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(Sean Rolfe)
21 / Male / Single
United Kingdom
Welcome to my profile!

I'll ask ya in the nicest way to check my rules.
I don't only do [whatever is on my pp at the moment], I also do anime, real life, furry and more.

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Really amazing roleplayer! Comprehensive paragraphs, good character thought processes and decent reply times!
Dec 18th 2021 22:45

So, I have been waiting 4 months now, any chance we can RP? I sent a starter as you asked but I never heard back.
Jan 13th 2021 13:09

Hey there :)) love your Bakugo pfp
Aug 17th 2020 18:31

//thank you for sending me a friend request! I hope we can rp soon!
Jul 14th 2018 22:51

Hi rp with me whenever you want~
Nov 13th 2017 01:35

Thanks for accepting.
Mar 26th 2017 21:16

Sorry, I am a little busy with replies. Please, hold on.
Nov 20th 2016 12:41

Can we rp
Sep 29th 2016 07:15

Oh hey! Sorry it has taken me ages to respond. I have been caught up in work and stress and have neglected to be on this site. I didn't think anyone really paid attention to me here anyway so I just stopped coming on. But I am doing alright, thank you for asking- if it's not too late, that is...
Aug 8th 2016 00:49

"Hello there, and thank you for kindly accepting the friend request, which Athena notified me about. If you need me, I suppose I will be at Watchpoint: Gibraltar or saving the world with my friends, and I hope to see you with us someday! Always remember to not accept the world as it appears to be, dare to see it as what it could be. So, are you with us?"

// If you ever want to chill, role-play, or do anything else (since I really don't care what I do on this site. I'm just super-chill like that. And yes, I role-play many things while Winston is just my muse. X3) leave a private message! ^~^
Jul 21st 2016 20:40