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23 / Female / Single
Hey! Welcome to my corner of hell, if you want something to drink I'm afraid its gonna be warm... at least.

The basic thing you should know about me... is I am a 'Subway' seeking spicy 'Dominos' [Edit: For the most part this is still the case, but I am open to making exceptions].
I can play as both males and females... and for those who really wanna know, I was born female but don't care what I am perceived as.

While the name holds the term 'sweetest', do not be fooled, my favourite genres surround darker themes! I especially love breaking characters and trying to piece them back together.

Additionally, it should be known that I will not accept roleplay in the form of script play or the use of symbols around actions. Leave actions as is and put speech marks around speech... duh, hehe.

Hm... not sure what else to put right now. Just come say Hi! I'm sure the more I meet... the more I may inevitably add here, so long as you act decent I'm sure we'll be fine.

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Welp, heres a reason why I havent been too active the past three days. Enjoy!
Made it for artfight ^^
1  Jul 12th 2024 10:30

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