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Alonso Wölversön

Avatar: The Last Airbender OC

Name: Moloch Masheng

Nickname/s: Depends on the roleplay

Age: 14-18

Gender: Male

Occupation: Traveler, Member of Team Avatar and Musician

Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Bending: Earthbending and Lavabending (Hung Gar Dragon-Style)

Non-Bending: Without the use of his bending, Moloch is quite skilled in the use of art of the Crescent Moon Spear, like all users of the Dragon-Style. He can use his spear with heightened dexterity, agility and speed. He can also use it in his Earthbending methods.

Physical features: (hair, eyes, skin, build etc): Moloch is a well-built young man for his age. While not being completely muscular, he still has some slight muscles and is lean. He has long charcoal black hair, which he usually keeps tied in a ponytail, yellowish-gold eyes and slightly tanned skin

Height: 4'7" to 4'8"

Weight: 105'lbs to 110'lbs

Standard clothing: A sleeveless, black and gold-trimmed top with two pairs of long flaps that extend to his shins and a silky green shirt underneath. He also wears a long, gold sash around his waist and silky dark brown pants, along with black boots.

Defining features: A small tear stain-like scar under his left eye. Moloch received this during his first Earthbending lessons with his mother.

Other outfits: None, as he likes the clothes he currently wears

Good Traits/Habits: Quiet, Reserved, Calm, Polite, Kind, Caring and very Charitable

Bad Traits/Habits: Somewhat Arrogant and Stubborn

Likes: His Parents, Team Avatar, his companion, Music, Earthbending Training, Spear Training and Tea

Dislikes: The Fire Nation and Evil of any kind

Hobbies: Playing the Guzheng Instrument for his friends or anyone in general, drinking tea, hanging out with his friends, and training

Talents: Moloch is a highly-skilled prodigy of Earthbending, Lavabending, and Spear-Combat. He's also a very gifted musician, mostly with the Guzheng Instrument

Strengths: Earthbending, Spear-Combat and is quick in his feet

Weaknesses: While Moloch is a very skilled combatant, he doesn't know hand-to-hand, which makes his chances very less successful if he's not holding a weapon

Fears: Water has always been Moloch's greatest fear. With being an Earthbender, he never learned how to swim and nearly drowned as a younger child. However, the nightmares that plague his mind always seem to frighten him as much as water does


Affiliations/Alliances (Good, Bad, Neutral): Moloch is on very good terms with Team Avatar, being a well-respected member and a best friend to them all

Family: Meka Masheng (Mother, Deceased), Femang Masheng (Father, Deceased)

Friends: Gyasha and Team Avatar (Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph Beifong, Appa, Momo and Suki), Zuko (Reluctant, but later friendly), Iroh

Romantic Interest/s: Katara of the Southern Water Tribe (Can be flexible for others, as well)

Pets: A female Saber-Tooth Moose Lion, named Gyasha
When Moloch was roughly around 6 years of age, while exploring the wilderness around his village, he found the young and wounded animal. She was still conscious, she didn't have very much time to live. The young boy quickly brought her for he village healer to save her life. Since then, Gyasha has been very caring, loving and protective of Moloch, always following where he goes unless he says otherwise. Gyasha is also quite playful, being seen running around or playing with Appa and Momo

Enemies: The Fire Nation and those that greatly support them



Early Life: (Your OC’s origins): W.I.P.

Growing up: (Your OC’s childhood): W.I.P.

Where they are at present: (at what point in their lives are they at the moment): W.I.P.

~Extra Information~

Main Goals: To avenge his parents by bringing the Fire Nation down with his friends and to live a peaceful life

Hopes/Dreams: To, one day, tell Katara of his feelings, marry her and have a family together

Color(s): Black, Green and Gold

Season(s): Spring and Winter

Theme Song: W.I.P.

