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23 / Female / Forever Alone
In my mind~, Some place odd - United States
Hey there! I'm looking for some long term roleplay partners.

I'm yekatya also known as Cylie. I go by pacific standard time.

I've been roleplaying for roughly 5 years. I love to create intricate worlds and stories. I lean towards using OCs and original plots. I roleplay in a third person semi-para to novella style of writing and absolutely will not use or tolerate one liners!

I enjoy pretty much all generes of RP (except for slice of life because that's boring.) and I tend to gravitate towards darker themes and I love discussing roleplays out of character to plan and build the story and the lore.

I may fangirl over our characters and this includes; drawing them, writing oneshots or fics for them, making pins or stickers of them (all with permission of course!) And talking or gushing over them to my friends.

I'm always looking for new RP partners! Here's something I'm looking for in my partners:

-long term partners!

-be literate!

-have decent replies

-no oneliners!!!!

-no PWP

-please reply at least twice a week!

-be creative!

-be original!

And of course I'm not asking anyone to be perfect. I know there will be mistakes and bad replies and heck most that will probably come from my end of the roleplay. I love roleplaying. It's a big part of my life and always will be. I love getting away from reality and writting stories with other people. I love creating something that has meaning and I will put my heart and soul into a roleplay or story that I enjoy.

If you wanna chat or rp just message me and we can talk!

And aside from roleplay I'm also an artist and an author! If you wanna see my art you can go to my Instagram here:

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