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19 / Female / Its Complicated
Nutzzzz, United States
So I’m not new to role playing, just took a suuuper long hiatus and decided to come back with a fresh account!

Anyways my rules are pretty basic:
^No one liners. I get that sometimes interactions don’t call for eighty paragraphs, especially when we get into it, but at least try to get down 1 para minimum pleeeaaase~

^ Don’t feel limited to the characters I have posted, they’re just ones that I’ve used before. I’d be more than happy to make a brand new one for our rp

^I’m down for any genre/trope as long as it’s got drama, action, and romance. Speaking of which I can do bxg gxg bxb or anything else! I’ll play it whatever gender, it’s all good!

^ALSO likeee teamwork! We’re building this story together so we both need to brainstorm and add in new events/ideas please and thank youuuu!

And I think that’s all so hit me uppppp and let’s get emotionally invested in some fictional situations!!!