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(Rosalina Beaumont)
30 / Female / In a Relationship
" Savage, not average "
Name : Rosalina Beaumont
Job : model and influencer

My man : taken by the most amazing guy I have ever met @mindovermatter

Mains :

@mindovermatter ( love of my life) He is my one true love on this world. My meant to be and so much more. The most amazing man I ever called mine

@Zaddy ( Talented best friend) He is the sweetest soul who can do no wrong in my eyes. He will always have a friend in me.

@OliverQueen7 ( Sweet soul ) He is my dear friend who I treasure very dearly

@Brandon (Bestie) I value our friendship so much and I will always be here for you

@Owenmazor ( Crazy best friend) He has the ability to always make me laugh no matter what

@Misfit ( Bestie) She is a sweetheart and my bestest friend. You hurt her and I'll hurt you

@Darkhanzo ( Best friend) He is a very good friend to have and I will always be there for him no matter what

@Twistedsinner ( Personal bodyguard )He is my closest friend who I never ever want to lose. He may be a blabbermouth at times but he is my one true friend who I can always rely on

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Latest Status

Sweet as cotton candy in my pink dress.
8  4 hours ago

Latest Comments

You’re so adorable baby girl, I’m so happy to be around you again <3
50 minutes ago

Hey my love, I missed you so much
55 minutes ago

Always good when I’m with you darling, what about you? <3
Jun 23rd 2024 11:01

Hi baby girl <3
Jun 23rd 2024 09:46

You have me speechless yet again baby, god I don’t know what in the world I did to deserve you but it must’ve been something good otherwise I wouldn’t have you. You make me feel so so loved, I love you so incredibly much. My future wife <3
Jun 21st 2024 06:19

Hey beautiful <3
Jun 20th 2024 08:19

I’m even luckier to have the most perfect girl ever <3
Jun 19th 2024 17:42

I can’t believe you’re mine either, I’m so lucky <3
Jun 19th 2024 17:27

My love for you is endless too baby <3
Jun 19th 2024 17:20

I love you darling <3
Jun 19th 2024 15:22