Their investigations are not going anywhere. He'd like to focus on more pleasant matters, like the exploration team, but he can't give up to the idea It was all just a natural disaster. It happened while he wasn't present, he fears someone within the palace is guilty. Of course he doesn't give for granted Verfall is innocent, but there is nothing seeming to point him to the accident. Guards at the gate didn't report of him among the people who left the walls, ever since he arrived to Guyun.
Anyhow, he decides to return to the place of the accident to investigate again, find tracks they ignored before.
He returns to the city when done there, keeping a low profile.
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Aventurine «Is Xiao saying around that I'm his boyfriend, by any chance? I doubt his mommy would approve.» He smirks. The real obstacle wouldn't be Xianyun but Aventurine himself.
«… If you guessed I'm no auriold, doesn't that mean you already know what I am?» He has never felt so vulnerable before. It's also the very first time that he comes across someone who is tell that he is not just a short auriold with weird eyes.
«I will never be as appreciated as you, maybe because I don't want to. I'm fine the way I am, I wouldn't want to change my perfect life.»
He crosses his arms. «Why do you need to find me, afterwards?»
MORAX "He didn't say anything of that kind..." He sighs. "He is an unusual child, his mother is guiding him to make more friends. You don't even mention her though, please.
I would rather hear it from you. It could either confirm my thoughts or change my view completely." No wonder he was picked from Dawn, they want all the lost cases with no one and nothing to loose.
"To be appreciated you need to be kind and respectful. If people don't answer with the same behaviour, you can definitely stop wasting time with them.
One never knows. I might find it necessary to face you once they find what's in that place."
Aventurine «How sensitive you are, is it not that you have a crush for Xiao's mom?» He tilts his head. «I don't think you are the only one.» He is 100% sure Shin has a thing for her.
«I am not going to confirm anything, then. You are probably wrong on your assumption, anyway.» He wishes, but he has the feeling Zhongli could really know what he is. «Are you from Zae?» He gets up from the table, as he has finished to eat his pizza and wouldn't feel comfortable to be sat there anymore.
«Why did you keep wasting your time with me? I didn't answer with the same behaviour.»
He makes a slight smirk. «That is even more of a good reason not to be found, I guess.»
MORAX He raises his brows for a moment at his question. "I don't have a crush for her. She is with me." He prefers to make it clear with all the people who seem to be looking at her more than they should.
He snorts at his words, somehow even more confident what he is. "How interesting...
I'm not. I would say I just come from Nortrig. Why should I be from Zae?
You didn't answer with a bad behaviour either, though!"
He smiles slightly at his words. "Is that so?" He places his hand on his shoulder.
Aventurine «Oh… and you didn't even come to beat me up, after what Xiao said.» Now he is surprised again. Zhongli really seems different from anyone he has met before. Aventurine never really had any interest towards Xianyun, anyway.
«I don't see what'd be interesting.» He can't help but feel unnecessarily nervous, now that that fact about him got uncovered. He fears if could become the tiny stone causing the avalanche.
«No particular reason. I simply wondered if you were from there, that's all.» He looks away and takes a deep breath, struggling to regain his usual smug attitude.
He winces slightly as Zhongli places the hand on his shoulder, but he doesn't react further nor moves away. «Wouldn't I deprive you of.tje fun of the hunt, if I told you where to find me?»