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21 / Male / Single
Who Cares, United States
Current Fandom I'm Into: Overlord Series (Overlord: Raising Hell & Overlord 2)

Hey guys, you can call me Lobo! Be sure to check out my blog for the verses I can do, I'm still updating it as well. Other than that, shoot me a message any time! I'm willing to roleplay or chat any time! Also, my the characters I create are not only set in their specific verses. I can use them for other ideas as well. I only do MxF.

(P.S. I also have Depression and Anxiety. Just wanted to let everyone know.)

Here's the blog for other verses I will do:

Discord: Lobo_Demon#7594

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People just keep removing me, without telling me what the problem is. What am I doing wrong..? Guess I'll never know, considering people aren't mature enough to tell me what was wrong.
Mood: angry
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