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21 / Female / Single
Your moms bed, Pennsylvania - United States

I will put you on blast if you are being weird

I've been here before, this is not my first Rodeo lol

I will have characters in my blog!

Now Onto my rules and such! PLEASE READ!

1: I will do spicy roleplays !!!!H O W E V E R!!!!! For god sake GIVE SOME SUBSTANCE! MAKE A STORY! If you are boring about it I will simply *not* do spicy with you!
- Here are my hard NOS for sm*tty bits: RAPE, Pedophilia, bestiality, slave play, Furry stuff(nekos and beings with human bodies do not count), Butt Stuff, foot stuff, CNC, Food play.
-This also continues from 1. My characters are not braindead pieces of ass thank you KINDLY. They have backstories and if you treat them like braindead objects I will not roleplay with you.
-Most of my characters are submissive except for lilith so if that is a deal breaker I do apologize!

2: I can write about a paragraph (length depends on what is happening and how sleep deprived I am LMAO) give or take! I type very fast so if theres a mistake I miss I do apologize in advance!

3: I will have some plots but I also wanna hear yours! I also will love to make a plot together! This isnt really a rule but like Im gonna put it here anyway.

4: This one is simple and straight to the point. DONT BE A DICK!

5: don't take full control of the character that I am playing. Give me a chance to actually give a response. If you're gonna fully control my character go write a fanfiction at that point.

If you actually read these (ty to the person who gave me this idea) tell me what your favorite food is!

I cannot think of anything else in this moment but when I do I will put it here lmao

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Lupinsama be on some bullsh*t saying I was flirting with his boyfriend
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