Trivia: Moloch is usually to always described as a very handsome young man, much to Sokka's somewhat dismay and jealousy

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Borderlands OC

Name: Drako Slate
Nickname: Heavy Metal (Depends on the roleplay)

Age: Mid-20's to Early-30's
Gender: Male
Race: Genetically-Modifed Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey (Normal), Pure-White (When connected with his suit), Blood Red (When angered)
Skin Color: Porcelain, almost pale
Height: 5'9"-5'10" (Without Suit), 10 Feet Tall (With Suit)
Weight: 160'lbs (Without Suit), 2 Tons/4000 Pounds (With Suit)

Personality: Following his birth and childhood abduction, fear and anguish were the only things Drako knew. However, it didn't break him, it only made him strive to free himself of their torment. After he was experimented on, he developed unstable anger issues, along with being tough, cold, and a brutally ruthless demeanor. Underneath it all, Drako is a man who is good-natured, upbeat, and full of compassion. Especially towards his allies and those he holds dear to him, like Lilith. Ever since Roland's Death, he was the only one who could ever truly comfort her. Drako is fiercely loyal and protective of her, in any case. He is frequently teased for his nature around Lilith.
Occupation: Hyperion Slave (Formerly, during childhood and young adult years) Vault Hunter (Currently), Member of the Crimson Raiders (Currently)
Home: Pandora, Sanctuary

Relatives: Unknown, deceased
Pets: None
Allies: Lilith, Roland, Mordecai, Brick, Moxxi, and the other denizens of Sanctuary
Love Interest: Lilith "The Firehawk" Cashlin (Can be flexible for others)
Enemies: Hyperion, Handsome Jack, and anyone who is a threat to him and his loved ones

Likes: Combat Training, Vault Hunting, Lilith, the rest of the raiders, rainy weather, and experimenting with his battle suit
Dislikes: Hyperion, Handsome Jack, bandits, cold weather, and alcohol

Weapons: Drako tends to favor his highly-advanced battle suit, which can form any kind of weapon that is comprehendible, with the use of highly advanced nanotechnology. His most used weapons is a large Plasma Railgun and assorted Plasma-Based Weapons, Claws, Swords, Axes and Saw-based Weapons. However, while out of the suit, he is highly skilled with Sub-Machine Guns, Repeating Pistols, and Elemental Weapons (Shock and Explosive). He is also extremely skilled in Hand-to-Hand Combat, thanks to his modified physically abilities and extensive training.


Quotes: "Who ever said metal wasn't heavy?"
Drako never knew his parents or any other relatives.
Has a $750,000,000 Bounty on his head and is wanted for Conspiracy, Theft, Murder, Possession of Hyperion Property, and Affiliation with the Crimson Raiders and Lilith.
His favorite color is Red
Claims to have secretly designed his suit, behind Hyperion's back, and with the use of their technology.
Is in love with Lilith, but never mentions it to anyone.
Theme Song: Celldweller - My Own LIttle World

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The Last of Us OC

~Basic Info~
Name: Remington Clements
Nickname(s): Remy, depends on the roleplay
Age: Early to Mid-20's
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'9"-5'10" (Average)
Weight: 160'lbs (Average)
Hair Color/Style: Brown and Short
Eye Color: Emerald-Green
Body Type: Average Height and Weight
Personality: Kind, Caring, Selfless, Hardworking, Tough, Reasonable, but can also be very wary about people he doesn't trust or are just getting to know.
Occupation: Medical College Student (formerly), Survivor, Scavenger
Hobbies: Studying Medical Care, Engineering new weapons and other things, Drinking every once in a while, Drawing, and reading whatever books he can scrounge up

Parent(s): Unnamed Mother (deceased), Unnamed Father (deceased)
Sibling(s): Unnamed Older Sister (deceased)
Friend(s): None
Pet(s): None
Enemy(ies): None
Affiliation(s): Smugglers (formerly), Joel and Ellie

