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26 / Male / Single and Looking
Pennsauken , NJ - United States
Hey people names Jay love doing l*wd stuff and video game roleplays I'm a big roleplay guy love doing all kinds roleplays especially those and happy to plot something new and have fun and long term fun! Hope we can get together and make something special.

Also happy to plan or plot something together and that we can both enjoy if something is wrong or wanna talk about anything just let me know I'm always here to communicate with my partners and make something special with you and be long term friends and roleplay partners and I can always be a friend just ask!

I only do MxF I don't do mxm or anything with other men nothing personal I'm just not gay or role that way sorry. Also if your a male that wants to play a female that's fine but I don't do mxm at all!

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