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Lobo_Demon's Blog

Damon Roark, The Altered Beast

(( Still a Work in Progress ))

Full Name: Subject-343, but currently gave himself the name Damon Roarke
Nickname(s): The Subject, The Altered Beast
Age: Appears to be in Early to Mid-20's
Date of Birth: December 10th, unknown year
Birthplace: W.I.P.

Hair: Black and some streaks of White, Long in back, which is usually kept in a braied ponytail (Normal, but varies on the different beast forms)
Eyes: Light Grey (Normal, but varies on different beast forms)
Height: 5'10" (Normal, but varies on the different beast forms)
Weight: 155'lbs (Normal, but caries on the different beast forms)
Body Type: Well-built and Toned (Normal, but varies on the different beast forms)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight (Heterosexual)
Race: Human/Genome-Cyborg
Distinguishing Features: The giant scar on his torso and chest, which is in the shape of a distorted X, along with many other scars from previous battles
Clothing Type: A simple white shirt and a black sleeveless military jacket over it. The jacket is also adorned with many pockets. He also wears a pair of dark brown paratrooper pants, black combat boots, and brown fingerless padded gloves. He will wear almost anything he can find as well.

Personality: Because of his upbringing, Damon is a very stern and cautious individual. He has a deep hatred for the government that made him into the freak he is today, showing no mercy to any of their soldiers and agents that intend to bring him back. However, with his current abilities, he uses them with great pride against his creators. Damon also displays gifted, almost enhanced intelligence as well, being able to use his mind to his advantage at any given time. Deep down inside, Damon wonders if his creation is false, as he was intended to be used as a weapon for the government's own personal gain. He is very depressed and troubled inside and usually speaks outloud from this.

Relationship status: Single
Parents: Unknown
Sibling: Unknown
Occupation: Genome Super-Soldier (Formerly), Vigilante (Current)
Likes: Being alone, using his abilities against bad guys, traveling, soda of any kind, reading books
Dislikes: The American Government, bad people, being used for evil

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Zod Windjumper (Goblin OC)

First Name: Zod
Last Name: Windjumper
Other Alias(s): The Green Thorn, Hero of the Poor
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Forest Goblin
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Straight)
Day of Birth: Unknown
Occupation: Professional Thief, Assassin, and Spy


Hair Length and Style: None
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Light Grey
Skin Tone: Dark Forest Green
Wings/Claws/Tail design: Razor Sharp Claws and Teeth, including a long, serpentine-like tail that he keeps hidden
Body Build: Athletic-Fit and Lean
Height: 3'2"
Weight: 54'lbs
Special Features: His Tail and Smells of the Forest
Tattoos/Birthmarks: None
Clothing: Zod prefers to wear more light things; various red and dark colored leathers, furs, cloths, and cloaks. However, he does sometimes wear small metal armor, mostly shoulder pauldrons, knee guards and chestplates


Because of his upbrining and past abandonment, Zod developed a lone wolf demeanor. He preferes solitude and never likes to get close to anyone, even if he has allies. Like the rest of his kind, Zod has a great love and greed for all things gold and precious. Still, he does have some compassion for others, especially if they are hurt and down in life. Zod is known to occassionally help poor beggars and bring them things to live on, including food, clothing, and even money, and he actively seeks to get them out of harms way, no matter the cost. He loves his job and would never think of anything better to do. However, he never harms good and innocent people. He may be a killer, but he has standards.

Likes: Gold, Gems, Food, Hunting down wanted and dangerous people and creatures
Dislikes: Not gaining enough money, seeing the poor suffer, Rich People
Fears: Zod is Cynophobic, meaning he is afraid of dogs and canine-like animals (Will explain in roleplay)
Hobbies: Making poisons and toxins, and walking through forests


Zod is an expert in stealth, being able to move around silently and efficiently through the shadows. Not only that, he is also able to fit into places that most would never be able to, making this one of his greatest advantages as he can slip away without problems. Zod is also skilled in picking pockets. Having trained himself, he learned how to handle small blades, bows and arrows, and throwing weapons. He is quite the crackshot with a bow and extremely fast with daggers. His speed, durability and strength is almost unnatural for his kind, especially in his legs. He can pummel a full-grown person and is able to knock them out with enough force, and can take debilitating hits that would be considered deadly to him. Zod is extremely acrobatic and flexible, can jump high in the air, and can climb or even scale up virtually any surface. Some would describe him as perfect thief and assassin material.

