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The neko goddess

Name: Neky
Age: 24653 ((Never ask her if you want to stay on her good side)).
Likes: fish, to sleep, to tease people, to be the best, to eat, people scratching behind her ear ((Except zeus)), her covenant, the ones who adore her, Dominant people, submissive females.
Dislikes: the ones who say they are better than her ((Zeus)), dogs ((Got bit by one, has nothing to do with the cat side)), the ones who wake her up, the one who bullies nekos ((*ssholes)), the ones that tell her no without a good reason and idiots.
Is fan of: Occult, Animes, chips ((Still not understand them)), chocolate, swedish fish ((Best candies ever!!!)) and Deadpool ((Funny guy goes 4th wall break))
Also: She is tsundere at times...((Only at times. Not as if it was for you))
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16 | 0 Comments | by Sarahneko | Oct 19th 2016 09:41

Mark Innes

Name: Mark Innes

Age: about 21 years old.

Aliases: Chain man, kinky a**hole, White-eyed creep, Shadow, Markimoo (Will only let special people call him that)

Height: 6’6”

Hair Color: Black with green tips.

Eye Color: White

Species: Poltergeist.

Occupation: Co-leader of the GCR

Weapons/Form of attack: Mark doesn’t quite fight often, though he does carry around a dagger just in case.

Special Powers: Mark can summon unbreakable chains to trap his enemies. Sometimes he overuses this ability to poke fun at others like Valencia (Which is a HORRIBLE idea.)

Hidden Strength: Despite being light-hearted, and almost never taking any fight seriously, Mark is smart regarding tactics- and masters the art of luring his enemies into his traps.
Relationships: Mark has no current relationship.

Family: Mark has no current family.

Backstory: According to Mark, he grew up in a small town with parents who enjoyed the outdoors more than the indoors. He didn’t have any siblings, and commonly helped his parents with things such as gardening, and fishing. He ended up dropping out of high school to pursue a dream of just simply surviving out in the wild in a place like Alaska. Sadly, he never got a chance to do so, since he had died in a boating accident. Him, his father, and a high school friend had gone out for a fishing trip, but the boat had turned, and Mark got caught in the chain connected to the netting. Before anyone could help him, he had drowned.
After his death, Mark was left clueless on what he was or what had happened. He was left to wandering and figuring out slowly that he was dead, and he was a ghost. This was when he met Apollo. He was lured into signing a contract with her, and continued to work for her for a good majority of the time. Of course, he made his job to annoy her, and poke fun at her a lot, but all the same, he also found himself to care for the demon, and tended to help her out a lot when she needed it. He gained a good bond with some of her children- such as the twins and Ari. He was released from the contract before Valencia and Adeodatus were born.
After being released from the contract, he moved on to look for someone else to be around- considering that Apollo had a family to take care of, and an entire dimension, she didn’t have time for him. He met Koji shortly after, and immediately agreed to work with him, and got an immediate role as Co-leader after proving his loyalty and his interesting ability.
Currently, Mark does just the same as he did with Apollo, poking fun at the other Co-leaders, and other soldiers of the GCR. He is considered the most light-hearted out of all of the higher ranks

-Despite being in the GCR, Mark is pretty good friends with a couple of Spatrius’ children, Inferius and Roy.
-Despite being a poltergeist, Mark claims that he is a living, fleshy human being. Currently, nobody has realized he’s not.
-Mark likes being called ‘Shadow’ because he thinks it sounds cool, but it also relates to his fear of dark crevices, or places with no light at all. Yes, this big guy is scared of the dark.
-He’s also afraid of large bodies of water
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1 | 0 Comments | by KalnaZatos | Oct 19th 2016 09:31

Android F2256B "Xandra"

Name: Android F2256B “Xandra”

Age: unknown

Aliases: No known Aliases.

Height: 5’8”

Hair Color: Orange

Eye Color: Blue

Species: Android

Occupation: War machine/entertainer

Weapons/Form of attack: Her entire being is a weapon itself, but she doesn’t use it unless she has her first memory card loaded.

