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(Katia vanDees)
23 / Female / Single
Tokyo, Japan
Please enjoy the music while checking out my profile (Computer users only)

Rules and Standards

DONT BE A DICK.... English is not my first language. I’ve been told I have a language barrier by multiple people and hurts cause I really try.

Do not friend me if you aren't going to rp with me or if you aren't going to be active, I will remove you due to inactivity

18+ People Please


Please BE ACTIVE(no not 24 but don’t leave me hanging mid rp without notice)

Please No one-liners

Please be able to roleplay in 3rd person

Please be able to write 1- multiple paragraphs

Please NO * for actions

Please have fun


No furries please

I also only play Female roles and only do BxG

If you do not have the time to be roleplaying with me. (Unless we talked about you being busy and having some issues in life or work COMMUNICATION). I hate when I see my partners online all the time but they haven't responded in like 5 plus days

I HAVE BEEN ROLEPLAYING FOR 12 years- On December 25th it will be 13. I write books in my free time so I am nothing but long replies and very detailed replies.

I don't do GXG

Reasons why I stop roleplaying with you
1 you aren’t playing the part correctly
2 you wasted my time and I moved on
3 You're not giving enough in the roleplay
4 you did something wrong
5 you didn’t follow the Standards or rules

I will let you know if you are 1-5 or all of the above I don’t just leave with saying anything

About me and my roleplays
What I want to be called: You can call me Kat

Posting Length: Half a paragraph or longer/ Multi paragraph depending

Roleplaying Genres: Romance mixed with any of the following. Supernatural, action, tv shows, movies, Horror, mafia, FANTASY.

What Kind of Roleplay I’m Looking For: A Romance, I might switch it to something else every once in a while. I think all genres are good and I think I find a way to mix them all together.

And I’m constantly writing I’m a writer and I’m always coming up with roleplays. So check in every day. Just because I don’t post them, doesn’t mean I don’t have any.

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Latest Comments

Feb 12th 2023 01:54

Alright new rules I am adding to my bio… If you add me you message first. And if you add me we start talking and you leave with out notice and do not reply to me and you are online I am removing you. For example we are talking and they you suddenly stop replying. If you reply saying you will get back to me because you have to do something you are safe. Also fail to tell me you are going to be busy or you don’t reply to me but you’ve been online and 3-5 go by I am removing you.
Sep 2nd 2022 21:46

Looking for long term ACTIVE partners.
Jul 19th 2022 23:20

Looking for a little spiciness for once
Jul 18th 2022 12:38

Ah sorry i have this problem where once in awhile my replies won't be sent
May 22nd 2022 20:02

Anyone an Uncharted 4 fan?
Mar 7th 2022 15:54