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Name: Acon

Nickname: Venom

Race: Saiyan

Birthplace: Planet Sadal

Current location: Universe 7, Earth

Height: 6'

Weight: 150 lbs

Body: Toned and Muscular

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Black

Distinguishing features: A tail that is wrapped around his waist, an ‘X’ scar on his cheek.

Homeworld: Universe 6, Planet Sadal

Preferred weapons: Ki blasts, ki waves, and fists

Theme song: None

Transformation Theme: None

Parents: Father N/A, Fasha (deceased)

Siblings: N/A

Children: None

Other Family: N/A

Close Friends: Goku, and Bulma

Friends/Allies: Trunks, Gohan, Goten, and Vegeta

Mentors: Goku and Vegeta

Rivals: Goku and Vegeta

Enemies: N/A

Partial backstory: Acon was a saiyan from universe 6 but hearing of the people in another universe being much stronger from his training with the God of Destruction and his Angel Guardian as he was the only saiyan that unlocked the transformation of super saiyan and then once hearing of universe 7 asked to go there to train.

Personality: He is extremely kind and polite as he had learned from his mother and also Vados who he viewed as his second mother. If you piss him off you will regret doing so because once he gets angry his restraints drop and he holds nothing back making him a force to be reconded with.

Appearance: He has long hair that in order to keep in check he keeps in a ponytail with two bangs in front of his face. He has a scar over his right eye along with the ‘X’ scar on his left cheek

Age: Depends on the roleplay.

Earth attire: He wears a red scouter over his left eye, a grey capsule corp jacket with a dark red sleeveless muscle shirt underneath the jacket along with silver gi pants with a red sash tied under his tail around his waist than with black fingerless gloves and gray battle boots with a red bottom.

Character quote: "Now you pissed me OFF!"

Fighting style: Strategic heavy and swift combos.

Forms/transformations: Kaio, Ken 1-20, Super Saiyan, 2, 3, Super Saiyan 4, God, and God Crimson.

Abilities: Like most of the heroes on the Z Squad, he can fly and fire energy blasts. Thanks to his Saiyan lineage and the training he has received, Acon possesses vast superhuman strength, speed agility, reflexes, Ki manipulation, durability, can go Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2. He is stronger than Goku was in his SuperSaiyan 1 form, putting his strength over Class 1000 (able to lift/press more than 1000 tons). He can move, fight, and fly at several times the speed of sound, and can increase all of his capabilities hens transforming into his SuperSaiyan 2.

Techniques: Instant Transmission, Afterimage.

Super Attacks: Venom Blast, Kamehameha, Galick Gun, Venom strikes.

Ultimate Attacks: Super Kamehameha, Venomous Kamehameha, Venomous After Image Rush, Galick Kamehameha.
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4 | 0 Comments | by Venom548 | Apr 11th 2016 18:27

Kazuto Kirigaya

Age - 14 to 20

Height - 172 cm (5.6)

Discretion - not good with words, can be quiet, can be rude sometimes, enjoy angering and teasing, kind, very emotional, strong and shy

Blood type - (unknown)

Looks - he has black hair, grey eyes and light skin

likes - Asuna's sandwiches, playing games and being lazy

Dislike - seeing people who love dies in front of him, doesn't like sour stuff and hate when he loses a game
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1 | 1 Comment | by Demonic_Blade | Apr 11th 2016 18:05

A point of the situation of some characters.

She is a girl and by her father's will she is forcing herself to keep her real form to get used to be herself. She still transforms out of need or will or when she feels too threatened.
She stopped killing Skinwalkers in fear it would drag Ezekiel's attention towards her and is still pretty traumatized and terrified of him.
She is back to live by her father's home and is attending Malicedom again.
She and Jeremi are also working to eliminate all of the defective Shifters and prevent more to be born.

After dying, his soul was summoned by Zihvur who spoke to him for some time. Malcolm will never tell anybody what he heard, if asked he will deny to remember. Only he knows that his memory of the happening was not erased and he remembers everything.
When he woke up, he was a ~1 year old but he was totally aware of everything, who he is, what happened. He grows up very fast, years in days, but stops at about 10 years old. From there on he will grow normal way.
John, who really felt bad for always being so uber strict towards him, takes this as a second chance to give his grandson an happier childhood and life overall. So he signed him up to Malicedom and mandatory forces him to attend.
So, currently he is indeed frequenting school despite he still behaves like an adult in the body of a child. "I am 36 bloody years old!". And Dean trolls him beyond imagination of course.