Special Powers: Xandra is very quick on her feet. The fastest she can run is over 140 MPH.

Hidden Strength: Xandra is very deceiving with her polar opposite personalities of her two memory cards. She also surpasses the intelligence of any human being known as of currently, and her knowledge is still growing.

Relationships: N/A.

Family: She commonly speaks of a father who was a scientist, though his name is unknown.

Backstory: Xandra was created in a secret government lab to be a weapon to use during World War III. She was created earlier then when the war would actually start, according to estimates, so she was giving another programming that made her play off as an entertainment bot that could sing, dance, play instruments, etc. She was basically considered the American Vocaloid. She was an idol to many young Americans, mostly female. She would perform often, and was giving off a good vibe to the rest of the country despite being a dangerous weapon to use at war.
Xandra’s creator, a highly respected researcher, was assassinated during the time of Xandra’s rise in popularity by an agent from a rivaling research group. Xandra was left to learn on her own from there, since her ‘father’ had left her in free-roaming, so she learned as she experienced, just like any other human would. Nobody else in the facility had access to Xandra’s programming, so they all assumed that she was stuck as a successful entertainer- as eyecandy for the public. This thought changed quickly after a few months.
Xandra, with her free-roaming functioning, she started to learn more about herself- which included about the first memory card inserted in her along with her first set of programming. Luckily, she hadn’t loaded it while in the public, but rather while in the facility. She had ended up killing over 500 working facility members in a bloodbath before she was forced to shut down due to being shot with an electrical prototype weapon. After her reboot, she was punished accordingly for her actions, and she hasn’t since used her first memory card, though she knows it’s there, and she will use it when she finds it absolutely necessary.

-Xandra absolutely loves animals. She commonly goes to visit the animal prototypes in the facility.
-Xandra quite honestly admires the Vocaloids, though she doesn’t quite understand that they’re not actual androids like she is- but rather holograms. She’ll be quite disappointed to hear that she can’t give Miku a hug.
-Despite the fact that she can blow off the facility whenever she damn well pleases, she refuses to break any rules, and returns before her curfew, along with doing chores around the facility for certain doctors. She’s a goody-two-shoes.
-Xandra loves flowers. She commonly will bring back flowers to the facility and hand them out to random staff members, or decorate them around the facility halls.
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0 | 0 Comments | by KalnaZatos | Oct 19th 2016 09:26

Spatrius Germain

Name: Spatrius Germain

Age: Over 1 billion years old

Aliases: Spa, Spaspa, Space mom

Height: 5’0”

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Magenta

Species: Unknown

Occupation: Space guardian

Weapons/Form of attack: Commonly Spatrius fights with her transformable weapon, which usually takes the form of an ax. It can also shift into a large two-handed sword, and a scythe. She rarely ever uses the scythe form.

Special Powers: Spatrius is also skilled with magic use, including the ability to manipulate gravitational pull, manipulation of volume and space, and also access to teleportation.

Hidden Strength: Spatrius is very intelligent, especially in tactics and chemistry. She is also very advanced when it comes to technology and engineering.

Relationships: Married to Aeon Germain
Family: Inferius (son), Nova (son), Andrometa (Daughter), Rokodan (son-in-law), Celebi (adopted mother), Galactica (biological mother), Zaria (daughter-in-law), Amora (granddaughter), Lanius (grandson), Len (stepson), Nen (stepson)

Backstory:Spatrius’ first few years were very normal for a guardian. She grew up a quiet child, only entrusting her mother as her father didn’t quite stay around as much, having an “important job” to take care of a majority of the time. Her mother had a friend named Koji who had been considered more of a father figure to Spatrius then her biological father had. She had started her training to become a guardian early, starting as young as five years old. Her mother trained her as far as combat, maintaining order in the universe, and tactics such as battle strategy. Of course, it was constant learning day after day, year after year, since the job required a vast knowledge of the universe and the laws of it.
Spatrius experienced the most traumatic experience of her life when she was about fifteen to sixteen years old. This was around the time of her mothers death, who was undoubtly murdered by Koji with the use of the largest black hole in the universe called “Black hole 83”. Spatrius had fled after experiencing her mothers death first hand and had to continue on training herself, learning about the universe on her own and taking on the role of guardian at a young age.
During the time Spatrius had been growing up on her own and having to take on the huge responsibility of the guardian of space the Galactic Cult of Rebellion, or also known as the GCR, had been forming. It started off as a small unknown group during Spatrius’ young years, but soon had grown into a large threat that is still persisting this very day. Thankfully, though, she has attained some allies to help her with this issues- including her children who had travelled back in time thanks to her daughter, Andrometa, who takes more of her ability from her father with time manipulation.

