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Gloria the Great

Far from Azuriale’s tribal clans, exemplary people from all around the world gather annually on the island of Thun to promote progress and prosperity.

One of these people is a woman named Gloria, an esteemed scholar and athlete. She follows the belief that brain and brawn to hand in hand and therefore lives out her life as a student-athlete.

Gloria is the mother of multiple successful inventions and has broken numerous records in sports tournaments around Azuriale. She is currently traveling the world, looking for a like-minded partner.
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Izi the Druidess

Azuriale is host to many clans, one of them being the Sagror savages of the jungle climates. Among the tribalist society of Sagror lays the druid hierarchy- a small group of nature mages who could commune with ancient spirits and take on bestial forms.

Izi is one of them, a novice in the field but nonetheless a fast and enthusiastic learner. An accident with one of her earliest spells left her stuck in a state between woman and animal- a she-raptor. Nevertheless, she adapts, continuing to broaden her druid magic while advancing the goals of the Sagror clan- to conquer land, reap the bounties of the land and oppose the tyranny of civilization.
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Thalia of Azuriale

The world of Azuriale serves as host to clans, rather than kingdoms. With its landscapes consisting mostly of barren deserts, tropical jungles and frozen peaks, the land is harsh and unwelcoming of civilizations.

Clans tend to move from location to location, not planning to settle as long as circumstance permits them to move. Some groups are bigger- one of them being the Briarbloom clan. Thalia, heir to the throne of Briarbloom has some heavy expectations weighed on her shoulders. She is set to overlook the practice of light, fire and nature magic among her people, as well as ensure no other clan surpasses them in terms of magical capability.

As she is supposed to inherit the throne only in a few months' time, the now twenty-six year old woman dove her nose in her books to make sure her studies of light magic up to this point will prove useful in her reign. Other than to secure her clan's prosperity, one of Thalia's primary goals is to find a way, through magic, to secure a permanent foothold for her people in the world of Azuriale.
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The Dark Queen

(Author's note: this is the darker and so inherently more prominent version of Thalia. She is the one I'm looking write as more however it won't stop me from playing as her normal version in our roleplay.)

"As the true enemy rises... darkness is your only hope."
~ Liliana Vess, Magic: The Gathering

Princess Thalia Briarbloom of Azuriale was only thirteen when her older brother, Sid, ran off from home to join a cult. At first, Thalia thought him mad- how dare he abandon the family for such a wicked and utterly vicious cause?

However, as time went on, Thalia saw the imperfection in people. She saw the corruption in society, seeking to pry the problem from its roots. And what better way to do so then to start a movement dedicated to bringing the truth to light?

Being a practitioner of light magic, Thalia's studies took a dark turn at the age of twenty-six, months prior to her inheritance of the throne. Turning to the Book of Shadows, an ancient manuscript inscribed with the darkest, most terrible magics known to man, the young woman descended into madness upon discovering its secrets and became obsessed with the pursuit of forbidden knowledge.

Thalia believes that the coming of the nameless lost gods of the far realm will bring Azuriale and the universe as a whole to its zenith of truth. While her beauty remained intact, Thalia developed some sinister features such as tendrils that grow from the back of her neck and a pair of large horns. She uses her natural gorgeousness and silver tongue to lure new followers into her cause. She is currently one of the most powerful magic users in the world, unrivaled only by a select few.
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