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Cylie's Blog

Silver blood

All creatures with silver blood have increased healing abilities. As silver blood is laced what natural chemicals and hormones that stimulate the body in such a way that it will heal much faster and with far less pain then in red or black blooded species.

However these chemicals have proven to be extremely toxic even lethal to red and black flooded species. Only the angels, the youngest of all silver blooded species, have a genetic makeup close enough to those of red and black blood that their blood will not poison but will heal any wound it comes into contact with and if consumed has been known to extend or prolong the lifespan of ohers.
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Hell hounds

He'll hounds are large almost dog-like creatures. They are a guardian species, typically loyal to demons. He'll hounds are intelligent creatures but act mostly on instinct opposed to anything else. They, like dragons and wtlyverns have a humanoid form, and like with other Shift'ng species find it painful to change between forms so they do not do it often.

He'll hounds don't have eyes and are completely blind. However they have sensory organs on the roof of their mouths that allow them to detect body heat giving them a sort of heat vision. They are also very sensitive to vibrations in the air and ground. Couple that with their amazing sense of smell, strong muscles, sharp teeth and claws and these creatures are a top predator. They are amazing hunters and eat a steady diet of meat and plants, some of their favorite being humans and a dark leafy plant known as milk fern.

An interesting feature of hellhounds is that their lower jaw and unhinge from itself much like red-blooded snakes.

Hell hounds about 80 or so years and but are prone to health problems if they do not get the right diet and proper exercise as they are highly energetic and can easily become depressed if neglected.

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Wyverns are sub species of dragons and have silver blood. They are a slightly smaller dragon, females being bigger than males. They are also shifters as they are guardian species, their loyalties laying with angels.

They primarily in dense forested areas with large trees such as red woods or on cliffsides. Not only are wyverns amazing flyers but they are good climbers as they have a sharp claw-like bone at the join of both wings that they use to hand onto vertical surfaces.

Wyverns are carnivores and enjoy a diet that consists mostly smaller flying creatures, one of their favorites being the common red blooded bat.

Wyverns are intelligent and agile creature but they often prefer to follow others and are rarely independent. Occasionally they will take on a bigger hunt and work together to take down their pray. Wyverns are very social creatures and very curious.

Like most other dragons they typically choose to stay in their beast forms when pregnant or in great distress.

A peculiar trait that most other dragons don't have is that wyverns produce a highly toxic venom that they insert into their victims via their long sharp teeth. They have fangs in their humanoid form as well.
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Dragons are what's known as a gaurdian species. This means they are instinctively protective or loyal to another specific species. In this case though dragons in general are protective of silver blood. Species means little to them.

They have two forms. Humanoid and beast. However it takes several minutes to change between these forms and is often quite painful so most creatures like this pick a form and stick with it.

Most female actually take on their best form when pregnant. If they choose their beast form they lay eggs, should they choose their human form they give live birth.

Dragons live and nest in high areas such as mountain tops. They have large, powerful wings, even in their humanoid forms and are known to be quite dangerous and very agressive. Dragons live in large flocks with one dominant male or female to lead them. Flocks can be anywhere from five dragons to 50. However large flocks are harder to find.

Most dragons prefer hot climates and can be found near volcanoes and hot springs as they are drawn to the energy provided by the earth natural heat.

Dragons are carnivores. They eat only meat and are quite fond of things such as fish or deer.

Dragons have thick scales that provide a natural armor and is hard to penetrate. And since they have silver blood they have accelerated healing. These creatures are very difficult to take on in battle and you never want to get between a mother and her young or you'll likely be the babies' next meal.
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Shape shifters

Shape shifters are a less common species to find as they tend to be highly territorial and prefer to be secluded from most other creatures.

Their true form though they rarely take it on is that of a humanoid shape that appears to made entirely of tar. However it is actually black blood.

Shape shifters are black blooded creatures with no internal organs. They do not require food however they do need a constant supply of water because if they get dehydrated they basically turn to dust.

Shape shifters have the ability to mimic or take on the shape of any living thing they have seen before. This includes plants too. They have poor eyesight but make up for it with an extremely sensitive sense of smell. They average lifespan of a shape shifter is between 100-400 years but can be longer or shorter depending on the temperature of the environment they are in. They do better in slightly cooler areas but if they get too cold they can freeze. To be frozen is not equivalent to death as once they warm up they will be fine once more. Freezing simply outs them in a state of paralysis.
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