He adapted to his new life even too well thanks to Clay. He has perfect control over his instincts and nature.
He is totally loyal to their Alpha and would literally die for him.
He keeps in touch with his family of course.

He is still reorganizing his pack, he has to speak with each one of them so that he can build a good relationship with them all. Plus, he has to teach roles to each one of them in order to keep the pack strong and organized all the time.
He is also having some fun terrorizing Carlie even more, whenever he can.
Tomiel, Jack and Cora still live with him in his mansion, but their life is not threatened, they are more than fine and not even worried anymore.

He and Ming are often together. They started rebuilding some structures of their village, right where it used to be and fairies are with them.
Akira is officially the chief and Ming respects him beyond belief, since he is his ancestor. And Akira likes Ming, reminds him of himself, before tge transformation and the curse.

She is growing slowly and nicely just like the first time and so is Choi.
Shelly is beyond happy of the current situation and even Edward is, in a way. Jade is extremely excited to see a babe even though she is not exactly her little sister.
Anyhow, however they will grow up, she and Choi are destined to be together and they are already set for their combined marriage.
Sid moved South tu hubt Rugarus. Knowing they did that to his sister and especially that they have to be burned alive to be killed made him pretty willing to cause an extermination.

His wife abandoned he and the children for Siwang. He doesn't seem to have cared but in truth, beyond what he shows, he is deeply hurt.
Clovis stays by his side and has no intention to join his mother wherever she is. He never liked her attitude much, but after what she did to his father he truly got to despise her.
He even found out the truth about Canut, but it was not Desmond to tell him, it was Dexter, who was there and was the one to execute his brother.

(Can add your own in the comments, will later translate what Claudia sent me about her chars ^^ )
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2 | 2 Comments | by MiisFit | Apr 11th 2016 17:49


Name: Zuri Falcon
Name Meaning: beautiful
Species: Demon
Age: 19 (depending on the roleplay)
Eyes: bluish -grey
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Date Of Birthday: April 12th
Height: 5'4
Likes: Sun, warm weather, spring, cuddles, music, jewelry, flowers
Dislikes: Seeing others hurt, being pushed away, or ignored
Personality: mysterious, nice, shy, caring, reserved sometimes
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0 | 0 Comments | by LeianaVoxis | Apr 11th 2016 16:29

Digimon OC ((Ask which season for backstory/other

Name: Noah
Age: 15-18
((im not good at appearances, sorry))
Personality: Reckless but very good with stragy if needed to be, lone-wolf,one of the best fighers in dats ((data squad))
Personality(frontier): Reckless, horrile at stragy, but wil protect his friends
Parther: Tentomon ((wil obtain more later on in the rp))
Adventures 1/2 Personality: Strongheaded, smart, reckless though he doesn't show it, shy.
Fusion: Great Leader, never backs down unless he knows he's outmatched
Crest: Crest of knowledge
Spirite: Beetlemon/ Komamon ((either, i will chose))
Data squad team: Andromon, Machindramon, Tentomon, Hawkmon, Armildilomon, 3 meramons, 3 soulmons, a
Fusion form: Andromon x_ Max form: andromon x7b surpreme
Bio hybrid form: Beetleknightmon
Backstory: ((depends on what season))

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0 | 0 Comments | by alakazamlover4 | Apr 11th 2016 12:44


Name: Milinda
Age: 14-18
Power/Magic: can control ice and phenoix fire and is a very strong witch
personality: enjoys the cold of winter and the heat of summer, protects the ones closest to her
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2 | 0 Comments | by DemonWerewolf | Apr 11th 2016 12:09


Age - (17 to 20)

Height - 178 cm (5'8)

Discretion - He is cynical and sarcastic delinquent that has tendency of always stay up all night. He enjoy having company as well as playing lighthearted pranks on people. He sociable and protective friend who cares deeply for all of his friends. Tomoya thinks deeply about his life, though he does not frequently voice his thoughts. He somewhat quiet and silent, being more approachable than a stereotypical delinquent. However, when he doe get into a brawl, he is shown as a very though fighter.

