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23 / Female / Its Complicated
No idea what to put on here... read the sidebar to get the gist of it. I'm only looking for serious, like-minded writers. Please don't flirt with me or call me any pet names. I usually make my characters on the spot, but I'm open for you to make requests or state any preferences that you have.

Read this far? Tell me your favorite color.

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It really sucks that it won't let you reply in our messages, but I'm so glad you like my story idea, I'm really excited to hopefully roleplay with you soon! I can give you my Discord if you want too, if we can't message each other here we can definitely do it on there! ^^
May 20th 2022 01:33

Yep.RP.ME do be that way at times.
May 19th 2022 11:56

Just wanted to tell you how much I adore our roleplay!
May 14th 2022 23:19