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Bash's Blog

It's a good thing

It's a good thing your never in this site anymore. It's a good thing you're living a better life. It's a good thing you moved on. It's a good thing you will never see me struggle again. It's a good thing your happy. It's a good thing you won't ever see how much you hurt me. It's a good thing I made a promise to you. It's a good thing.
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"The Text"

"The Text"

Melodies drift through the air like falling leaves. Crashing into the ear drums of Bash. His eyes slowly open, the room dark, only lit up via his phone light and the dim light of the rising sun. A soft groan escaped his lips as he rolled over to the bed side stand, searching for his phone.

"Come on…" he whispered as he finally found it.

Looking at the bright screen he would first look at the clock. "... 5 A.M. … who is texting me at this time?" He asked himself as he swipped up. Unlocking his screen to show a single text.

The only words on his screen were 'I need you'.

His heart stopped as he saw who it was from. He shakely texted back, 'I am on my way'. Setting his phone down he started to get ready in a rush. A quick shower, a packing of clothes, and he was out the door.

His heart raced as he jumped into his car, taking off and driving to the airport. A small smokey ball, floating behind him in the back seat.

"Why?" It hissed as Bash drove.

"Because …" Bash spoke in a shakes voice. "I said I'd always be there … I can't lie to her" he muttered out next.

"You know what she did… You know what will happen" the little ball of smoke hissed. It growing ever so slightly bigger.

"I know … " Bash said gripping the steering wheel.

The short drive felt like an eternity. The power lines passing by felt slower and slower with each one. His heart beat racing as he drove up the hill the the airport.

'The Text' part 2

He could barely stand it as he got out of his car. Briskly walking towards the building. The sound of planes taking off in the background.

The little ball of smoke now had the shape of a head, completely e gulped in black smoke still. "You're going to regret this. You're going to hate this" it whispered to him.

Bash ignored it, walking straight to the counter. Wallet in hand he bought a plane ticket. A five hour flight. Bash quickly ran to catch the plane as he only had a small amount of time to spare. His head pounding as he pushed through people and the TSA line quickly. Barely making it to the gate to board.

As he sat in the plane, there wasn't many others. His heart starting to relax. He reached into his pocket and put his phone on airplane mode. "Just a bit longer" he whispered to himself.

The black smoke appeared in the seat next to him. Now having a rough human shape to it. "What if she is just pulling a prank. She doesn't want you there" it whispered to him. A devising smile appearing on its face. Teeth white as snow showing as it started to laugh. A kind of laugh that would make your bones shake.

Bash seemed unphased, just clenching his fist a bit. "If she needs me ill be there" he spoke.

After a while the plane started to take off. Bash soon falling asleep to the roaring engines. His sleep did bit last long as he could feel something wrap around bis throat. His eyes shooting wide open, the shadow now had hand and arms. A full upper torso. Sebastian looked at it, trying to pry its hands off.

"Why!? Why go to her!? She ruined you, she tossed you to the side!" It screamed into Bash's face.

Bash could barely raise a hand to try and stop it. His breath short, his vision blurry. "I … love her" he sputtered out.

As he spoke these words the smokey figure vanished, his breath returning to him. After a few deep breaths he looked around. The plane was silent except for a few people coughing.

A sigh escaped him as he relaxed back again, the screen on the head rest front of him noting that they would be landing in a little under twenty minutes. The plane landing was smooth and bash stepped off the plane into the terminal. Quickly he made his way to the front if the large terminal, hailing a cab. As he got in the cab driver asked where he was heading. Sebastian told him the address and waited as they'd driver slowly took off.

Bash's heart was racing as the driver made his way to the destination. As he pulled up to the apartment complex his heart stopped. Paying the driver and stepping out with his bag. Slowly making his way to the proper door. As he looked down at his phone, he had not dared look at it since he landed. Realizing the phone was still on airplane mode he turned it off.

Turning it back on he knocked on the door. His heart felt like it was going to beat out of his heart. A new message buzzed on his phone. A new text from her from the time he shortly after he turned the phone to airplane mode.

'Sorry, I meant to send that to my boyfriend. Please don't show up randomly lol' is what the text read.

Bash's hand was touching the door. He could hear laughing from behind the door.

"God I love you so much" a female voice said from behind the door.

Bash's heart stopped once again, "am I insane? Did I really think…" he whispered to himself as he turned. Walking back towards the road.

