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I Will Not Serve

Nero Faust.
A different kind of angel.
The one who fell for The Beast.

{ this will be where I put Nero's story once I have finished it }
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2 | 2 Comments | by Faust | Mar 11th 2016 00:16

The Island

Considering how things went and how sick he felt of everything, Ethan definitely took Malcolm's advice and moved to a niiice little abandoned island in the West.
Nobody lives there, just him...and nobody will hunt him there from mercenaries and guards, so he is safe for that part. He doesn't know if Alphas can get there though...and he certainly hopes not.

So, he settles nicely. Built himself a nice little house near the forest, on the shore...he made a fishing pole, mastered fishing, mastered herbalism and he can easily make his own food there...and also make nice fresh water, so he doesn't have to worry about being thirsty etc.
He learned much by surviving in the Wildlands, so this is truly an enjoyment, plus he keeps himself busy all the time, he works to get himself resources/food and it's a nicely paced life.
It somehow fulfills him.
Night fell, and at the moment, he is sitting on a small terrace he built, observing the sea and enjoying. It is so nice and peaceful, with only the sound of water and wind.
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1 | 41 Comments | by Ethan_Fox | Mar 10th 2016 17:52

Maxwell Newton

Maxwell Newton grew up in his hometown in the state of Rhode Island. He is pretty well adapted to city life, but he prefers to stay in a quiet, small town where everybody knows each other and supports one another. Maxwell went to school, and many of the other boys said he was gay. They bullied him over it, and Maxwell always denied it until one day he woke up and found an attraction to men and not women. He thought it over, and decided the boys were right. He was homosexual. Maxwell pushed their bullying aside and went on through the rest of school and high school as a proud gay student.

His parents are Christians, and when Maxwell told them he was homosexual, they were outraged. He was thrown out of the house in a long argument over the matter and had to live with his current boyfriend until they broke up. However, the ex did allow Max to stay until he raised enough money to purchase his own apartment. He was a nice guy, and Maxwell himself was a little too much caring.

Maxwell is really submissive. He doesn't think of himself a girl, but he does say he is the girl in a relationship. Of course, he still is thought of as weirdly by most straight people like they always seem to do around homosexual people, but he ignores those thoughts. He works as a cashier at a gas station, but luckily in that line of work, the people don't really care what you are as long as you give them what they want.

Maxwell now lives in his apartment, and is waiting for the right guy to appear in his life. When he finds him, he promises himself to do anything for that man for the rest of his life.
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5 | 12 Comments | by Disconsolate | Mar 10th 2016 16:07

OC bio - Sienei Stream

Name: Sienei Stream
Name explanation: The "Si" was originally the last part of a latin hymn. en is a unit of measurement used in text. Ei was nearly to end the name. His last name, Stream, was inspired by the flow of space, time, and life in his culture.
Age: 23
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 70.3 Kg (155 Lbs)
Fur color: White but there are grey tints along his lower sides and around his hips.
Race: Northwestern Snow Dragonian.
Blessing: He posses the blessing of the String. This allows him to distort reality.
Curse: It is unknown whether he possesses one or not.
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Japanese Zodiac Animal: Dragon.
Clothing: He wears a black and white celestial robe that also has tints of red, blue, purple, and silver. This is a ceremonial garb given to him by his mother and the head priest of his home.
Body Details: He possesses some black markings across his fur which he manifested over time. This is linked to a possible curse but is still unknown.
Horn Type: medium curved.
Hometown: Celestia, The city of stars.
Skills: He is very linguistic and artistic, not to mention his natural talent of singing. He is also skilled in cooking, agriculture, and politics. besides those, he posses combat capabilities as well including swordsmanship, spearmanship, and especially magic. He is also accurate to a degree with ranged weapons. His most prominent skill is his knowledge and magical capabilities.
Abilities: He is very skilled in magic styles including the following: summoning, conjuring, Emotional manifestation, Spatial manipulation including various destruction and restoration styles. Also to note he is also skilled in charms and enchanting.

(this bio may be updated in the future.)
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1 | 0 Comments | by VoidBox | Mar 10th 2016 15:16

im here

When the world crashes down and your knees hit the ground and you feel your about to give up,
just look in your heart and the sadness will depart and i will light the way,
not just today but forever and always i will guide your way,
pain may last forever but things will get better and i will love you always,
so depend on me to set you free from the things of this world for i am your saving grace,
so look to the sky and see my face as i have loved you so,
for you are a gift to all a bliss,
i will witness as you grow and blossom,
and i will be with you always.
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1 | 0 Comments | by TheDreamer | Mar 10th 2016 14:23