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                 The Captain

Information Coming Soon.
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                 P a r l e y


☸ This is a Pirate Captain OC account. Language, Bloodshed, Drinking/Smoking, Fighting/Violence, and even Death will be involved. If something triggers you please don't add me.

☸ Do not ask me to write romance based plots with you because I will decline. I have my character as singled shipped and in a relationship with a merman @aquatic.

☸ Understand that I have a life outside of writing and may not be online some days. Please don't keep messaging me daily because I will not answer. I find that annoying and ask that you don't do it.

☸ Collaborate first. Don't sent a starter without discussing a plot with me beforehand.

☸ I will be in character for the most part unless OOC is indicated.

☸ I do not role-play in the comments due to the limit it has. Messages only or even in a blog is fine.

☸ Please use proper grammar and spelling when you write. With a minimum of a paragraph or more in length. No one liners because I refused to answer those.

☸ If you're going to send a friend request then I expect you to make the starter or say something OOC. I rarely add people but if I do this rule applies to myself as well.

☸ I am somewhat a selective adder when it comes to certain genres. Such are Wrestling, Anime/Neko, Children, Celebrity, YouTube related accounts I may not accept. Nothing against the people who write as these but my character will not fit in unless it relates.

☸ I do clean out my friends list every so often for inactive writers or people who added me but never even bothered to start up a conversation.

☸ Please keep the drama to a minimum unless it pertains to the role-play. I already had a bad experience with that in the past and will remove people for it.

☸ Do not godmod or control my character. I will decide how he will respond based on what I'm given to work with.

☸ If some things sound harsh I am sorry. I'm not an a**hole unless I am provoked. Otherwise I'm pretty relaxed and will give everyone a chance. But keep in mind I will block or remove people after their second warning.

    Ye understand the code then sign with "Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!" below me matey.

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