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Noah (Vangurd/Yu-gi-oh)

Yu-gi-oh (non-cannon deck, will nerf it at the start and reveal its true stregth later on):
First storyline:
Name: Noah kiba
Deck type: Serpent
Best card: Rainbow dragon, serpent form
Alternate decks: Relic deck, magic deck, robot deck
Backstory: Born with Seto Kiba, i was raised to be the best, and my ego shows it, my mother is unkown
Romance?: Can happend, but i dont recommend
Second storyline:
Name: Noah ___(last name unkown)
Deck Type: Serpent
Best card: Rainbow dragon, Serpent form
No alternate decks
Backstory: At a young age, my parents were taken, to defeat the man who toke them, i need the millium items
Romance?: Yes, highly recommended

Vanguard: (non- cannon cards)
Name: Noah ___(last name unkown)
Deck type: Serpent/dragon
Surpior ride: Grass dragon
advatar: Grass dragon, released
Stragy: not saying
Romance: um....sure
Backstory: At a very young age my parents left me in the forest. Since then, i've grown up alone expect for one man who taught me everything i know, and my deck. Many have challeged me and i became known as the forest king, because of how i use the power of snakes to crush my enemy
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This is Amelia, a one eyed teen who tends to loose her sanity for short amounts of time...
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Military Girl - Kiara Akiaria

Name: Kiara Akiaria
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Sweet, kind, and social. Serious, determined, and never backs down to anyone or thing.
Appearance: Wears a black cloth over her face, wears a general suit w/ 4stars on it. Carries a svd-sniper on her back w/ 2 pistols, 4 pocket knives, 2 machetes, and a walkytalky also.
Bio: After she was born she was brought around a house full of weapons. Her parents being the top kotch killers and generals in the military section. At the age of 2 her mother went on a mission and never came back. As soon as she was able to walk, her father started to train her with knives. Age 5 she was the best knife thrower on that team. As soon as she turned 10 he father finally put a gun in her hands. She trained day and night learning how to hit the target directly. Age 11 her father left for his final mission. She prayed and hoped he would return safely. But he never did and when she turned 14 she pushed herself hard. Day after day she trained. Night after night she never slept. She became the best sniper in the military base. Age 16 she was moved from a shoulder to a general. She got all her badges, her trophies, and awards. Age 18 she became a 4 star general. Soon to be the youngest 5 star general there ever was.
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Their first battle in Chi Feng's squad doesn't late to arrive, just, it is not what they were expecting.
Khai was told by Sao, but he didn't have the time to speak with Chi of this, due to the fact he is currently fighting hard with So's squad against the Tai's and Leung's men who attacked their camp in a double assault.

Choi feels ready, in truth, he was feeling worse tension before the start than when the fight actually begun.
He is mainly fighting with his katana, even though he is also carrying two smaller jian swords with him, which are definitely his favorite weapons choice, which he is leaving for when they will cut the enemies' numbers.

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0 | 39 Comments | by Layght | Nov 28th 2015 15:28

doubt anyone will read this but IDGAF

Name: Lovelace (goddess of the underworld and very first succubus
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4 | 0 Comments | by Lovelace | Nov 26th 2015 14:58

first blog

What the hell is this for ?
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3 | 0 Comments | by Lovelace | Nov 26th 2015 11:55

Demon hunter - Aldrelithis Strife

Name: Aldrelithis Strife.
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Always wears a Black jacket that says "Death before Dishonor", dark red shirt (v neck), Black skinny jeans w/ holes in them, black and white kicks, Jet black hair, color changing eyes, lightly tanned skin.
Personality: Calm, generally quiet unless its with friends, and not a big fan of meeting people.
Back story: Live with parents until the age of 16 then moved out. Lived on own since then. Loves dark things. Was visited by the devil as well, and made a high ranked demon. Knows almost every skill.
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1 | 2 Comments | by Kunoichi | Nov 25th 2015 03:30

