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117 / Female / Single
United Kingdom
Lenore is a seemingly normal seven year old, though she holds a secret. Though she may look like a child, she is actually much older. Lenore is a vampire, having been turned at the age of seven by her older brother.

Before her life as a Vampire, Lenore lived a simple and happy life. She was the youngest out of two children. Her older brother went to war, though had been changed. He was easy to anger, very aggressive and Lenore was fearful of him. Her brother also caused an accident which led Lwnore to becoming blind.

With her fear of her brother growing, her parents and brother constantly fighting. He finally left, drinking late within the night. He came home just before the sun rose attacking his family. Not knowing what he was doing, nor how to control his new thirst for blood. He turned Lenore, trapping her in the body for a child forever. Together they killed their parents, which he constantly berates her.

Lenore eventually has enough, going into a rage which leads to Lenore killing her brother. Though she is older than she appears, Lenore still maintains a childlike attitude. Lenore is also rather fierce, while she is sweet she also been known to lash out during stress, threatened. She can easily be upset, even throwing a fit like a regular child.

Lenore holds some resentment towards what she is, angry that she's forever trapped within the body of a child and forced to live as a monster. Lenore is rather lonely, though she may not show it. She can be clingy, selfish and obnoxious. She wants to be coddled, though gets angry when treated like a child for too long. Lenore is rather conflicted, truly unknowing to what she really wants. Which is to be loved.

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