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Lobo_Demon's Blog

Borderlands OC

Name: Drako Slate
Nickname: "Heavy Metal" (Depends on the roleplay)

Age: Mid-20's to Early-30's
Gender: Male
Race: Genetically-Modified Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown (Normal), White (When connected with his suit), Blood Red (When angered)
Skin Color: Porcelain, almost pale
Height: 5'7"-5'8" (Without Suit), 8 to 10 Feet Tall (With Suit)
Weight: 160'lbs (Without Suit), 1 Ton/2000 Pounds (With Suit)
Appearance of Character:

Personality: Following his birth and childhood abduction, fear and anguish were the only thing Drako knew exclusively from the Hyperion Company. However, it didn't break him, it only made him strive to free himself of their torment. After he was experimented on, he developed unstable anger issues, along with a tough, cold, and ruthless demeanor. Underneath it all, Drako is a man who is good-natured, upbeat, and full of compassion. Especially towards his allies and those he holds dear to him, like Lilith. Ever since Roland's Death, he was the only one who could ever truly comfort her. Drako is extremely loyal and protective of her, in any case. He is frequently teased for his nature around Lilith.
Occupation: Hyperion Slave (Formerly, during childhood and young adult years) Vault Hunter (Currently), Member of the Crimson Raiders (Currently)
Home: Pandora, Sanctuary

Relatives: Unknown, deceased
Pets: None
Allies: Lilith, Roland, Mordecai, Brick, Moxxi, and the other denizens of Sanctuary
Love Interest: Lilith "The Firehawk" Cashlin
Enemies: Hyperion, Handsome Jack, and anyone who is a threat to him and his loved ones

Likes: Combat Training, Vault Hunting, Lilith, the rest of the raiders, rainy weather, and experimenting with his battle suit
Dislikes: Hyperion, Handsome Jack, bandits, cold weather, and alcohol

Weapons: Drako tends to favor his highly-advanced battle suit, which can form any kind of weapon that is comprehendible. His most used weapons consists of a large Plasma Railgun and assorted Plasma-Based Weapons, Claws, Swords, Axes, and Chains. However, while out of the suit, he is highly skilled with Sub-Machine Guns, Repeating Pistols, and Elemental Weapons (Shock and Explosive). He is also extremely skilled in Hand-to-Hand Combat, thanks to his modified physically abilities and extensive training.


Quotes: "Who ever said metal wasn't heavy?"
Drako never knew his parents or any other relatives.
Has a $200,000,000 Bounty on his head and is wanted for Conspiracy, Theft, Murder, and Possession of Hyperion Property.
His favorite color is Red
Claims to have secretly designed his suit, behind Hyperion's back, and with the use of their technology.
Is in love with Lilith, but never mentions it to anyone.
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The Last of Us OC

~Basic Info~
Name: Remington Clements
Nickname(s): Remy, depends on the roleplay
Age: Late-Teens to Early-20's
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'9"-5'10" (Average)
Weight: 160'lbs (Average)
Hair Color/Style: Brown and Short
Eye Color: Emerald-Green
Body Type: Average Height and Weight
Personality: Kind, Caring, Selfless, Hardworking, Tough, Reasonable, but can also be very wary about people he doesn't trust or are just getting to know.
Occupation: College Student (formerly), Survivor, Scavenger
Hobbies: Studying Medical Care, Drinking every once in a while, Drawing, and reading whatever books he can scrounge up

Parent(s): Unnamed Mother (deceased), Unnamed Father (deceased)
Sibling(s): Unnamed Older Sister (deceased)
Friend(s): None
Pet(s): None
Enemy(ies): None
Affiliation(s): Smugglers (formerly), Joel and Ellie

[Survival Stats]
Combat: 4/5
Remy is able to defend himself very well. He isn't the strongest, but he can be able to take down a fully-grown man after putting up a decent fight, of course. He has a considerable amount of stamina, being able to carry on for an hour at least, before finally becoming tired.
Mental State: 3/5
While being mentally stable, Remy has slow reflexes. He can still react good on certain occasions, but he can easily be distracted by other things. However, the deaths of his family had taken a slight toll on his mental sanity, which gives him depression. He prefers not to talk about it.
Resourcefulness: 5/5 (How good is your OC at making use of what they find? things like knowing which plants are safe for consumption in times of food shortage, how to make a makeshift weapon when they have none, and being able to construct shelters and barriers for safety from zombies will make them scale higher.)
Medical Knowledge: 4/5
While studying to become a doctor in college, Remy knows how to properly clean and tend to wounds, like stitching and such. However, he is still learning new things, and becoming better.
Fighting Style: Both Close and Ranged
Weapons: Fists, Kicking, Cleaver-like Machete (Primary Melee), Machete (Secondary), .357 Colt Python (Primary Firearm), Molotovs, can use other firearms and weapons

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Elder Scrolls OC

(Kingu Shīsā is Japanese for King Caeser, a Kaiju from the Godzilla Fandom, which was my inspiration for creating this character, along with a good friend of mine that helped me make him. @Katropolisity
Thank you for helping me make this character!)

