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(Angelina Steelwing)
21 / Female / Single
Tennessee - United States
Welcome everyone,
I roleplay dc, marvel, miraculous and more
1. No mxm, fxm or mxf only
2. Reply once or twice a week
3. I can rp as some canons or ocs

i currently am in need of rpers for two groups, xaiver high school (dc marvel) and arrowverse group, if you are intrested send me a comment or a ask me to find out more

ALSO ANYONE WHO ADDS ME OR I ADD YOU DO NOT SEND ME A PM, i will send a ask me first or you may because i been ghosted alot and i rather ask there first so i get a sense of what you want to roleplay

Latest Questions

Q. Right so the email finally came through

I don't know where to find all the required info for the sheet. Any ideas?
A. There should be an example character sheet or look at the other character sheets on there for examples. Or i can send you a blank one
 May 13th 2020 16:43

Q. Would you wanna do a code lyoko rp?
A. possibly but on rpnation. as my pm here im not allowing any new pms till i copy all the rps here that i have before they delete
 May 5th 2020 02:04

Latest Comments

"thanks for the add loser"
Jun 27th 2020 01:10

I normally like to do original ideas for Marvel or DC rps, kinda make our own version of those universes as these comics are known for their alternate worlds.
Jan 18th 2020 10:25