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(Jordyn Leighton)
19 / Female / Single
Rhode Island - United States
Hello all reading. Thank you in taking the time to read this. I'm really big into role playing. More than the average as it's a great hobby of mine. Though I'm also starting to follow the status quo on here as well and collecting people as well. So if you add me or I add you. Take the chance to reach out and say hello and read my profile. Or just enjoy sitting on the shelf to dust. I'm starting to find it amusing how all these profiles are made and no one follows through on role playing, but just wasting time to create them. Everything from fandom role plays to standard slice of life. Horror role plays if they are done right. Other then that I'm opened, but will list limits. I don't list kinks, because my role plays aren't about the ways of pleasing a character. So please do take the time to read the stuff below.

My character is named Jordyn Leighton. She's an 18 year old high schooler that lives in a broken down apartment with her divorced father. Her father believes Jordyn is the reason why her mom ran off to Vegas with some risky gambler. Her brother had died in war two years ago. Living off as a lone wolf with working on the docks under some mob group. Which no one would believe her since and pretty much the mobster boss claims she's a small liability if anything. The boyfriend she dated was named Garrett Sommers whom was as singer in a band and being two years older. Considered him enough class individual, but quickly shafted to the side as soon as he got some big deal to go to California and have some try-out for the big times. She continues to confide in her best friend/blood sister in Talia Batini. Growing up with her and being friends since freshmen year. Probably the only girl who could really understand her and empathize with her. She meshes with a small inner connected group of damaged individuals that try to remain as a second family. Almost like a psychology type group.

Many times running away was on the mind. Constantly sleeping in depression at the docks while listening to the boats go about and the rest of the movement of workers unloading. Sleeping up in the light house. Though the money made from the mob was nice. Still nothing came easy when it dealt with others shooting at you. Mayhaven is a life of drama like any. Though some inner darkness always seem to come about. Something almost like dangerous cults and murderers. Still keeping a sane mind here sometimes is rough. Well that's my story. If you made it this long through it and actually read it. Then please type a response if interested in role playing with me....with being my favorite snacks "pizza bites".


- Must be respectful. IC and OOC. - I will not tolerate any rudeness and it's not needed regardless of your stance. Be a grown up and communicate like one.

-Ghosting - Don't do it. If you aren't happy with the role play. Don't be a jerk and click ignore. Talk to me and let me know your thoughts. I'm reasonable. We can generally work something out and even improvise. Also this includes not being a dick and ignoring me for days. I understand we have lives outside of here, but just let me know.

- Para Posting - This is a must. I'm sorry. I can't do semi para or one lining. It doesn't work for me. Not negotiable. Oh and I don't do writing a novel either. Keep it with two to three reasonable paragraphs. I don't feel like over reading something and then getting scolded cause I missed a comment. Really is annoying.

- Grammar Nazi - Don't be one. I use stars, hyphens, semi colons, etc. If I use it wrong. Don't be a dick about things. I respect you and you respect me.

- Discord - My preference, but I don't force others to go there. I feel it's more of an organized site. I do tend to play as multiple characters. I get bored of playing as one and the role play dissipates quickly.

- Elements - I'm big into drama, romance, action, and comedy. - Always willing to work on story together. It makes more fun on things. Also I love doing flash backs on things. It explains the character and thoughts. I'm pretty inner about my characters.

- My character is bi. More of a female lean. Feels women are easy to engage and care with. Plus the soft feel and embrace over the easy confiding in. The emotions shared.

- If you made it this far. Type in "Hot Sauce"

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