Weapons: Zod carries a special elven dagger he named "Thorn", but he also carries various other Daggers, Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrows, various Poisons and Toxions, and also uses his own Teeth, Claws, and Tail

Appearance of Dagger:
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Alonso Wölversön

Avatar: The Last Airbender OC

Name: Moloch Masheng

Nickname/s: Depends on the roleplay

Age: 14-18 (Depends on the Roleplay)

Gender: Male

Occupation: Traveler, Member of Team Avatar and Musician

Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Bending: Earthbending and Lavabending (Hung Gar Dragon-Style)

Non-Bending: Without the use of his bending, Moloch is quite skilled in the use of art of the Crescent Moon Spade-Spear, like all users of the Dragon-Style. He can use his spear with heightened dexterity, agility and speed. He can also use it in his Earthbending methods, as earth was mixed into the material

Physical features: (hair, eyes, skin, build etc): Moloch is a well-built young man for his age. While not being completely muscular, he still has some slight muscles and is lean. He has long charcoal black hair, which he usually keeps tied in a ponytail, yellowish-gold eyes and slightly tanned skin

Height: 4'7" to 4'8" (Depends on the Roleplay)

Weight: 105'lbs to 110'lbs

Standard clothing: A sleeveless, black and gold-trimmed top with two pairs of long flaps that extend to his shins and a silky green shirt underneath. He also wears a long, gold sash around his waist and silky dark brown pants, along with black boots

Defining features: A small tear stain-like scar under his left eye. Moloch received this during his first Earthbending lessons with his mother

Other outfits: None, as he likes the clothes he currently wears

Good Traits/Habits: Quiet, Reserved, Calm, Polite, Kind, Caring and very Charitable

Bad Traits/Habits: Somewhat Arrogant and Stubborn

Likes: His Parents, Team Avatar, his companion, Music, Earthbending Training, Spear Training and Tea

Dislikes: The Fire Nation and Evil of any kind

Hobbies: Playing the Guzheng Instrument for his friends or anyone in general, drinking tea, hanging out with his friends, and training

Talents: Moloch is a highly-skilled prodigy of Earthbending, Lavabending, and Spear-Combat. He's also a very gifted musician, mostly with the Guzheng Instrument

Strengths: Earthbending, Spear-Combat and is quick in his feet

Weaknesses: While Moloch is a very skilled combatant, he doesn't know hand-to-hand, which makes his chances very less successful if he's not holding a weapon

Fears: Water has always been Moloch's greatest fear. With being an Earthbender, he never learned how to swim and nearly drowned as a younger child. However, the nightmares that plague his mind always seem to frighten him as much as water does


Affiliations/Alliances (Good, Bad, Neutral): Moloch is on very good terms with Team Avatar, being a well-respected member and a best friend to them all

Family: Meka Masheng (Mother, Deceased), Femang Masheng (Father, Deceased)

Friends: Gyasha and Team Avatar (Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph Beifong, Appa, Momo and Suki), Zuko (Reluctant, but later friendly), Iroh

Romantic Interest/s: Katara of the Southern Water Tribe (Can be flexible for others, as well)

Pets: A female Saber-Tooth Moose Lion, named Gyasha
When Moloch was roughly around 6 years of age, while exploring the wilderness around his village, he found the young and wounded animal. She was still conscious, she didn't have very much time to live. The young boy quickly brought her for he village healer to save her life. Since then, Gyasha has been very caring, loving and protective of Moloch, always following where he goes unless he says otherwise. Gyasha is also quite playful, being seen running around or playing with Appa and Momo

Enemies: The Fire Nation and those that greatly support them.


