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22 / Male / Married
Seoul, United States
(Profile Theme : Bangchan)

Hey Josh here I want to say a couple things. First I’m Pansexual so I’m fine with anything on the romance aspect. Just no overly weird stuff kay? I’ll say I’m fine with any genre of roleplay. I have a few plots and would like to hear your original plots. All of my characters ages are interchangeable except for Blyke, Kiah and Yami.

Facts: I have a disorder called DID I have personality disassociation and minor memory loss. So if some of my replys seem like a different style it’s that. My alters are Yami (He’s mean) Hunny (he’s eight) Claudeswell (emotionless, intelligent and mature) Ax (Insane) Luke (Depressed) Himejay (Upbeat and Optimistic) Mathew (me but more moral)

Rules here
-please don’t come at me trying to date me.
-please no multi para. If you don’t know I cannot write long reply’s most of the time because of exhaustion
-ero is okay just please none of the “bodily fluids” stuff
-done be silent, talking to you and seeing if your okay is what I want to do
-please do not give me insane starters it overwhelms me
-if we’re playing cannon characters. Or cannon characters in addition to ocs dont play the “they grew up together card” to much. It’s kind of annoying to give them chemistry if we never even created it.
-I’m human so please give me time to reply. I won’t ignore you I promise
-don’t like me? Then go away simple as that

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Q. Your alive!!
A. Yeah!
 Jan 10th 2022 22:04

Q. Btw, who's the guy in your profile picture?
A. Bangchan from Stray Kidz
 Jan 9th 2022 20:39

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Merry Christmas Eve!! :D
Dec 24th 2021 13:18

God wanted me to give you this,.. He told me that you currently are suffering a loss and I really want to talk to you about this and find out if it's true. I sure hope that I'm not freaking you out,.. I was freaked originally,.. but now I've come to accept that it's a gift and I've been using it to help people and give them peace, hope, comfort, and the reassurance that God loves them. :)
May 10th 2021 22:42

Here, a message from the other side. :)'s-very-special-message
Apr 29th 2021 20:48

Here is DJ's blog. :)
Apr 7th 2021 20:23

Missed you yesterday since you weren't on that much. :(
Apr 7th 2021 01:22

Btw, I was just literally telling Savvy that if it wasn't for her we wouldn't have met because I really tend to like a lot of people on her friends' list so I friended a LOT of them. So far you're the best and practically one of my best friends on this website. :)
Apr 5th 2021 17:02

Nice to meet you too (/^-^(^ ^*)/ we should get a rp going soon (。・ω・。)ノ♡
Dec 3rd 2020 12:57

Hi, I'm Tink! Ty♥️ for adding me♥️
Dec 3rd 2020 03:40

Fiction Press and thanks a lot!! :D
Nov 17th 2020 19:57

Here's the plot for Rock God. Tell me what ya think? ;) (I'm naming one of the main characters Josh btw. :D)

After Michael “Mick” L. Dawson Junior forms a rock band with his father and high school friends, he becomes extremely popular and famous. However, after the death of his father Mick threatens to quit the band forever. That is until a mysterious stranger by the name of DJ shows up and teaches him that he should never give up on his dreams.
Nov 17th 2020 19:50