Werewolf - Anastasia Wolf

Name: Anastasia Wolf
Sex: female
Sexuality: Straight
Race: werewolf

Bio: Anastasia was born a werewolf. Her parents knew from the beginning that she was no normal being. So they decided that if they were going to keep this child, then they have to isolate her. Since the day she started to learn how to walk, they kept her in her home. Age 5 she was sitting at her window when she had her full moon experience. She turned into a werewolf. She freaked out and broke everything in her room. She jumped out the window and wasn't seen by her family after that. She stayedin the wood on her own ever since. She was found by a pack, almost dead. They took her in, feed her, and homed her. She became the best female hunter in the pack, soon after the best alpha in the pack. She works her way up to leader of the pack slowly.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Kunoichi | Nov 24th 2015 19:28


Next up I post a pick of James....I kinda did this one before but he was requested for a redo....
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This is how I believe a certain hegde clipper weioding maniac would look....I don't know his name....
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Best memory.

To be brief.

After the conversation with Dorian in which he found out that some special measures are taking into consideration for what concerns Weddings of young people, like in his case, he and Dorian got an appointment to Anthony to discuss the matter with him.
Choi explained the King that he must go to join the fights in the East, to honor his ancestors and to carry on what his father and brothers died trying to achieve: a better East of equality and honor; in other words, restore it to what it was, before it got ruined by a long list of dreadful rulers.
He knows there are serious possibilities that he will lose his life in the battles and the idea of "abandoning" his beloved Scheireen like that, without having the chance to leave anything concrete to her, dreaded him beyond belief and it's the only thing that kept him so hesitant for these months, regarding joining the fight.

After also having some private words with Dorian, who clearly was fully willing to guarantee for the young man, the King granted his authorization to he and Scheireen to get married despite she is just 16 and not yet 21. In cases in which one of the two might soon face death for whatever serious circumstances (with the exception of a legal execution), the King can grant underage people to get married, as long as:

1 The youngest of the two is 16 or older;
2 The oldest of the two is not older than 26;
3 Parents of the youngest one grant their blessings. (The only hard part, in other words.)

Knowing he has a chance to marry her before leaving for the battlefield gives Choi a huge motivation. Received the King's authorization, he doesn't wait a minute to go to /beg/ Shi's parents. Starting with Edward.
No, Edward doesn't kill him on sight, prepared to what he is going to ask him. He possibly would, if he was free, but of course he can not. Not just it doesn't exist one single possible reason in the world to not give Shi to Choi, it's also clearly the Gods' will and he can't go against it. Even if in truth, he is pretty jealous of his daughters, especially Scheireen. After a long number of promises Choi made to him, Edward indeed gave his blessings. The real problem there would be Shelly, and everyone knew.
He tries in every possible way to convince her he would never harm Shi, that he'd rather die, that they can kill him if he does the slightest wrong to her, but nothing worked. She didn't want to hear reason, to her it was a NO. Luckily enough, Sao was around. He tells Choi to go to propose to Shi and speaks privately to Xiu. Even he can't deny that this marriage is a good idea. It will motivate Choi to fight and survive and he is the best party she could possibly find. If everything will go as planned, Choi will become Emperor, thus Shi would be Empress. And she surely will never have another possible chance to be Queen anywhere else. Not to mention that if she forbid the wedding and Choi died, Shi's life would be ruined forever and she'd blame herself for it. In the end, Sao manages to open Xiu's eyes and even if she still doesn't fully approve and looks displeased and grumpy (the fact that Sid was sent to fight in the East a few days before doesn't help improve her mood), but she won't say anything else. She will never trust Choi. -She thinks.-

Since Choi will have to leave in three days, the wedding has to be organized very hastly and quickly, for the next day, so there is not the time for huge massive parties and such.
In the end, it turns out to be a very discrete and small thing just for the close relatives. How Edward likes it.
Ceremony at the Temple, celebrated by Priestess of Dessa and Zimkesha and Priest of Fiared and Morgan. Afterwards, a very small party. Even though this won't be RPed, family and friends were invited to participate, and in the end it turned out to be a rather nice wedding, despite very humble for the standards of High Nobility.
Murphy and Khai best men for Choi, Tomiel and Dexter for Shi. The whole thing took place in the evening and lasted till late night. Everything is done in Northern style 100%, including the couple's outfits. {When Choi will be Emperor, they will celebrate a second Wedding, in big style.}