Early Life: (Your OC’s origins): W.I.P.

Growing up: (Your OC’s childhood): W.I.P.

Where they are at present: (at what point in their lives are they at the moment): W.I.P.

~Extra Information~

Main Goals: To avenge his parents by bringing the Fire Nation down with his friends and to live a peaceful life

Hopes/Dreams: To, one day, tell Katara of his feelings, marry her and have a family together

Color(s): Black, Green (Olive and Light), Brown and Gold

Season(s): Spring and Winter

Theme Song: W.I.P.

Trivia: Moloch is usually to always described as a very handsome young man, much to Sokka's somewhat dismay and jealousy

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Borderlands OC

Name: Drako Slate
Nickname: Heavy Metal (Depends on the roleplay)

Age: Early to Mid-20's (Depends on the roleplay)
Gender: Male
Race: Genetically-Modifed Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey (Normal), Pure-White (When connected with his suit), Blood Red (When angered)
Skin Color: Porcelain, almost pale
Height: 5'6" to 5'8" (Without Suit), 10 Feet Tall (With Suit)
Weight: 160'lbs (Without Suit), 2 Tons/4000 Pounds (With Suit)

Personality: Following his birth and childhood abduction, fear and anguish were the only things Drako knew. However, it didn't break him, it only made him strive to free himself of their torment. After he was experimented on, he developed unstable anger issues, along with being tough, cold, and a brutally ruthless demeanor, and taking enjoyment from those he takes the lives from. Underneath it all, Drako is a man who is good-natured, upbeat, and full of compassion. Especially towards his allies and those he holds dear to him, like Lilith. Ever since Roland's death, he was the only one who could ever truly comfort her. He grew a very close friendship with her. Drako is fiercely loyal and protective of her, in any case, and when he sees someone hurting her, he will stop at nothing until that person has paid the blood price. He is frequently teased for his nature around Lilith. But, despite his more brawnish and brutish nature to his enemies, he is also gifted with high-levels of intelligence, mainly for technology and weaponry, which was also enhanced further from the experiments he had undergone.

Occupation: Hyperion Slave (Formerly, during childhood and young adult years) Vault Hunter (Currently), Member of the Crimson Raiders (Currently)
Home: Pandora, Sanctuary

Relatives: Unknown, deceased
Pets: None
Allies: Lilith, Roland, Mordecai, Brick, Moxxi, and the other denizens of Sanctuary
Love Interest: Lilith "The Firehawk" Cashlin (Can be flexible for others)
Enemies: Hyperion, Handsome Jack, and anyone who is a threat to him and his loved ones

Likes: Combat Training, Vault Hunting, Lilith, the rest of the raiders, rainy weather, and experimenting with his battle suit
Dislikes: Hyperion, Handsome Jack, bandits, cold weather, and alcohol

Weapons: Drako tends to favor his highly-advanced battle suit, which can form any kind of weapon that is comprehendible, with the use of highly advanced nanotechnology. His most used weapons is a large Plasma Railgun and assorted Plasma-Based Weapons, Claws, Swords, Axes and Saw-based Weapons. However, while out of the suit, he is highly skilled with Sub-Machine Guns, Repeating Pistols, and Elemental Weapons (Shock and Explosive). He is also extremely skilled in Hand-to-Hand Combat, thanks to his modified physically abilities and extensive training.


Quotes: "Who ever said metal wasn't heavy?"
Drako never knew his parents or any other relatives.
Has a $750,000,000 Bounty on his head and is wanted for Conspiracy, Theft, Murder, Possession of Hyperion Property, and Affiliation with the Crimson Raiders and Lilith.
His favorite color is Red
Claims to have secretly designed his suit, behind Hyperion's back, and with the use of their technology.
Is in love with Lilith, but never mentions it to anyone.
Theme Song: Celldweller - My Own LIttle World

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