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(Kagome Moonstar)
27 / Female / Single
New Jersey - United States
Name: Kagome Moonstar


Birthday: February 15

Race: Wolfling ( Half-human half-werewolf. ))

Sexually ?: Straight

Favorite animal: Wolf

Hair color: Red with purple highlights going down the edges of her hair.

Eye color: As a human Kagome has Green eyes but as a wolfing, she has one eye that's green and another that's yellow.

Wolf ears and tail color: Gray-black

Favorite Supernatural creature: Wolf Angels

Hobbies: Street performer, Kagome loves to sing and dance for little kids.

Story: For 5 years of Kagome's life, she had been locked up in the basement of her abusive father's house punched, kicked, yelled at and cursed at until she turned 6 years and decided that she had enough and out of the basement by escaping through the window and running away as fast as she could, never looking back. 10 years of living on the streets, she learned how to fight, how to steal and even how to hide from people who want to harm her.

Favorite Flower?: Purple lilies.

Favorite singer ?: Nana Mizuki.

Her most favorite treat?: Taiyaki (( Especially if there are filled with strawberry jam))

Least favorite foods and sauces?: Tomatoes, extremely spicy foods, onions, buffalo barbecue sauce, ranch dressing.

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0  Apr 16th 2019 15:35

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Q. How you doing today? :)
A. I'm ok, you ?
 Jan 8th 2019 22:39

Q. Who's your favorite Vocaloid?
A. Miku, because that was the Vocaloid I was first introduced to.
 Jan 1st 2019 20:08

Latest Comments

Yes messages me whoever and we can start :)
Apr 17th 2019 22:16

Of course!
Apr 17th 2019 19:47

Great! What do you like to roleplay?
Apr 10th 2019 17:28

I’ll be looking forward to it.
Apr 9th 2019 11:26

If your not too busy, perhaps we can discuss one now?
Apr 6th 2019 18:27

Thank you for accepting my friend request. So nice to meet you! ﭢ
Apr 6th 2019 17:34

I'll be honest, i prefer discord, mainly because i dont have to refresh the page every few seconds XD Gab#4378
Apr 4th 2019 14:44

Good idea :). Do you want to start off doing that? I'd probably be the "bad guy", and i could react to whatever she does :).Do you wanna do the rp here or?
Apr 4th 2019 14:41

Just curious, because i read your character"lore" and i found it interesting. With Jeff (Which is probably the character i'd use, but it depends) the location of the other persons character is really important. Kagome is perfect for it though :).
Apr 4th 2019 14:29

I've yet to rp on this site actually, i usually rp on sites like "Chatzy" or with my friends who have Discord. We could do it on here, just expect me to have a different style initially, though, i'd catch on without trouble :). So is Kagome homeless?
Apr 4th 2019 14:16