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(Kumiko Yamazaki)
50 / Female / Married
I like rps of various types. However, when it comes to romance, I am only into girl/girl romance. Sorry fellas! *^^*

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BTW...still looking for someone to do a nice yuri rp with Haibara Ai from Detective Conan. If you're interested, do PM :) Also attracted to the idea of doing some based on "I'm in love with the Villainess" XD
2  Sep 21st 2023 22:36

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Q. Hello
A. Hello hello :)
 Jul 21st 2022 08:36

Q. im ok
A. Would you like a hug? :)
 May 3rd 2020 12:19

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you are the best <3
Apr 20th 2023 15:57

Hey sorry for disappearing on you
Jul 25th 2022 01:57

Hey for some reason it won't let me message but hi lol
Apr 12th 2022 03:18

Hi everyone. Sorry for being away for a few days. Posting now.
Mar 19th 2019 20:46

thanks Hon. :)
Mar 10th 2019 04:09

I'm free to now if you like
Jan 13th 2019 19:18

Hope we can rp.
Jan 13th 2019 11:03