The young couple will spend their first days as wife and husband -yes, including wedding night- by Edward's mansion, until Choi will have to leave for the East.
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Name: Khan
Age: (Almost five hundred years)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (switch)
Race: Werewolf

Bio: He has a long backstory. He was the son of VIII. Henry. He was a very spoiled and stupid prince who only trusted his muscles until a witch cursed him and made him a werewolf. You'll know more about him if you want to rp. By the way, he lives with his adoptive and old hunter father Arthur. He is very rich.
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16 | 2 Comments | by Schildkrote | Nov 23rd 2015 12:30


In the last years, he has lived a rather wonderful life thanks to Dorian and his family. Despite everything, he really had no problems in the North, he felt good and relaxed like never before.
This until his 21st, when some new feelings started to spread in him. When he met Chi Feng back in the party in the East where they all went, he learnt about what they are fighting for, their struggles and brave sacrifices for a better East. The same cause his whole family died for. While being underaged, he could ignore this as he would be not be allowed to join any sort of real fight, but could he just stay safe in the North where nothing can touch him, while his brothers in the East are dying for their country and his father's ideals? He must join them, he knows and feels this, he is ready, Sao has been preparing him for this for all this time, without ever mentioning it, he is not afraid to die for what he believes. There is onyl one thing that troubles him and restrains him from just make the decision and go: Scheireen.

He is deeply in love with her, for real. He doesn't want to leave her...the only thing that worries him to die there is to lose her forever, leaving her absolutely nothing more than a broken heart. For that, the only solution he sees to be able to go there with some more peace in his heart would be to marry Shi before leaving for the East. And he thinks it's impossible and undoable. She is just 17 and to what he knows, underaged people can't get married no matter what. Not to mention that her mother would never, ever give her blessing to them considering how badly she hates Eastern men. Plus Edward does not look like an especially understanding man. And least but not last, she is Sao great-niece. How could he even have the guts to ask them Scheireen's hand? The very thought makes him feel a little sick.
And his undecision makes quite some mess in their plans. He has to go there and fight, he has to prove himself, Chi himself has to recognize him as his Emperor and convince him to be that. But if Choi doesn't go to fight in the East, everything will be screwed up.

One thing that is not very known, since in the North only selected, trained soldier joining the army out of their free will are sent to fight, is an old *exception law, for what concerns marriage common laws. Back in the times when the army wasn't organized like the modern one is, and when draft in case of wars was still a thing, this specific exception law was made in order to grant young in-love boys to go to fight with a lighter heart and more motivation to go back, by granting them to get married with their beloved without undergoing the typical laws.
According to this law, if a boy is to go to fight in circumstances that might potentially cause his death, even if the bride is underage (only if she be older than 16 and the groom being no older than 30) the wedding could be authorized by a royal special granting.
In other words, if a young man is going to a mission that will potentially get him killed, he has the right to bring the matter to the King and beg him for a special granting in order to be married before leaving. That way, if the man dies, all of his belongings will also be given to the young widow rather than someone else or get lost.
{{{Johnny knows of this law}}}

Right now, Choi looks rather thoughtful and depressed, training by himself in their home's garden, under the rain.
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If i told you he was like any other 19 year old high school Senior i'd be lying. Nagi isnt as focused on the things he should be like school. He is more into killing monsters and learning new powers.

Nagi was born into a family of your nontraditional wizards and witches. He was taught how to use his powers every since he was born. While being horrible to start with he worked everyday and now is one of the best wizards but he's only at his best when he's focused.

His personality is more laid back and lazy. He is always saying, "I wish i was cloud" or, "This is such a drag.".But he can also be funny at times and likes to be witty/cheeky.

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After Edward brought Christoph back and after helping him and all, when his father went to take some rest, he decided to go to Timm to take Pepy back home.
So he goes to him and knocks on the door.
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1 | 32 Comments | by Magnus_Bane | Nov 19th 2015 15:13