-Spatrius is Claustrophobic, and Trypophobic.
-She likes making puns. Specifically space and chemistry puns.
-She is a huge mother to a lot of people, probably because she was exposed to Celebi for a long time.
-Spatrius absolutely loves doing experiments- and testing out things for the better good of science. But she’s a little destructive when she performs said experiments, and will do anything to obtain the answer she seeks in testing.
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Name: Mac
Age: (unknown)
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Hunting, walking around alone, solitude, cigs, moonshine, trading
About: hey, I'm Mac. I'm a vamp Hybrid, not apart of any pack, they kicked me out for not being a pure vamp. But hey, not my fault on that part. I live on the outskirts on a small town.*walks through a cemetery* this place is my home. then again its not since no one will give  me the time of day nor want to know me for myself . I'm a freaking nice person ....sometimes *chuckles*
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2 | 0 Comments | by xXLostSoulXx | Oct 18th 2016 13:45


Simon è un ragazzo dal carattere curioso e allegro, adora imparare quindi passa più tempo che può insieme a Jeremi per avere pieno controllo dei suoi poteri. Per questo stesso motivo gli piace andare a scuola e ascoltare, purtroppo non adora studiare a casa e non ha ottimi voti. È praticamente l`ombra di Frerin, adora stare in sua compagnia.
La cosa più interessante che ha scoperto è che i tatuaggi non deve farli per forza, Jeremi gli ha insegnato a farseli comparire sulla pelle, certo dopo averlo visto da qualche parte... L`unica cosa un po` scomoda è che non è una cosa duratura se non rimane concentrato sul farlo rimanere.
Alla fine ha deciso di farsene uno vero, uno che non scomparirà, purtroppo neanche se si trasformerà in qualcuno questo scomparirà quindi dovrà stare attento se vuole cambiare aspetto.
Il tatuaggio è a forma di serpente e se lo è tatuato sul braccio, (Il tatuaggio è stato uno stregone a farglielo, pagato da Jeremi ovvio.) parte alla fine del polso e continua fino al gomito, è felicissimo e non vede l`ora di farlo vedere a qualcuno quindi corre a casa di Carlie e bussa alla porta.
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1 | 14 Comments | by Lian | Oct 18th 2016 10:23

Rules, Peeves and Likes

This blog is dedicated to my rules, peeves, and likes. If you have read and understand the rules I would really appreciate a heart or comment to know who actually cares.

As the far too dramatic name implies these rules are solid. Break one of these and I will block you in a heartbeat.

1. Do not harass my friends. This especially goes for anybody on my important people list. They are extremely close to me and I won't hear a bad word about them. In my eyes they can do no wrong. Talk about them in a mean way and I'll block you.

These are my other rules, breaking one or more can possibly lead to me stopping the rp. With or without a warning depends on the situation and rule.

1. No godmodding. Don't touch my characters. I won't touch yours.

2. No text talk once we begin an rp. While we are discussing an rp, I do not mind text talk.

3. I do not do rps based on movies, TV shows, video games, etc. Using them as reference to building an rp is fine, but I prefer any rp to be wholly original.

4. Timely replies are important to me. After three or four weeks, if I have not received a response or at least know we're still rping then I will unfriend you. If you are not able to respond, please tell me if possible.

5. No one liners. I understand sometimes an rp might be at a slow point and a few sentences is all that can be mustered. Although if you can't slap two or three sentences together then I am not going to waste my time.