The shadow figure slowly manifested behind him once again. "I told you she didn't want you. I told you this was a mistake. I told you she doesn't love you" it hissed.

Bash would turn to it, realizing it now had a human shape. He raised his fist and threw it into its shadow covered head. "Shut up!" He shouted.

The shadow figure started to laugh, it looking back to bash, a single blue eye showing now.

Bash would shove it to the ground. Pinning it to the ground, shouting and yelling and he pounded his fist into the shadow demon. Tears falling onto the shadow creature as bash continued to pound his fist into it.

Piece by piece the shadow would slowly fade away. Leaving the spitting image of Bash. "Do you hate me for telling you the truth" it asked.

Bash would stop, his fist bloody, his arms weak now. "I f***ing hate you, I f***ing hate you!" He shouted till his voice was horse with anger.

The shadow Bash smiled looking up at him. "Then if you hate me you hate yourself " it muttered before turning into a puff of black smoke and fleeing.

Bash would stay there, on his knees. Crying as the rain started. After a hour he was just sitting there, soaked to the bone. The sound of thunder sounded.

Bash woke up in his bed, covered in sweat. Sitting up he would rub his eyes, tears fresh in his eyes. "Danm it…" he muttered.

The End
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The Fire

"No Bash!"

'What am I doing? Why did I do this?' Bash thought to himself as he opened his eyes.

A raging fire engulfed the large room. Smoke filled the air making it hard to see.

"Bash!" A woman's voice rang out, just barely above the roaring sound of the fire. A woman laid in the ground clutching her unconscious cat. Her eyes looked up at Bash, holding up a ceiling beam on his shoulders. It caught fire rapidly.

"Run!" Bash barked out loudly, his voice piercing the sound of the fire.

The woman hesitated for a moment but took off out of the door and outside. "Bash is still inside " she shouted to the firemen as she was taken to a nearby ambulance. As she struggled to look back , the doorway she fled from was now consumed by the fire.

"Get back! It's getting bigger!" A fireman shouted as the fire grew larger.

Inside Bash was stuck holding up the ceiling beam, being the only thing keeping the house up. The fire is now spreading up the beam.

Flames whipped and bit his arms, back, legs. Almost like rabid snakes hungry for a meal.

The smoke in the air was heavy and filled Bash's lungs.

"I guess this is a good way to die," he said with a small laugh. His legs shaking from the weight. His shoulders and hands burning from the fire. "Just gotta let go…" he whispered in a raspy voice.

As he closed his eyes and tried to let go, just let the ceiling crush him. "Good bye" he whispered as he let out a breath. Seconds went by, his eyes shot open. "Why am I still here?" He asked himself. The roaring of the fire was gone, though the fire itself was still very much there. Someone stood in front of him, it was him. At least a version of him. "What?" Bash asked himself as he looked at the other him.

The other Bash would looked at Bash squatting the ceiling beam. Reaching out he would grab the front of Bash's shirt. "What are you doing? Get your sh*t together. Your not dying here" better Bash spoke.

Bash's eyes widened, "what? This is all I ever wanted… to be the hero… to die" he whispered out.

Better Bash raised a hand and slapped him across the face. "That's not what you want. You just keep telling yourself that's what you want. You're lost" he said.

Bash would look at the better version of himself. Seeing happiness, a strong will, a hero. "I can't. I can't keep moving forward. I want to give up" he groaned as his legs bent more from the growing weight.

Better Bash would lean down, "you're a coward. Face the darkness that's inside. You'd rather fight everyone else's demons but your own. Easier to help others and push down your own feelings. What about you? What do you want?"

Bash was running out of breath. The smoke acting like a rope around his neck. The lack of air making his eyes blurry. Tears start to run down his face. "I… I want to live"


"I … want… to… live!" Bash screamed out. Breathing the smoky air into his lungs as he started to lift the beam. "I want to live, I want to be alive!" He shouted as he dropped the beam from his back.

Burn marks all along his arms and back. Burns across his face merging with the ones on his neck. Looking around he could only see smoke. A small light shining.

He would charge at it. Reaching out for it. His vision blurred more and more. As he grabbed the light he would feel something give way. The wall, after being weekend from the Flames.

Bursting out from the side of the house as it caved in. Standing in the yard, smoking.

"Ill survive … I'll stay alive" he muttered as several people rushed to him. EMTs rushing him into an ambulance and off to a hospital.
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