Blood type - A

Look - Dark Blue with short hair, blue eyes and light skin

Likes - Cooking, walking for hours, reading, sleeping and talking or helps people

Dislike - Being alone, works too hard, getting shouted act and some vegetables
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3 | 0 Comments | by Demonic_Blade | Apr 11th 2016 03:31

Gilbert Schwarz



Gilbert Schwarz was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. He was an unfortunate lad, whom had a life in which he never spoke with others that much. Born into a poor family, Gilbert learned the meaning of survival very quickly as he discovered the meaning of cruelty, hopelessness, and not caring for others. He had to defend for himself and his family while his father worked as much as he could to pay for food, though his father had a measly job and his father had cancer a little bit after Gilbert was born. Though Gilbert would've usually not been able to pay for education, luck smiled upon him as he was able to attend a school since he had tried to steal some coin from a teacher, and he was caught. Instead of being beaten or yelled at by the teacher, the man just laughed and knew that Gilbert needed help like most poor children, and decided he would help him in what he did best which was teaching. Once Gilbert was thirteen, his parents got divorced and he found a job at a factory to help pay for him and his mother until the cancer got the best of her when he was fifteen. Afterwards, his life continued at that job.

After high school and he had a diploma, Gilbert knew he wouldn't be able to go into college. He didn't have enough money to do so, and his lousy job wasn't quite paying for the bills as he struggled to maintain his mother's apartment. Finally, he decided to do what most people do when they couldn't find a good job and went to the land of freedom known as the United States. Germany would always remain as his home, but he needed to find a job and the United States would have plenty of opportunities to do so. Once there, he actually did something unexpected and joined the police force, since he found the career choice to be interesting. After four years of police work as an officer, and discovering the ropes of the United States and the law, he went for a promotion - but the Sheriff didn't like Gilbert that much and declined. However, Gilbert was posted for security at a hotel, and that was the choice that would change his life forever. The hotel was attacked by a group of terrorists that wished to display their destruction, but Gilbert was able to help save many lives and even take down the whole crew. Nobody knew how, but Gilbert was proven to be a great man and caught the eye of the FBI.

As World War II drew near, and the United States was currently fighting Japan, the FBI needed an agent or spy over there to keep an eye on Germany. The hotel gunfight happened a week ago, and an agent decided Gilbert would be the best person for the job. After all, Gilbert had a German history and was born in the country and proven reliable and loyal, and thus Gilbert was asked the offer of a lifetime. Though Gilbert knew the risks, he had nothing to lose and had no family or a girlfriend or boyfriend. He was alone; and that made him perfect for the job. Thus, Gilbert was shipped over to Germany to join the war and joined the ranks of the German army. His real journey was about to begin, since if he was caught, then Gilbert would be tortured for information until his death. If not, he would live a prosperous life afterward. The risk was real and always there as he remained undercover among the Germans.

Currently, Gilbert is twenty two years of age and serves as a spy for the United States. He is quick with his hands and quite resourceful, though he is not an expert in combat as others. His skills in the German army has helped his accuracy with firearms, but not by much. He is known to be bisexual, and by the account of one partner to be known as submissive and quite a nice person. However, he is slightly hardened by his past which means suspicious of others at first. Gilbert remains in the ranks of the German army, hoping for the war to be over soon as the United States finally begins "Operation: Overlord" as they join the war against the Nazi army.
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2 | 2 Comments | by Disconsolate | Apr 10th 2016 03:25

Haruto (Tokyo Ghoul x Undertale and/or Kingdom Hea

Age: 4-12
Gender: Male /Tokyo Ghoul/, Genderless [Undertale]
Appearance: Black button up vest, bluish purple tie, white dress shirt, black and purple belt, black pants, black shoes with purplish blue very flat heels, azure green eyes, dark blue hair
Relatives: Ayato [Father], Renela [Mother], Touka [Aunt]
Personality: Kind, merciful, curious, polite, has Ayato's rudeness when angered
RC Type: Ukaku
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0 | 0 Comments | by FrostbittenFlames | Apr 9th 2016 20:43

New generation of Morte

Children of Cana
- Kuro Lupus
- Hope Steele
- Mizu Morte
- Ren Morte
- Zagreus Steele
- Nero Morte

Children of Noir

- Cerin Morte
- Darcey Morte

Children of Camilla

- Ame Morte
- Dahlia Morte
- Luna Morte
- Orion Morte
- Ophelia Morte

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2 | 0 Comments | by WhiteDarkness | Apr 9th 2016 20:39