My pet peeves are not as serious as my rules, but if something in the rp continues matching one of these, I may point it out or ask we stop.

1. Grammar and perfect writing are not really important to me, I am far from perfect and understand flaws are normal. Yet, constant spelling mistakes in almost every word and severely lacking in vocabulary, are one of my biggest peeves.

2. Please no melodrama. This applies to real life and the rp, but for the most part real life. I don't care about your personal issues, everyone has issues. That probably makes me sound cold hearted, but I'm not. I'm just not your, or your character's, therapist. Please note: This peeve doesn't apply to everyone only those who crave attention.

3. As stated above, I don't like characters that can't stand on their own. If my character has to be by your character's side all the time, encouraging them or find them in a puddle of tears, then please, for fu…I mean the love of everything, don't friend me.

4. No human pets. I don't mind nekos or such creatures but if you ask to have them be adopted or owned, then I will have to decline. It makes me feel weird.

5. If you sent me a friend request and I accept, you message me first. If I friend you, I will try to send a message as soon as I can.

6. While I do like rps featuring action, please don't make it the point of the rp. If all the characters ever do is fight each other, or just fight hordes of enemies, then i'll lose interest pretty fast.

7. No emotion zombies. I understand creating an rp doesn't mean you have to be extremely excited all the time but don't just act lifeless. A good way to kill the rp process is being lifeless. Go be half dead somewhere else.

8. Please no religious talk around me. I know people have religions and stuff…but please avoid talking about them with me. Religions in an rp are fine but other than that…just no.

Despite my long list of things I don't like, I do have things I enjoy. I will add to this list.

1. My favorite genres are fantasy and horror. I do just about any other genre too, I am not restricted to those two.

2. I like multiple character rps, but it's not a must. I don't have any set characters though, I usually craft them depending on the rp.

If you actually read this far, skimmed, or just scrolled to the bottom, I wanted to say thank you for taking the time but there is no reward, or prize, in case you were looking ;)

Just kidding. Here's a cookie.
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Lila's Bio.

“I want to paint my own destiny on a canvas free of lines and smudges.”

Name: Lila Chasseur Arceneau

Age: 14

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 103 lbs

Hair Color: red

Eye Color: emerald green

Birth Date: January 4th

Blood Type: A

Nationality: French/Irish

Weapons of choice: small hand held daggers and darts

Favorite Food: vegetables with boiled rice

Favorite Color: turquoise

Interests: drawing, painting, and sewing

Strengths: She has a sweet personality and is always willing to help others.

Weaknesses: She has no confidence in her abilities and is physically weak.

Claude: Lila’s father. (Deceased)

Liona: Lila’s mother. (Deceased)

Yvette: Lila’s aunt. (Alive and well)

Larkin: Lila’s uncle. (Alive and well)

Liam: Lila’s 19 year old cousin.(Alive and well)

Glenna: Lila’s 17 year old cousin. (Alive and well)

Sage: Glenna’s 5 year old cousin. (Alive and well)

Background Information:
Do you remember that story, the one about the monsters living in a closet or under the bed? Most children outgrow these types of stories and turn into blissfully naive adults, but what would happen if you were one of the few children who knew these monsters truly existed?

Lila’s parents tried to make sure she had the most average childhood possible. She lived in a normal ranch style home, attended a regular elementary school, and even occasionally had access to typical childhood games and toys. She was a happy child, but it was also terribly hard to hide the fact that she was different. No matter how hard her parents tried to foster her interest in music and art, it was nearly impossible for the girl to deny that she had been born into a family that was cursed. She was not cursed in the way of an illness but by the way of her destined profession. For as long as her family history could be traced, each and every member had dedicated their life to hunting monsters. Each time the story of her family’s history was told it changed, but every time it included some tale of betrayal, injustice, and death.

