. She doesn't like being around humans, for they always bullied her about her ears and strange looks. Acharnel can be mean at times, usually is very cold hearted towards others that she doesn't know, and is stubborn, but will listen to what you have to say when you really need it. She is someone you wouldn't want to threaten.

Bio: Acharnel was part of a kingdom. She was the young princess of a young kingdom. Though it was later destroyed by the hideous Orcs. They invaded the kingdom and slaughtered every elf, hobbit, wizard, dwarf, and human they could find. Her mother ended up taking her, and running. Before the Orcs caught up, she placed the basket that held the young child into a bush, and lured the Orcs away, later being slaughtered by them as well. The kingdom was burned to the ground and later rebuilt by humans. Dwarves found the young child, and despite hating elves, took her in. She was raised like one of their own, and worked with them everywhere she went. She formed the personality of the dwarves, but trained and fought like an elf. Graceful and without faultier. She trained with a set of sai swords and a bow, which held blades on either end. So if she ran out of arrows, she could use the bow as a sword. Acharnel never did learn elvish magic from the dwarves, that would be silly. She learned it from an wizard, who taught young elves to use magic.

-Acharnel has a black horse named Ace, and a Great Horned Owl named Merlin. She uses both these animals to hunt when she is out in the woods

-Acharnel wears a black shirt that shows her stomach, and black pants. She has a gold belt that hangs loosely around her waist and holds her Sai's. She made her clothes and belt when she was younger since she is very small.

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Name: DJ

Personality: DJ is very loud and rambunctious. She doesn't like following orders from anyone, but is very high tech and sweet. She loved music, and music is always playing from her, which makes her even louder then she usually is. However, without music, she is a quiet little mouse that's shy and doesn't know what is going on. She loves to stand out though and will do anything for her friends.

Bio: At age 6, DJ's parents lost their lives in a car crash. Joining them in this fatal wreck, DJ survived. However, she did not leave unscaved - losing an arm, and one of her eyes. Clinging to life, doctors decided to attempt an experimental surgery to give the young child back what she lost. Successfully, they managed to give her a robotic arm and a robotic eye. After the death of her parents, she was admitted into a hospital for several years to study how she managed to survive, no one knows exactly what happened but her. Her real name is Dianne-Jacob Le Nina Nani. She just goes by DJ Nani. After she got out of the hospital, she went to go live with her grandmother Amelia Le Rosa Dionne. She was raised by her grandmother, but didn't speak for the first few years after her parent's death. She went through therapy like any other child would, but she never did say anything about her mother or father. She has a little robot owl that hangs out with her named Dr. Who (yes, very creative) that she created after the wreck. Almost like it came to her naturally. At age 15, she was already able to play every type of guitar, piano, organ, flute, clarinet, saxophone and accordion. She wrote her own music and was soon hired as a DJ for a local club. People called her the Muse of DJ, due to her love for music and creativity.

-DJ will always be welcoming to other people, and she never does get upset when you ask about her parents.

-She may be mean at first, but if you get to her through technology and music, she will begin to listen a little better. Through her stubborn head.

-She goes to school during the day, but at night is a full time DJ.
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Walk of Shame: Episode 2 - Mr.Wayne.

Nemesis Bloodstone: Mistress Lust.{Age21}

WHO IS NEMESIS: I am the true future queen of Del'fiore kingdom. I choose to give it all up when I was 18 and hand the crown to my younger sister. I am the outcome of an affair between my mother,the late Queen Vivian,and My father, Siren,Sex Demon. I decided palace life wasnt for me and decided to chill with the humans.
PERSONALITY WISE:I am a wild outgoing girl. I am a smooth talker,and have such a silver tounge.
FIGHTING SKILL: When I fight I aim to kill
Weapon; Sword
WHAT SHE LOOK LIKE?: I am 5'6 with long red hair and blue eyes,in my demon form. When I disguise as human I have black hair like my sister's eye and brown eyes.
STRENGTHS: I can talk people into anything,I am great with a sword,I am strong in the black art.
WEAKNESSES: Cuts in certain areas,"holy" Objects.
FAMILY/FRIENDS: My mother Vivian,My father Siren, my sister Lilim
ABOUT HER:(Fun Facts): I am a succubus who feeds off of people's blood,and or deepest desires. I have the gift to grant you anything you want. Rub me like a lamp.

~Want to know more? Roleplay me
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Lilim Bloodstone :Princess of Del'Fiore ~age:19~

WHO IS LILIM?: I am the youngest child of the late Xaiver and Vivian Bloodstone. King and Queen of the Del'Fiore kingdom.I am your Mistress,and princess of Del'Fiore kingdom. My mother and father will killed during a war,but I can not be on the the throne,unless married. I have a Older and unruly sister named Nemisis,who is part demon due to an incident with my mother and a Incubus.
PERSONALITY WISE: I am a headstrong,bad tempered girl. I believe in conservative but liberal thinking. I can be nice ish ,and I care about everyone in my kingdom.
DOES SHE FIGHT? : As a lady,I do not go into battle but I do know how to use a sword and a whip. Which I keep on me at all times,and when pushed to the edge,once I attack I wont stop until I feel you have suffered enough.
Weapons: a.)Whip:My whip is silver and in the shape of a snake,its name is Lucifer,and he has only one Master (mistress) Lucifer and I are bound by blood,an we cant be separated. The snake/whip feeds off Lilims emotions so of course it will not stop unless I am happy.
b.) Sword :yes I do have a sword it has been passed down from generation to generation.But because I do not ever need it it stays hidden within the palace.
WHAT SHE LOOK LIKE?; I am appox. 5'4,with long black hair and black eyes that glow red on occasions. On my right shoulder,it is normally covered up is a snake symbol.
STRENGTHS?: I am a leader,because I am so stubborn its hard to follow anyone else's lead. When situations get hectic I am quick on my feet to come up with a solution.
WEAKNESSES?: Patience. Along with her temper,once you set her off its hard for her to think straight. considering she has a touch of demon blood in her she does tend to heal,but if you continue cutting her body cant regenerate.
FAMILY/FRIENDS: Xaiver and Vivian Bloodstone,(Parents). Nemisis Bloodstone (sister) Lucian (Head General) Marina (Adviser)
ABOUT HER(Fun facts) :She has "gifts",Very superstitious,Where the blood she drinks matter,because they affect her mood. She also is a very alluring singer. Also she has many demon pets.

~Want to know more? Roleplay me. ^o^~

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0 | 0 Comments | by Lilim_Bloodstone | Dec 18th 2014 00:27