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(Son of Anubis)
21 / Male / Single
Texas - United States
“I can give you a taste of whatever you been missing.”

I’m here for a good time so let me fulfill your wildest desires, and in exchange you keep me entertained, deal?

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Latest Questions

Q. Pwease don’t weave on read Otay?
(Yes I’m doing the baby voice lol)
A. I won’t I promise
(It’s kinda cute I like it lol)
 Jan 21st 2022 18:48

Q. Hewwo?
A. I’m here
 Jan 21st 2022 18:45

Latest Comments

Hi! I swear I'll respond later! Slept in, then worked all night until 5:45 am- So now I need to sleep again- I have Sunday off from work!!! So you will get even more replies then!
May 28th 2022 07:10

Hey, what happened to you?
Aug 2nd 2020 18:22