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(Dylan Hunter)
29 / Male / In a Relationship
              “Home is where the a n c h o r drops."


              Every pirate needs a merman @aquatic

              Captain Hunter


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The Captain looked through his spyglass as he saw another pirate ship enter his sights. “Sail,ho me hearties,” Dylan announced to his crew before putting his spyglass on the inside of his coat pocket. “Run a shot across the bow but sail closer!” The captain commanded before his crew did as he ordered. In a few minutes the sound of a canon was heard being fired off into the opposing pirate’s ship as they sailed closer.

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0  May 15th 2019 16:24

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Just as he felt the blade cut through his shirt and scrape his flesh, Jax used his sword to knock Dylan's away. Then signalling to his own crew. Only his crew was not simple flesh and bone. They came from the shadow. Foaming at the mouths. The Captain laughed, "Feedin time! " Before stabbing the pirate who had pulled him away in the abdomen. Soon, three undead pirates were on top of Dylan, tearing at him trying to get a bite of his flesh. Jax's crew was ghastly ghouls. Resurrected for on purpose. To serve their captain. To protect him. While his crew fought off the other pirates, Jax called for his vulture. Its wingspan was much larger than normal birds, its flesh rotting off its body as its ribs were exposed along with half its skull. Mottled feathers hung from its rotting body, its call something from the depths of Hell. The vulture landed on his masters shoulder, eyes glowing an eerie green. Then the truth was revealed. His own flesh started to fall off. Revealed that of an undead pirate captain. Hopefully this would teach the young pirate that not everything was as it seemed. Especially the life of a pirate.
May 16th 2019 15:25

Jax quickly jumped out of the direction of Dylan's aim, drawing his sword and putting it to Dylan's throat while chuckling. "Too late, boy. " He spat. "I have em' harpooned. Ready to be mutilated at my order. He's so pretty. I may have my way wit him first. A few romps in my cabin. Then I'll take what I want. You can have his carcass when I'm done. "
May 15th 2019 22:15

" A rookie mistake. Never release something of such value. All ya doing is letting it go so other, fortunate pirates, can catch it and call it theirs." Jax informed with a tsk. "You'll learn. Unless you want to be the poorest pirate to sail these oceans. "
May 15th 2019 21:13

" Ya had em in your nets, boy?! What did ya do with him? Is he still there?" Jax exclaimed. " What did ya bait with?"
May 15th 2019 17:56

“ Yes. But they're curious creatures. Gain their trust. They'll get close enough. That's when ya give em the harpoon. “ He said with wild eyes. “I can tell this one is a bit naive. He'll be simple. “
May 15th 2019 17:30

" A beautiful merman. With scales as blue as the ocean herself. The sea lives in his eyes. I aim to catch him and scale him. I'll be the richest Captain to sail these waters. " He boasted. Doubting the young pirate would believe him.
May 15th 2019 17:07

" Young captain. I've been the captain fer ah decade and never come cross something this rare. The scales on this fish would be worth a fortune. The lassies could make their jewelry out of em. " He went on, very relaxed. "Names Jax. Taylor."
May 15th 2019 16:45

" ye show potential, youngin'. Ya like to join me crew? I've happened upon a rare treasure."
May 15th 2019 16:29