[Survival Stats]
Combat: 4/5
Remy is able to defend himself very well. He isn't the strongest, but he can be able to take down a fully-grown man after putting up a decent fight, of course. He has a considerable amount of stamina, being able to carry on for hours before finally succumbing to tiredness.
Mental State: 3/5
While being mentally stable, Remy has decent reflexes. He can still react good on certain occasions, but he can easily be distracted by other things. However, the deaths of his family had taken a slight toll on his mental sanity, which gives him depression. He prefers not to talk about it.
Resourcefulness: 5/5 (How good is your OC at making use of what they find? things like knowing which plants are safe for consumption in times of food shortage, how to make a makeshift weapon when they have none, and being able to construct shelters and barriers for safety from zombies will make them scale higher.)
Medical Knowledge: 4/5
While studying to become a doctor in college, Remy knows how to properly clean and tend to wounds, like stitching and such. However, he is still learning new things, and becoming better.
Fighting Style: Both Close and Ranged
Weapons: Fists, Kicking, Cleaver-like Machete (Primary Melee), Machete (Secondary Melee), 12 Gauge Sawed-Off Double-Barrel Shotgun (Primary Firearm), Molotovs, can use other firearms and weapons

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Elder Scrolls OC

(@Katropolisity Thank you for helping me make this character!)

Quote: "Monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and to act without asking questions. But, to truly destroy a monster is to become one, yourself."

  -   Name: Ryld Zirshij (Ryld is Atmoran and Zirshij is Akaviri)
    -   Race: Atmoran/Akaviri (Human)
    -   Sex: Male
- Age: Unknown, possibly 500+ (Depends on the roleplay)
- Height (Human): Depends (Mostly 5'10" - 6'0")
- Height (Werelion): 7-8 Feet
- Hair Color (Human): Black with some Silver on top
- Hair Color (Werelion): Greyish-Charcoal Black
- Eye Color (Human): Silver
- Eye Color (Werelion): Golden
    -   Social Class: Middle Class
    -   Spouse: None
    -   Child(ren): None
    -   Pet(s): None
    -   Faction(s): The Companions/The Circle Member, The Dawnguard
    -   Title(s): The Black Lion

~Distinguishing Marks/Scars~
- Many scars on his face and body

- One-Handed/Dual-Wielding (100)
- Two-Handed (100)
- Archery (80)
- Block (95)
- Heavy Armor (100)
- Destruction (90) (Fire and Lightning)
- Restoration (60)
- Alchemy (85)
- Speech (65)
- Smithing (100)
- Unarmed (100)
- Known Languages: Daedric, Atmoran, and Akaviri

- (Human) Enhanced Physiology due to Atmoran Blood (Enhanced Strength, Speed, Stamina, Agility, Durability, Dexterity, Reflexes, Senses, a 50% Resistance to Cold/Frost, Immortality and Disease Immunity from Lycanthropy)
- (Werelion Form) Genetic Lycanthrope Physiology (Superhuman Strength, Speed, Stamina, Agility, Durability, Dexterity, Reflexes, Senses, Hearing, Smell, Survivability, Night Vision, Regenerative Healing Factor, Immortality, Disease Immunity, Razor-Sharp and Durable Claws and Teeth)

Werelion Form Appearance:

- Honningbrew Mead and Spiced Wine
- Weapons - Wareaxes, Greatswords, and Crossbows
- Protecting the good
- The Companions
- The Dawnguard
- Whiterun
- Adventuring
- Earning money
- Occasionally finding treasure

- Evil of any kind
- People who mistreat others
- Abusers
- The Silver Hand
- The Tsaesci-people

As a child and to an adult, Ryld was tough, ruthless, stubborn, independent, and very quiet. He mostly to always keeps to himself, unless his allies says otherwise. He was always taught to always stay on his guard, especially since he lived with his mother and father on the land of Akavir, which was a dangerous place to be. He was also extremely fearless, diving into the most dangerous of situations and battles without the slightest hint of hesitation, or fear - a true warrior at heart, and an extremely skilled one. He is skilled in the use of nearly all types of weaponry, and can use them with great derexity and skill. However, aside from distant personality, he is a very caring and humble man, especially for women and children.

Ryld developed an unshakeable hatred for the serpent-like people, the Tsaesci, as they had murdered his parents right in front of him. They ate the flesh from their bones and threw away what remained, but let him live with his pain.

With that, he remains to stay secluded from others with his personal life. He has never told anyone that he originated from Akavir, as it would possibly cause more trouble than good. He has always told everyone that he was born and raised on Solstheim, in Raven Rock. He only wonders how long it would take before someone finally sees through him.
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