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22 / Male / Single
Utah - United States
Welcome to my bio, so a few things about myself is that I have been role-playing for about 6 years now. I left this site for a while to do some GTA nopixel rp. It was fun as hell. I highly recommend it, but there wasn't a lot of creativity when your stuck in a city. So I have come back to make something new or add to a new existing Fandom. I love creating oc because it is an extention of yourself on what you would like to be. Well I hope to hear from you guys soon

Oh before I forget, i love Star Wars, DC, Marvel and supernatural. I love role-playing in a apocalyptic world, medieval eras or futuristic medieval eras, I know im weird, sue me.

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I'm back! Sorry 2 leave u hanging like that! Had 2 charge my phone then eat a late dinner
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