Even in modern day, the family trained in a similar manner to their ancestors, following a strict code that had been written years ago. The code had laws for fighting, handling different types of monsters, and of course training. The code was strict and would seem inhumane to the average person, but then again most humans would never have to defeat any type of inhuman creature. Lila’s family was skilled in archery, poisons, sword fighting, hand to hand combat, and using a few modern day weapons. Children typically started to train with their parents as soon as they were able to walk. They would often start with strength training, and on their fifth birthday would be introduced to a type of weapon. By the age of ten they were expected to be gifted in at least one of the areas of combat, and by thirteen they were expected to be proficient in using each type of weapon. On the teen’s sixteenth birthday they were tested with a rite of passage. This assessment included being able to handle each type of weapon, spending three nights in the middle of a vast wasteland alone, and killing at least three monsters without aid. If the teenagers succeeded, then they were rewarded by becoming an official hunter and by having the official family symbol tattooed on their body. If they were to fail in any one of their tasks then they were likely to be killed by what they hunted or cast out by their family if they managed to survive.

Despite the family elders’ wishes, Lila’s parents did not follow the code strictly and were lax in the girl’s training. She had been ill as an infant and part of her childhood, so she was only required to practice half as much as the other children. While her cousins fought, she stayed in the background cooking meals or keeping house. And while her family traveled the world in horrid conditions to track these evil creatures, she remained blissfully safe in her small home. For almost twelve long years her parents’ plan had gone perfectly for Lila, but shortly after that year they came crashing down around her. While her parents were away on a dangerous trip they were supposedly murdered in a battle by one of their most infamous enemies. The grief of her parents’ deaths was painful enough, but she also had to face the reality that she was an orphan. Fortunately for her the code had rules for this type of tragedy, and thus a distant aunt was forced to take her in to her home.

(Credit for the picture goes to the original artist, bravo! ^^)
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She held her breath as she stood there in the middle of the forest in fear. She was the lost pup that ran away from her pack. An they saw her glowing amber eyes indicating that she was a wolf hybrid. Next thing they knew is she took off running as fast as her legs could take her, jumping over logs an swiftly running threw the forest for she knew where to step.
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Raven reached out the basement window, feeling the sun across her cold bruised skin feeling the warmth. The grass she felt with her hand with what she could reach. Her eyes shined the coper dark chocolate brown as the sun shined into the basement for a few minutes, lighting up the room showing chains here and there linking to a cuff on her ankle. Raven wings glistened with the sun, her arm reached out if the window for hope she will get out of this situation.
(Rp character) cx
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5 | 0 Comments | by xXLostSoulXx | Oct 16th 2016 12:03


She starred at you with those green eyes as wood stove smoke filled the air. " you can't change who I am, yes I am mysterious... That is who I am. " she was confused on where she was at, an orphan she was, running away in the woods away from the world. Her name is River, the mysterious girl that came out of nowhere. She only knows her name. (Age : 19-20's)
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3 | 0 Comments | by xXLostSoulXx | Oct 16th 2016 12:01


The name CeCe. Born an elf. The sun glistened off her red blond hair, shes a runaway slave from the hidden camp in the west. Hope that one day she will not have to worry about who will hurt her next, or the worry if her captor staring her down with those red demon eyes and controlling her with his mind, a free will she desires but ever gets in the likes of others and him.
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5 | 0 Comments | by xXLostSoulXx | Oct 16th 2016 11:58


Name: Unknown
Nickname: shadow
Age: 17-20
Personality: Unknown
Family: not Royal
Family members: none
Likes: weapons, killing and animals
Favorite color/colors:
Thinks about herself:
About her:
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Akemi ♛Uke♛

Noah ((OC god of ice and water))

Name: Noah
What they're the god/goddess of: Ice and water
Appearance: (what they look like): He is a young male but at a young age his god spirte was trapped in the body of a cyborg
Bio: (your characters backstory(again idk if we're going to rp this or if we still need it)): He has been around since the first ice age, but never really done much until he met the other "new gods" he is pretty chill but will fight if provoked, loves to have god rivals, but hates being teh butt of the joke
Current age: (How old they really are and how old do they look like?): looks to be about 16 but is a couple million years old
Extra: (any extra information): He is part cyborg, (later on he attains his true form again but not right away)
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0 | 0 Comments | by alakazamlover4 | Oct 13th 2016 20:04