OC- Skye

Name: Skye

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5'5

Likes: Piercings, Bands, Jewelry, Sleep, Relationships, Tattoos, Photography

Dislikes: Liars, Chocolate, Snakes, Ignorance, School, Rules

Background: Skye grew up in a broken rules causing her to become a rebel who hates school and hates rules and restrictions. On the inside she is quite sensitive but refuses to let others see it as she never lets anyone see her home life either. She decides to do whatever she wants when ever as her parents stopped caring long ago.
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17 | 1 Comment | by Haleyk2000 | Apr 9th 2016 20:10


Name: Elia
Name Meaning: Flower
Species: Season Goddess of Spring
Age: unknown
Eyes: Purple
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Date Of Birthday: March 1st
Height: 5'2
Likes: Sun, warm weather, drawing, spring, cuddles, music, jewelry, flowers
Dislikes: Seeing others hurt, being pushed away, or ignored
Personality: mysterious, nice, and protective for people she cares about.
Relationship Status: Single
Children: None
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Three Sisters Of each Season
Winter Season -
Summer Season -
Autumn Season -
Quote: "Spring passes and one remembers one's innocence."
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1 | 0 Comments | by LeianaVoxis | Apr 9th 2016 19:14

No light

earth is thrown away from the sun causing the word to became a hell of ice and darkness on this world the few humans that remain like under ground heated by anything and everything to survive the worlds creatures have evolved rapidly to make use of there new environments however the few faction of humans still wish to wage war for resources
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0 | 0 Comments | by Psychosilvertongue | Apr 9th 2016 17:08

The day that never comes.

Dopo l'avventura sulla Terra e la mezza litigata con Caleb, e dopo aver parlato con volpone, lei è piuttosto giù, tutto si somma agli altri problemi che aveva.
Così decide di uscire a bere, dato che tra un paio di giorni inizia il nuovo anno scolastico in Malicedom e lei si è iscritta, fingendosi una bambina di 10 anni. Crede che lì riuscirà finalmente a sentirsi al sicuro e a rilassarsi un po'.

Al momento è in un bar, una via di mezzo tra un posto di classe e il Club, e sta sorseggiando dell'ottimo Scotch.
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1 | 38 Comments | by MiisFit | Apr 8th 2016 17:46


Name: Mizuki

Age: 17

Weapon: Scythe (Not necessary)

Element Power: Wind and darkness

Personality: Kuudere

Likes: Being alone, sweets, reading, clear night sky with the moon, and wind.

Dislikes: Those that think they know everything when they don't, people that hurt the weak and find enjoyment from it, doesn't like being weak herself, especially dislikes those that think highly of themselves.

Background Story: Shien and Relia were Mizuki's parents. They were both from a world that Mizuki never got the chance to learn about. Both Shien and Relia had the ability to control the wind element in any way they please, whether it's defensive or offensive. After a year of Mizuki's birth, it was confirmed one day that Mizuki had also the ability to control the wind. However, the element power that she had received through her parents genes were a lot stronger than their own, almost like both their abilities had combined and were awakened within Mizuki. Mizuki never complained about having that power, in all honesty she loved it, it allowed her to do many things that just were not possible for the normal kids. Of course, she had a limit of what she could use through her parents rules. She also understood that showing the ability to humans would be chaos. For the next few years Mizuki has always tried to gain any type of information on where her parents where from and why they had that ability but they never mentioned anything and gave her very vague answers. Next few days after Mizuki had just turned 14 her parents had left to do one of their "missions" as she began to call it. However, hours passed and she had heard nothing from them. After another few days of waiting anxiously she had heard a rumour of two people being brutally killed. Soon after she had received a phone call confirming that those two people were her parents, Shien and Relia.

Bio: Before the death of her parents, she was quite an active girl, always talkative and always had a smile on her face, no matter how bad the situation was, she never cried or complained about anything. After the death, however, her whole world had flipped upside down and she never was the same again. She was cold towards people and never smiled like she used to. She didn't let anyone get close to her and always kept to herself as well. She found it hard to trust people so it isn't easy to gain her trust, it would take quite some time until someone becomes accepted. Mizuki is still quite upset about the death of her parents but doesn't tend to show it, and due to the loneliness in her heart and hatred she has slowly developed the element of darkness within her as well and it continues to grow stronger every day. She is quite determined to find out the truth behind her parents, where they had come from, how they were murdered and why, and she also wants to find out, who exactly she is and why she gained this power.
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1 | 0 Comments | by LunaTsukino | Apr 8th 2016 17:05