  -   Name: Ryld Zirshij (Ryld is Atmoran and Zirshij is Akaviri)

    -   Race: Atmoran/Akaviri (Human)
    -   Sex: Male
- Age: Unknown (Possibly +500, but appearance seems to be Mid 20's to Early 30's)
- Height (Human): Depends (Mostly 5'10" - 6'0")
- Height (Shisa Form): 10-15 ft
- Hair Color (Human): Black with some Silver on top
- Hair Color (Shisa Form): Golden Brown
- Eye Color (Human): Silver
- Eye Color (Shisa Form): Ruby Red
    -   Social Class: Middle Class
    -   Spouse: None
    -   Child(ren): None
    -   Pet(s): None
    -   Faction(s): The Companions
    -   Title(s): Champion of Kingu Shīsā

~Distinguishing Marks/Scars~
- Several scars on his face and body
- Kingu Shīsā's Brand on his right shoulder

- One-Handed (100)
- Two-Handed (100)
- Heavy Armor (100)
- Destruction (90)
- Restoration (50)
- Enchanting (45)
- Speech (45)
- Smithing (50)
- Unarmed (100)
- Known Languages: Daedric, Atmoran, and Akaviri

- (Human) Moderately Enhanced Physiology due to Atmoran blood (Strength, Speed, Stamina, Agility, Durability, and a 50% Resistance to Cold/Frost)
- (Shisa Form) Demi-God-like Physiology (Superhuman Strength, Speed, Stamina, Agility, Durability, Reflexes, Hearing, Pyrokinesis/Fire Manipulation, Terrakinesis/Earth Manipulation, and Energy Absorbtion from the sun)

Shisa Form Appearance:
Shisa Brand:

- Nord and Juniper Mead
- Weapons - Wareaxes and Greatswords
- Protecting the good
- The Companions
- Whiterun
- Adventuring
- Occasionally finding treasure

- Evil of any kind
- People who mistreat others
- The Tsaesci-people

As a child and to an adult, Ryld was tough, ruthless, stubborn, and independent. He mostly to always keeps to himself, unless his allies says otherwise. He was always taught to always stay on his guard, especially since he lived with his mother and father on the land of Akavir, which was a dangerous place to be.

Ryld developed an unshakeable hatred for the serpent-like people, the Tsaesci, as they had murdered his parents right in front of him. They ate the flesh from their bones and threw away what remained, but let him live with his pain.

Using his abilities for the greater good, Ryld is honored to be carrying the god-like power of Kingu Shīsā, an ancient and forgotten Akaviri Shisa God of Power and Good. With that, he remains to stay secluded from others with his personal life. He has never told anyone that he originated from Akavir, as it would possibly cause more trouble than good. He has always told everyone that he was born and raised on Solstheim, in Raven Rock. He only wonders how long it would take before someone finally sees through him.
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Transformers OC (Autobot)

Name: Velocity Raptor
Age: 640
Height: 16'4"
Weight: +970'lbs
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Cybertronian
Type: Autobot/Dinobot/Triple Changer
Vehicle Type(s): Form 2: Indoraptor, Form 3: Ford Ranger
Color Scheme: Steel, Firey Orange, Black
Modifications: Dinobot Accessories, Vehicle Accessories
Training: Combat Training from Optimus Prime and Ironhide, Dinobot Training from Grimlock and the other Dinobots, Scout Training from Bumblebee and Sideswipe
Relatives: Wheeljack (Creator), Grimlock ("Brother"), Dinobots ("Family")

Personality: Unlike the rest of the Dinobots built by Wheeljack, Velocity Raptor retains intelligence far from the dim-wittedness of his "siblings". His creator spent many IQ sessions with him, significantly increasing each time a new test was given. Raptor takes pride in himself as a warrior and scout, despite being able to transform into loud forms, he has always managed to stay silent, and gets the job done each time. Most times, his Dinobot nature tends to make him savage and brutal in battle, but he always comes through with his allies, especially Optimus Prime.

Weapons: Wrist Claws, Energon Flak Axe, Thermal Magna Shot, Energon Grenade Launcher, and Fire-Breath (Raptor Mode)

Short Bio: W.I.P.
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Furry OC #2

* Name: Akamu Ikaika (Akamu is the Hawaiian form of Adam, and Ikaika means "strong" in Hawaiian)
* Age: Mid-20's to Mid-30s
* Species: Anthro Shark
* Gender: Male
* Height: 5'10" to 6'0"
* Weight: 210'lbs
* Appearance: Akamu is a muscular, anthropomorphic great white shark with Hazel colored eyes. He has a tattoo of a caution sign on his right shoulder which reads, "SWIM AT OWN RISK" and a small shark tooth necklace. He's mostly seen shirtless and wearing his usual orange swim trunks, but he can wear normal clothing as well, which consists of plain t-shirts, checkered shirts and either gym shorts, or jeans.
* Personality: Calm and Collective, Akamu is usually quite a loner, as he barely has any friends, but it never has affected him in any way. However, besides that, he can be a sweet and caring person who also likes to help out people. He also has a strong love for surfing, swimming, music and his homeland of Hawaii.
* Occupation: Hawaiian Marine and Surfer
Traits/Skills/Abilities: Being an anthropomorphic shark, Akamu is an excellent swimmer, and extremely fast while under, or above the surface of the water. He also has great strength and durability, and while under the water, he's also quite agile for his size. Akamu has strong, razor sharp teeth and claws. He's also a very skilled surfer, being able to preform many maneuvers, and has good balance while on the board.
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