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26 / Female / Single
United States
Profile Picture: Taylor Breeland

Hello all potential friends and fellow writers.

I am an experienced roleplayer of many years and have slowly evolved and improved overtime. I started role-playing over on a few different sites, one being Pinterest. So I am very familiar with one liners and your very basic roleplays.

However as of recently, I have been craving long term, detailed and plot driven roleplays. So if you are interested in helping me create elaborate, detailed role plays please message me!

I am interested in drama, romance, angst, and more! I am open to fantasy and supernatural themes as well as real life inspired themes. I am even interested in most Fandom and more than happy to roleplay those as well. Just Ask.

Thank you for reading

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You have always been one of my fave all time rp partners! You know how to write such an amassing story!!!
Feb 14th 2023 22:22

Hey lovely
Mar 31st 2021 21:41

Thanks for being my sugar mama ;)
Feb 14th 2021 22:46